Marsalis Teague Talks about Kiffin

It has been one of the biggest buzzes in the recruiting world since its announcement. Find out what four star defensive back Marsalis Teague thinks about the Volunteers new head coach after his visit to Henry County-Paris.

Marsalis Teague, four star defensive back from Henry County-Paris reported of Coach Lane Kiffin's in home visit, "I had a real good impression. He seemed like a real straight up type of guy."

Coach Kiffin tried a different approach than most schools after Teague as he discussed his plans to use him on the offensive side of the ball. Teague explained, "He talked to me about playing offense and he talked about getting the ball in my hands so I can make some plays." Teague commented on playing offense, "To me it doesn't really matter. I feel comfortable playing corner as well as playing slot receiver."

Teague, who led the Patriots to a solid 13-1 record as the starting quarterback, commented on the opportunity of playing that position in Coach Kiffin's plans. He said of being a quarterback, "No he told me I would be playing the Z position, slot wide receiver. They would put me in motion and use me in the running game as well as the passing game."

For those Tennessee fans wondering about Kiffin's staff Teague reported of the visiting coaches, "It was Coach Kiffin and Coach Michael."

Tennessee fans have received many reports in the past few weeks that Teague's interest in the home state school had faded. In the past Teague has mentioned that his interest in the Volunteers was fading, but this visit may have been exactly what the Volunteers needed to get back in with Teague. He commented, "He definitely opened my ears back up to the University of Tennessee."

He explained of his approach to the visit, "I went into the situation as open minded as possible when he came into my house. I wanted to really take in what he is saying. I can say he opened my eyes a little bit to the University of Tennessee."

When asked if the Florida Gators still led he said, "I think it is safe to say that." As for Tennessee he commented, "I still have a couple of question marks about what type of staff he is going to bring in and things like that."

However it appears the visit along with other factors are at least making Teague think things over a little more. He said, "I felt like I was close to a decision a little while back but now at the same time it's not as much as it was a little while ago."

Another prospect that Kiffin may go after from Paris-Henry County is one time Tennessee commitment and now LSU commitment Dominique Allen. Teague reported of a possible visit by Kiffin to see Allen, "I believe he swung by to talk to Dominique. I think but I'm not sure though."

Although Teague and his teammates were not able to make it to Murfreesboro this Saturday for the class 4A state championship game he still has one high school game left. He and his teammate Allen will play for the West team in the Toyota East/West All Star Classic on December 13th at Carson Newman College. He said of the honor, "I am going to go out there and have fun again. I get to strap it up one more time." He went on to say of a possible West victory, "I'm going to go out and make some plays and get the West a win."

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