Tenn. OL Talks About Latest In Recruiting

Find out the latest with Brentwood-Ravenwood offensive linemen Logan Massengale and his plans to take in some visits. Learn more about which schools are showing the most interest at this time and what he thinks about a few of the schools.

Logan Massengale, 6-6, 270 pound offensive tackle from Brentwood-Ravenwood (Tenn.) reported, "The school showing me the most interest right now is Vanderbilt. I'm going up there this Saturday to watch them play Auburn."

The Commodores have been showing Massengale a lot of interest and have definitely got his attention. He said of possibly picking up an offer from Vanderbilt, "I don't know. I would love to say yes. I think after I re-take the ACT and go through my fist semester of school. I think at some point this season I hope they give me an offer and if they give me an offer that would be a huge deal to me."

The start to the 2008 season has been huge for Vanderbilt on the field, but off the field in recruiting it is sending shockwaves. Massengale said of the hype surrounding Vanderbilt, "Watching them get to 4-0 with what they have done in the past. Just watching Coach Bobby Johnson and his staff and how they have transformed a program into that is to be reckoned with in the SEC." He even went to show his confidence in the Commodores by saying, "There is no doubt in my mind that Vanderbilt can be 5-0. This season is remarkable."

Another school that is showing interest is Georgia. Massengale explained, "Then there is Georgia who kind of trails but they have asked if I could come to a game and they asked about my season." He added of the Bulldogs, "I would love to go on a visit. I would like to get a tour of the facilities and the campus to get a feeling of what everything is like down there." As far as an offer from Georgia he explained, "They really haven't said much about offering me because I am relatively new to the football team recruiting wise."

He went on to list other schools in the race, "Then Western Kentucky, Miami Ohio, and Middle Tennessee are on the same level. They all call me, send letters, and ask if I would like to come up for a game."

As far as visiting schools he explained, "I've actually been to watch an MTSU game. I watched the Maryland game. Then I went to Western Kentucky to watch them play Murray State. I've also watched Vanderbilt play South Carolina and Rice, so this will be my third time to watch them play."

Massengale seems to have a few options on the table with offers from Western Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, and Miami Ohio. However he hopes to pull that first SEC offer from either Vanderbilt or Georgia. As far as his timetable he said, "I would love to have it by the midpoint of playoffs, but if not I want to work it out for mid-December."

Having a decision halfway through the playoffs could mean sometime in mid-October based on his team and their 2008 performance. Massengale said of his Brentwood-Ravenwood Raptors season, "We are good program but we have to believe in ourselves. We don't need to get cocky but be confident. We beat Brentwood at Brentwood which was the first time we have done that at Ravenwood. I think we are a great program and a great team. I think we can be a contender for the title in December."

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