The Irish Take to the Air

Learn more about the new class 3A state champions and some of the top performances in yesterday's championship game.

In the class 3A game the Irish from Knoxville-Catholic were able to mix it up on both the ground and through the air. For many there were questions of whether or not the Irish could attack through air effectively, well yesterday they answered those questions. Led by quarterback Tyler Williamson, who completed seven out of nine for 134 yards, the Irish were able to stretch the field enough to put up 28 points.

In the running game, junior standout Dorian Cozart and senior Jordan Howanitz helped the Irish ground out some tough yards in order to control the clock. The Irish also saw some solid defense led by senior Daniel Hood, who also hauled in a screen pass touchdown. The Irish defense made plays when they needed to and they were able to hold off a talented young group of players from Memphis-Mitchell.

For the Tigers of Memphis-Mitchell they failed to produce a point after attempt which would provide to hurt them late in the ball game as they were down 21-18. Even though the Tigers were not able to pull off the win they were able to put up a good fight. Fans should expect to see this team deep in the playoffs for 2009. Led by sophomore Artaves Gibson, 6-2, 205 pounds earned the offensive MVP award with 191 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

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