Three takeaways from Mesquite Horn vs. McKinney Boyd

TheOldCoach's Matt Diggs was at the Mesquite Horn vs. McKinney Boyd game to open the Texas High School Football Season. Check out his three takeaways from the game.

With the KEOM Radio Tower in the background at Iconic Mesquite Memorial Stadium, Mesquite Horn defeated McKinney Boyd 46-31 to open the Texas High School Football Season.

Takeaway #1: Mesquite Horn is going to be better this year.  After a disappointing couple of seasons (by their standards), Horn looks primed and more complete this season.   Although star QB Chris Robison got hurt near the end of the first half, the team took a good comeback shot by McKinney Boyd and finished the deal.  Although a bit gassed and cramps stopping the game a few times, Mesquite Horn showed uncharacteristic depth - and despite their first RB and first QB being on the sidelines, good football players stepped in and steadied the ship.  There's no reason to think that Mesquite Horn can't compete with Longview and Rockwall for the district championship.  Before this game, I thought there might be reason to think they couldn't.

Takeaway #2: McKinney Boyd is down, but dangerous.  This is a team that is not physically talented from 1 to 22 as they were last season.  They never gave up and had a lot of grit.  Boyd can be out-talented this season, but they're not going to be outworked.  If you overlook McKinney Boyd, they could steal a win on you, but they're just not going to have some of the go-daddies that they've had in the past.  To me, it's truly a four way race for the last playoff spot in 6-6A with McKinney Boyd, Plano, Plano West and Wylie.  We'll see the resume of the other three teams to start the season on Friday and Saturday.

Takeaway #3: Bands should respect the rules of the game and stay back.  At the end of the first half, Chris Robison was throwing a fade route into the end zone and his receiver running at full speed ran into the drum major stairwell, which was clearly not behind the yellow lines put out for safety.  We are seeing more and more complaints about bands.  I appreciate at some schools like LD Bell, the band is the main event - but at least realize you're at a football game and follow the rules!

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