Will Jackson Talks about His Commitment

Find out more about one of the top linemen in Tennessee and his commitment to Georgia Tech. Learn more about how solid he is in his commitment and what he expects for his team this season.

Will Jackson, 6-4, 280 pounds from Knoxville-Farragut (Tenn.) reported, "Definitely right now I'm 100% solid in my commitment to Georgia Tech. I've been getting letters from different schools but nothing major. Stanford is coming on strong now because Coach Harbaugh emails me daily and Coach White called me the first day they were able to call."

Even with the added attention from Stanford Jackson said, "There would have to be something that just blows my mind for me to sway from Georgia Tech. I am 100% committed to Tech right now."

Jackson said of Georgia Tech's effort to continue recruiting him, "It's been solid. Coach Johnson called me on Sept. 1, the first day they could call. I get three or four letters and they email me daily. They treat me almost like I am still a prospect."

He plans to take a visit later this month to Atlanta to check out the Yellow Jackets. He explained, "I think I am going with my dad for the Mississippi State game. I'm definitely excited to get down there and check out everything they have to offer."

If Tech fans need further confirmation of his commitment to the Jackets look no further than his role as recruiter for the 2009 class. Jackson commented, "Myself and Jordan Luallen, he is the guy that recruited me, we talked to a defensive back named Roderick Sweeting and an offensive linemen named Ray Beno. There is also a running back in Alabama named Orwin Smith and I try to keep in touch with him a little bit. There is also a running back in Florida that I'm beginning to keep in touch with." He went on to add, "I'm definitely doing everything I can to get this to be a good class and do everything I can to help the coaches the guys we want down there."

In Tennessee, the two major prospects left on the board receiving the most interest from Georgia Tech are both offensive linemen. Daniel Hood, 6-5, 260 pound tight end from Knoxville-Catholic and Wesley Johnson, 6-5, 250 pound offensive guard from Nashville-Montgomery Bell Academy are both being recruited heavily by Georgia Tech and have both listed Georgia Tech in their top schools. Jackson said of catching up with these fellow Tennesseans, "I have not had a chance to get in touch with them. Daniel Hood is definitely a guy I can get to talk to. I know he is pretty good guy and a really good player. I may try to talk to him and see if he would be interested in coming down to help us out a little bit."

This week provides Jackson and his Knoxville-Farragut (Tenn.) with a huge rivalry game. The Admirals from Knoxville-Farragut will take on the Bulldogs from Knoxville-Bearden in the battle for "how the west was won". Jackson said of his team, "According to the polls, for how much that is worth, we are number on in the state in 5A. That doesn't mean anything yet. Our starters haven't even seen the fourth quarter. There is still a lot of football to play and we are going to take it one game at a time."

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