Massengale Changes His Mind

Find out why the offensive tackle switched his commitment. Learn what school has landed the offensive tackle process.

For Logan Massengale, 6-6, 275 pounds from Brentwood-Ravenwood the recruiting season has been exciting to say the least. Massengale, committed to Miami (OH) on a Friday and by that Sunday the head coach and subsequently the staff were dismissed. Since the hiring of new Head Coach Mike Haywood, Massengale has been monitoring the recruiting scene. He opened things back up as both Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky began to make a run at him.

Massengale officially reported, "I'm committed to Western Kentucky." He went on to explain of his new commitment, "I have really enjoyed all I have learned about Western Kentucky. I like the town because it seems to be a college town. I like Coach Wells and Coach Elson, plus he just got a contract extension, so I know he will be around for a while."

Another selling point for Massengale is the new facilitiy at Western Kentucky. He commented, "I would say it is tied between the facilities and the coaching staff." The coaching staff and situation at Miami played a big role. Massengale said, "The coaching situation at Miami was a big factor. They still have not named an offensive line coach and it would only give me a few weeks to get to know him when they do."

He went on to explain about some friendships formed during the recruiting season that may have played a role. He reported, "Sean Conway has been working on me to check things out." When asked if that helped his decision he said, "It had a little bit of an impact. We will be able to be roommates and we will be playing side by side. It definitely helped."

For Massengale, who projects to play next to Conway as an offensive tackle, his goals seem laid out. He commented, "I am planning to go in freshmen year and over the summer start working out. My goal is to reach 290 pounds of muscle. If I can play early I want to help, but if not I can red shirt and get my masters in five years."

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