Class of 2010 OL Updates

Find out more about one of early top prospects in the state for the class of 2010. Learn more about which schools are showing him interests and where he has visited.

Zak Tait, 6-4, 300 pound offensive guard from Knoxville-Catholic (Tenn.) reported, "I do get a lot of mail from LSU, Alabama, Florida State, and Ole Miss. There are a good amount of schools that do send mail. I guess Oklahoma and Texas too." He is one of the biggest prospects in the state and was receiving a lot of interest as a class of 2009 prospect before his season ending injury in 2007.

For many recruits the letters will begin streaming in throughout the middle of the junior year and are sometimes accompanied by an invitation to a game. Tait explained, "I went to the Tennessee and Alabama game and I went to the Georgia and Alabama game as well. That is all I have plans for right now."

One school that seems to be after Tait and has his attention is Alabama. He said, "I might go to Alabama to watch their last game. I really want to take a chance to go down there."

Tait, who was originally slated to be in the class of 2009, is recovering from a serious injury in the 2007 season that left him in a wheel chair for a period of time. He said of the injury, "It's 100 percent now. It has been a little over a year. In my rehab the surgeries have gone perfect." Tait had dislocated his knee and tore three ligaments in 2007 which led to him missing school for almost a year as he worked from a wheelchair to a walker to running full speed.

He said of his current status, "I'm running full speed but during practice they won't let me go full pads, but I'm not playing this year so it's unnecessary. I am doing a lot of individual practice." Tait will play in 2009 as a senior and will be eligible to be a part of the class of 2010.

Being behind even after starting with big time promise coming into this season Tait knows he will have to prove himself. The first step will be to compete at several combines. He explained, "I have been invited to go to the Army All American Combine and I hope to do well there."

The combination of speed and strength may make Tait one of the most sought after recruits in the state. A lot will depend on his performance at combines he plans to attend this winter.

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