Conway Talks about the West All Stars

Find out what the Tennessee offensive guard thinks about the 2nd Annual Toyota East/West All Star Classic this Saturday.

Sean Conway, 6-3, 280 pound offensive guard from Nashville-Father Ryan reported, "We have been through two a days and practice has been good. We are all learning the new plays and the plays are good. It's going real well." Conway, who is a commitment to Western Kentucky, added, "I think everyone is bonding. Everything is cool."

As for the practice reports he said, "Today was a little lighter than yesterday. On Wednesday we went live the whole time and we were just beating everyone up." The Thursday practice was used to implement the special teams. He commented, "Today was more mental. We went out there and went through all the plays. Then we got out there and worked on special teams."

For Conway, competing this week has been fun and productive. He said, "I am starting a left guard right now." As for other players in the game Conway explained, "The three quarterbacks switch in and out every two plays."

There are several top prospects on the West squad and many of them have already made their commitments. Conway said of some of his teammates, "They are all committed and I am working for them to come to Western Kentucky." One of the top prospects on the West squad is quarterback/defensive back Marsalis Teague. For Conway trying to recruit Teague to Western seemed like a good idea. Conway said of Teague's response, "I did ask him that today, but I don't think he is coming to Western."

As for the overall experience Conway said, "It's been great. All the coaches are cool. Everything is going good." He went on to say of his team, "We have a lot of good athletes and I think we can take the East squad down."

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