Future Hilltoppers To Square Off

In a game already filled with a lot of firepower, two future teammates hope to add to the rivalry and have some fun. Learn more about the two future Western Kentucky Hilltoppers and the role each will have to play in the 2nd Annual Toyota East vs. West All Star Classic.


Jebb Lenhart, 6-4, 290 pounds from Pigeon Forge (Tenn.) is ready to get rolling. He said of his East team's week of practice, "It's gone really good. They have treated us well." He added of his East team, "I am surprised at the talent level." As for the practices and coaches, "They have pushed us pretty hard."

For Lenhart the ball game will be a battle upfront featuring a solid East offensive line. He is joined by several future college football linemen and many with the hopes of solid performance raising their stock. He said of the game, "I think things will go really well. I know we have only been together for a few days but we have really meshed together well."

As for what he has enjoyed the most of this experience it was simple, being able to play football and learn more about the game. He reported, "Trying a new type of offense because I am used to the I formation, so I like mixing it up a lot."

The game will feature Lenhart as well as fellow Western Kentucky Hilltopper commitment Sean Conway, 6-3, 280 pounds from Nashville-Father Ryan. Lenhart said of his interactions with his future teammate, "I talked to him over the week and I saw him in Gatlinburg tonight. We've already talked about Western Kentucky, so it was mostly trash talking."

When asked who was the better trash talker he quickly responded, "Definitely me. I am hoping he will get in on defense because he will have to lookout." Lenhart and Conway will both be primarily used as offensive players in the game, but each hopes to have at least one shot to match up. Lenhart said of trying to get on the defensive line to take on Conway, "We'll see. I will definitely try."

The Hilltoppers are hoping to bring in Lenhart and Conway on signing day as a need to build depth on the offensive line. Lenhart was the first commitment to the Hilltopper class of 2009 and spent a lot of time and effort working to help convince Conway to do the same. He said of Western Kentucky, "I am really excited about getting up there and I have been from the get go. I have spoken to Sean a lot and he seems excited too. It feels like home up there."

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