Marlon Brown Talks About Top Five

Find out which schools made into Brown's top list and which schools he plans to visit this season.

Marlon Brown, 6-5, 205 pound wide receiver reported, "There are five schools still left right now. Those are Ohio State, LSU, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia."

The safe bet seems to be on Brown staying in the south and in the SEC, but he seems fairly high on Ohio State. He explained, "I did my research on Ohio State and they have had amazing wide receivers come out of Ohio State and Coach Jim Tressel is an amazing guy."

Even though Brown only lists those five schools there are still a few that have not made his list that are still working hard to get back in the Marlon Brown sweepstakes. He commented, "Stanford is trying real hard to get back in, Oklahoma State, and Notre Dame are too." He went on to say of those schools, "I don't think there is a chance of anyone else getting in. I highly doubt it."

Brown talked about how the recruiting process has branched off from coaches to commitments of the programs after him the most. He seemed very favorable to the idea of speaking with commitments of his top five schools to learn more about each school. He said of its importance in the recruiting process, "Yea, I think it helps because I will be playing for years with those guys."

The Memphis-Harding Academy Lions are sitting at 3-1 overall and 1-0 in the region. Brown said, "This season has gone great. As a team we are playing real good and improving every week." As far as the recruiting season he added, "It is quiet now and if you had called me a year ago and asked me how it was going it would have been totally different."

Several schools will get visits from Brown this season including Tennessee, Ohio State and Georgia. He explained, "I'm going to the Florida-Tennessee game for a visit, then Georgia on September 26th, an Ohio State game on October 11th."

When Brown is on campus he will be looking for several key factors in his decision. He reported the characteristics that will help his decision as, "Team chemistry as far as the team itself and I will be looking at how the wide receiver coach talks to his players on the field and at halftime."

One school that has fallen out of favor with Brown and narrowed his top six list down to a top five is USC. He commented on his decision to eliminate the Trojans from his top five lists, "They are getting a lot of guys from California playing wide receiver and I just felt that they really wouldn't need me."

The combination of good size, athleticism, speed, and agility could create a situation for Brown to come into several programs and play early. Brown explained of schools ideas of him playing early, "All of them have mentioned it. They have said if I work hard I can play as a freshman."

A chance to continue his career on the hardwood has been a major factor in his recruiting for quite some time. Brown said of his top five schools, "They know that I will play basketball at their school if I go there and they say its fine." He said of the top coaching combos recruiting him, "Coach Bruce Pearl and Coach Fulmer are recruiting me hard and Coach Meyer and Coach Donovan are recruiting me pretty hard."

Fans of schools that did not make the top ten do need to blame their basketball coach for not making the top five. Brown reported, "All of my top ten schools said I could play basketball there."

As far as making his decision fans should expect Brown to be a signing day or near signing day decision. He said of a particular date, "Probably after my last official visit in January. I will decide either on signing day or before signing day."

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