Tennessee QB Enjoys San Antonio

Find out about the Nashville quarterback's trip to the Army All American Combine in San Antonio, Texas. Learn more about this class of 2010 prospects and the schools he hopes to learn more about.

Trey McPhail, 6-3, 205 pound quarterback from Nashville-Father Ryan spoke about his weekend trip to San Antonio, Texas for the U.S. Army All American Bowl Combine. He said of the experience, "I enjoyed the one on one drills." He said of his performance, "I thought I did better than I thought I would. In the one on one drills I threw well."

The combine puts athletes through a routine that includes a forty yard dash, short shuttle, and vertical jump to name a few. McPhail said of his combine performance, "I ran the first shuttle better than I thought I would." As for reporting his time he explained, "They were very secretive on it. I tried to read the guy's paper, but they said it would be a couple of weeks."

The city of San Antonio hosts the combine in conjunction with the U.S. Army All American game. McPhail said of his visit to the city, "It's a real neat town. We've gone out almost every night and had a good time."

Being able to work with and against some of the best juniors in the country was an eye opening experience. McPhail reported, "I talked to a couple of quarterbacks and receivers. We were comparing season records and the schools looking at us." For McPhail he was able to work with athletes from around the country and learn how to work with their strengths. As for his strengths he commented, "I think my strengths would be my arm strength and my ability to read coverage." McPhail added, "I need to work on my speed definitely."

It is very early in the class of 2010 recruiting but McPhail has been receiving some early interest and letters. He reported the schools showing interest, "I have interest in Alabama, Cincinnati, Western Kentucky, North Carolina State, Vanderbilt, Middle Tennessee, and Louisville."

The 2008 season allowed McPhail to take in a few unofficial visits to watch some of the programs that have been sending him mail. He said, "I've been to Alabama, North Carolina State, Western Kentucky, and Louisville."

McPhail hopes to use this winter and spring to hit the combine circuit and show his skills. He also hopes to work with his teammates towards a successful season in 2009. He explained, "I am going to keep on lifting. I plan to get with my teammates to throw and work out with them."

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