Patton Talks About His Choice

Learn more about Josh Patton and his commitment to the Naval Academy. Find out what Patton thinks about the Naval Academy and why he made his decision.

Josh Patton, 6-2, 210 linebacker from Murfreesboro-Blackman reported, "I called Coach Ingram, the offensive line coach for Navy, and committed to Navy, so I will be going there next fall." He went on to say of his decision, "I really like the coaching staff and it is definitely one of the top academic schools in the country and that was definitely a top factor for me."

Patton is one of the top wrestlers in the country and ranked as high as a top twenty prospects by some sources. For Patton the decision to choose a future in football over wrestling was tough, but a chance to go to Navy was one he could not pass up. He said, "I could not really decide as far as a sport. I had more offers for wrestling. There were a lot of variables to choose, so I put them down. I decided to choose the best school that would set me up best for the rest of my life. I choose it because it is one of the best schools in the country."

The staff at Navy has made Patton feel comfortable throughout the recruiting process. He commented on the staff, "I know the head coach is a really strong Christian and that meant a lot to me."

One aspect of committing to a service academy is the commitment to service after graduation. This is one aspect in recruiting that makes prospects attending the service academies special. Patton explained of the commitment, "I think it will give me a chance to earn some money and decide what I want to do. One thing I want to do is go to physical therapy school and they will pay for that." He added, "The commitment is a plus for the most part especially since our economy is bad it will be nice to know I will have a job."

The Midshipmen staff will host several prospects in a few months in order to solidify the class of 2009. Patton will be one of those prospects as he said, "I will go up on an official in January. That is when they are going to have everyone up."

With the recruiting process out of the way and his commitment behind him Patton looks forward to cheering on the Midshipmen throughout the rest of the season starting with their match up against rival Notre Dame this Saturday. Patton explained, "I will be sitting around the couch all day watching the game rooting for a big upset like last year."

For Patton the commitment is not only a proud moment for his life, but his family as well. He said of his family's connection to Annapolis, "My grandfather taught at the Naval Academy for along time so he gave me a lot of positive feedback about it." As for the reaction of his family about his commitment he responded, "My grandpa and grandmother are ecstatic. My dad and mom were ecstatic also."

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