Has Teague Been Hearing Alot About Rocky Top?

Learn more about the four star athlete and who has been in his ear lately about his opportunity to help the Tennessee Volunteers.

The buzz around the state lately has been about the top prospects left on the board and Marsalis Teague, 5-11, 174 pounds from Paris-Henry County is one of those prospects. With the commitment of Wesley Johnson, 6-5, 250 pounds from Nashville-Montgomery Bell Academy to Vanderbilt and Eric Gordon, 5-10, 184 pounds from Nashville-Hillsboro to Tennessee the attention has picked for Teague.

This week Teague hopes to get away from some of the recruiting and do what does best, play football. For Teague today's game will be his way to show to fans across the state that he is the real deal and has warranted all of the attention. Teague said of his team, "I feel like if we play like we have practiced it's going to be a good one for us tomorrow. I feel we can pull out the victory."

As for his overall experience he commented, "I have had a lot of fun, its fun talking to a bunch of guys and having practice. It's been a really good time." All of the players have been working hard since Wednesday with two a day practices in order to get prepared for the 2nd Annual Toyota East vs. West All Star Classic.

It has not been all work as the players have been able to take in some fun with a Friday night trip to Gatlinburg. Teague said of the night on the town, "They took us around and let us tour Gatlinburg. We went to Ripley's Believe it or Not and a haunted house. It was fun."

When the all stars are not taking in the sights of Gatlinburg they have been working hard at Tusculum College in order to get prepared for the game. Teague said of the practices, "I have had fun at practice all week and now I am just excited about playing." He went on to say, "I feel practice has been going pretty good. We are doing a lot of I formation stuff, and I am not really used to that. Coach told me that when I was in the game they may do more shotgun to get used to me."

The West squad seems to match up fairly well this season including some of the top talent from the state. Teague reported of his team, "We've got a really good offensive line. We have a lot of good skill players with Zach Rogers and Corey Jordan. We have real good depth at wide receiver. We also have Alex Crutcher running the ball and Dominique Allen blocking. We are going to be balanced."

Tennessee fans should also feel good that Teague has been surrounded by two Volunteer commitments most of the week in his West teammates Zach Rogers, 6-2, 175 pounds from Nashville-David Lipscomb and Eric Gordon, 5-10, 184 pounds from Nashville Hillsboro. He said of his teammates recruiting him to become a Volunteer, "Zach and Eric both have pretty much all week in practice been talking about staying in state, wearing orange and going to Tennessee." He added, "Zach has more than Eric."

When asked if he has had a chance to talk to Tennessee commitment and East All Star squad offensive guard Kevin Revis about the Volunteers he jokingly responded, "We don't associate with the East squad."

As for Teague's teammate from Paris-Henry County Dominique Allen getting the recruiting speeches from Rogers and Gordon, Teague said, "I'm really not sure. Knowing Zach and Eric they probably have."

The game tomorrow should prove to be a very competitive match up. He feels that offensively the West should be able to move the football. He explained, "With the offensive line we have and the skill players we can make things happen." As for play calling Teague was not really going to share much. He did say however, "We didn't put in real trick plays, but we've got some weapons I would say." It is safe to say he is right.

Kickoff for the 2nd Annual Toyota East vs. West All Star Classic is at noon Eastern Time and can be seen statewide. The game will be broadcast on television in Knoxville (WVLT-TV Channel 8), Nashville (WUXP MyTV30), Chattanooga (WFLI, The CW Chattanooga), Memphis (Comcast Cable), and Tri-Cities (WAPK My Tri-Cities)

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