Carson Green (© Greg Powers)

THSCA Academic All-State Honorees

The Old Coach presents this year's THSCA Academic All-State Honorees.

Player Burl Carraway A&M Consolidated    2nd Team 
Player Jared DeFriend A&M Consolidated    1st Team 
Trainer Avrie Hodges A&M Consolidated    1st Team 
Player Jason Jasperson A&M Consolidated    1st Team 
Player Grant Johnson A&M Consolidated    Honorable Mention 
Player John Randall Matlock A&M Consolidated    Honorable Mention 
Player William Sullivan A&M Consolidated    2nd Team 
Player Jonathon Sylvester A&M Consolidated    Honorable Mention 
Player Test Test A&M Consolidated    1st Team 
Player Tony Williams A&M Consolidated    Honorable Mention 
Player Dylan Anderson Abernathy    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Rosales Abernathy    2nd Team  
Player Daniel Beal Abilene    1st Team  
Player Cyrus Bogard Abilene    Honorable Mention  
Player Gallegos Eladio Abilene    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Flores Abilene    Honorable Mention  
Player Michael Fraire Abilene    Honorable Mention  
Player Eladio Gallegos Abilene    Honorable Mention  
Player Peyton Killam Abilene    Honorable Mention  
Player JohnMichael Martinez Abilene    1st Team  
Player Michael Martinez Abilene    2nd Team  
Player Coy McMillon Abilene    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Montelongo Abilene    2nd Team  
Player Isaac Ortega Abilene    2nd Team  
Player Blake Proctor Abilene    2nd Team  
Player Dackota Triano Abilene    2nd Team  
Player Connor Zimmerlee Abilene    2nd Team  
Player Kade Ancell Abilene Wylie    1st Team 
Player Austin Borcik Abilene Wylie    Honorable Mention 
Player Beau Bunnell Abilene Wylie    Honorable Mention 
Player Cody Calhoun Abilene Wylie    Honorable Mention 
Player Noah Engelker Abilene Wylie    Honorable Mention 
Player Cameron Hanna Abilene Wylie    2nd Team 
Player JonMichael Hernandez Abilene Wylie    Honorable Mention 
Player Kade Parmelly Abilene Wylie    2nd Team 
Player Zach Smith Abilene Wylie    Honorable Mention 
Player Ethan Smith Abilene Wylie    Honorable Mention 
Player Zak Yazdani Abilene Wylie    2nd Team 
Player Will Chaney Alamo Heights    Honorable Mention 
Player Hunter Farrimond Alamo Heights    Honorable Mention 
Player Michael Kelleher Alamo Heights    2nd Team 
Player Joe McGrath Alamo Heights    ELITE  
Player Brandon Peterson Alamo Heights    Honorable Mention 
Player Nathaniel Prete Alamo Heights    2nd Team 
Player Evan Galyean Alba-Golden    ELITE   
Player Hunter Owen Albany    1st Team  
Player Jordan Pleasant Albany    Honorable Mention  
Player Drew Barton Aledo    Honorable Mention  
Player Rylan Campbell Aledo    Honorable Mention  
Player Holt Chenault Aledo    Honorable Mention  
Player Dillon Davis Aledo    1st Team  
Player Quin Davis Aledo    2nd Team  
Player Johann Dube Aledo    1st Team  
Player Jaxson Fletcher Aledo    2nd Team  
Player Rhett Harris Aledo    Honorable Mention  
Player Zane Hayden Aledo    1st Team  
Player Brevin McCoy Aledo    1st Team  
Player Jack Mooney Aledo    2nd Team  
Player Will Trawick Aledo    2nd Team  
Player Scott Tudor Aledo    Honorable Mention  
Player Reid Vierling Aledo    ELITE   
Player Austin Allen Alexander    1st Team  
Player Daniel Chapman Alexander    1st Team  
Player Omar Galan Alexander    Honorable Mention  
Player Pablo Huerta Alexander    1st Team  
Player Victor Rivera Alexander    2nd Team  
Player Jorge Rodriguez Alexander    1st Team  
Player A-David Saldana Alexander    1st Team  
Player Mario Saldivar Alexander    ELITE   
Player Dante Swain Alexander    2nd Team  
Player Aaron Aguilar Alice    2nd Team  
Player Andres Barrios Alice    Honorable Mention  
Player Isaac Hernandez Alice    1st Team  
Player Joseph Ramos Alice    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Trevino Alice    Honorable Mention  
Player Josh Cornell Allen    2nd Team  
Player Mitchell Jonke Allen    2nd Team  
Player Aaron Lowenberg Allen    Honorable Mention  
Player Seth McClellan Allen    2nd Team  
Player Matt Noble Allen    2nd Team  
Player Mason Norris Allen    Honorable Mention  
Player Mark Richardson Allen    2nd Team  
Player Gage Glidewell Alpine    2nd Team  
Player Jorge Vargas Alpine    2nd Team  
Player Drake Bernal Alvarado    Honorable Mention  
Player Bradley Boulton Alvarado    2nd Team  
Player John Michael Chandler Alvarado    Honorable Mention  
Player Grant Cook Alvarado    2nd Team  
Player Traelon Fuller Alvarado    Honorable Mention  
Player David Garcia Alvarado    Honorable Mention  
Player David Guidry Alvarado    Honorable Mention  
Player Kyle Hendrix Alvarado    1st Team  
Player Jakob Hutson Alvarado    Honorable Mention  
Player Brayden Ramsey Alvarado    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyler Ransom Alvarado    Honorable Mention  
Player Colton Svendsen Alvarado    2nd Team  
Player Billy Jack Worthington Alvarado    Honorable Mention  
Player Taylor Molina Alvin    2nd Team  
Player Connor Patterson Alvord    Honorable Mention  
Player Crese Redman Alvord    Honorable Mention  
Player Braxton Blandford Amarillo    Honorable Mention  
Player Clayton Currie Amarillo    Honorable Mention  
Player Bret Errington Amarillo    Honorable Mention  
Player Braxton Floyd Amarillo    Honorable Mention  
Player Garrett Payne Amarillo    Honorable Mention  
Player Peyton Stafford Amarillo    2nd Team  
Player Tanner Stavenhagen Amarillo    Honorable Mention  
Player Logan Tweet Amarillo    ELITE   
Player Caleb Wall Amarillo    Honorable Mention  
Player Denton Fugere Anahuac    Honorable Mention  
Player Taylor Hankamer Anahuac    1st Team  
Player Brody Miller Anahuac    2nd Team  
Player James Baran Anderson    Honorable Mention  
Player Haden Buckman Anderson    1st Team  
Player Jack Conkle Anderson    Honorable Mention  
Player Matt Painter Anderson    2nd Team  
Player McCarty Riley Anderson    2nd Team  
Player Lucas Vargas Anderson    ELITE   
Player Michael Anderson Andrews    2nd Team  
Player John Benavides Andrews    2nd Team  
Player Kyle Kelley Andrews    2nd Team  
Player Jovi Lopez Andrews    Honorable Mention  
Player Jayton Miller Andrews    2nd Team  
Player Hayden Rochell Andrews    2nd Team  
Player Keegan Thompson Andrews    1st Team  
Player Triston Williams Andrews    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Ramsower Angleton    Honorable Mention  
Player Antonio Barragan Anna    Honorable Mention  
Player Lawrence Goade Anna    1st Team  
Player Koy Harris Anna    Honorable Mention  
Player Garrett Carter Argyle    1st Team  
Player Matthew Castle Argyle    ELITE   
Player Pierce Davies Argyle    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Linda Hagler Argyle    1st Team  
Player Casey Harper Argyle    Honorable Mention  
Player Bryce Hege Argyle    1st Team  
Player Brett Lundy Argyle    Honorable Mention  
Player Wade Pennington Argyle    Honorable Mention  
Player Jameson Shaw Argyle    2nd Team  
Player Jack Williams Argyle    2nd Team  
Player Chance Fuller Arlington Lamar    2nd Team 
Player Cade Gober Arlington Lamar    Honorable Mention 
Player Geovanny Mendoza Arlington Lamar    Honorable Mention 
Player Luke Michie Arlington Lamar    Honorable Mention 
Player Tre'Shun Miller Arlington Lamar    Honorable Mention 
Player Ryan Reuland Arlington Lamar    Honorable Mention 
Player Roderick Anderson Arlington Martin    Honorable Mention 
Player Jonathan Fowler Arlington Martin    Honorable Mention 
Player Zach McVeigh Arlington Martin    2nd Team 
Player Braeden Perry Arlington Martin    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Birdsong Arp    1st Team  
Player Skyler Hotaling Arp    2nd Team  
Player Jacobe Hunt Arp    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyler Stewart Arp    2nd Team  
Player McKenzie Stroupe Arp    1st Team  
Player Sammi Cosmi Atascocita    2nd Team  
Player Zach Eldred Atascocita    2nd Team  
Player David Heaton Atascocita    2nd Team  
Player Ethan Herold Atascocita    2nd Team  
Player Ethan Randecker Atascocita    2nd Team  
Player Dawud Shorts Atascocita    Honorable Mention  
Player Joshua Van Dyke Atascocita    2nd Team  
Player Alonzo Woods Atascocita    Honorable Mention  
Player Noah Bush Athens    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Ickes Athens    2nd Team  
Player Grant Harrell Atlanta    1st Team  
Player Layton Henson Atlanta    2nd Team  
Player Christian Oliver Atlanta    2nd Team  
Player Bobby Dow Aubrey    2nd Team  
Player Ryan Holmen Aubrey    Honorable Mention  
Player Zane Perkins Aubrey    ELITE   
Player Porter Sciba Aubrey    ELITE   
Player Chris Mateja Austin    Honorable Mention  
Player Benton McDonald Austin    1st Team  
Player Michael Modesett Austin    1st Team  
Player Kirk Von Kreisler Austin    1st Team  
Player Westin Barry Austin Bowie    Honorable Mention 
Player Joseph Brown Austin Bowie    Honorable Mention 
Player Caden Donahue Austin Bowie    1st Team 
Player Warren Dyer Austin Bowie    Honorable Mention 
Player Austin Fuller Austin Bowie    ELITE  
Player Lance Jackson Gall Austin Bowie    Honorable Mention 
Player Ryan Graham Austin Bowie    Honorable Mention 
Player Hayden Howren Austin Bowie    2nd Team 
Trainer Hayden Jaco Austin Bowie    Honorable Mention 
Player Samuel Janner Austin Bowie    2nd Team 
Player Collin Macias Austin Bowie    2nd Team 
Player Kyle Ohlen Austin Bowie    Honorable Mention 
Player Robert Perez Williams Austin Bowie    Honorable Mention 
Player Shea Reuter Austin Bowie    2nd Team 
Player James Ashton Rogers Austin Bowie    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Hannah Sims Austin Bowie    Honorable Mention 
Player Wade Smith Austin Bowie    1st Team 
Player Joshua Valk Austin Bowie    2nd Team 
Player Daniel Hernandez Austin Connally    2nd Team 
Player Michael Austin Austin Westwood    2nd Team 
Player Beau Brown Austin Westwood    2nd Team 
Player Kody Clements Austin Westwood    Honorable Mention 
Player Andre Rezaie Austin Westwood    2nd Team 
Player Trevor Smith Austin Westwood    2nd Team 
Player Ethan Twining Austin Westwood    ELITE  
Player Jaden Cerda Baird    Honorable Mention  
Player Dakota Fannin Baird    Honorable Mention  
Player Matthew Denigro Ballinger    2nd Team  
Player Reid Matschek Ballinger    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyler Matschek Ballinger    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Markgraf Bandera    Honorable Mention  
Player Tristan Watson Bandera    2nd Team  
Player Carson Wilke Bandera    2nd Team  
Player Bernard Adams Banquete    2nd Team  
Trainer Lorenzo Buitron Banquete    2nd Team  
Player Kyle Castenada Banquete    2nd Team  
Player Theodore Cavazos Banquete    Honorable Mention  
Player Tommy Munoz Banquete    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Ashley Paredez Banquete    Honorable Mention  
Player Dylan Carter Barbers Hill    Honorable Mention 
Player Josh Cofresi Barbers Hill    2nd Team 
Player Kaleb Fuentes Barbers Hill    2nd Team 
Player Reagan Griffis Barbers Hill    2nd Team 
Player Caden Hendricks Barbers Hill    2nd Team 
Player Juan Herrera Barbers Hill    Honorable Mention 
Player Branden Keene Barbers Hill    2nd Team 
Player Jacob Lee Barbers Hill    Honorable Mention 
Player Jaco Lee Barbers Hill    Honorable Mention 
Player Rhett McCall Barbers Hill    2nd Team 
Player Chase Orsak Barbers Hill    Honorable Mention 
Player Matthew Rodriguez Barbers Hill    Honorable Mention 
Player Jace Seymour Barbers Hill    2nd Team 
Player Mason Smart Barbers Hill    2nd Team 
Player Dillon Zavodny Barbers Hill    ELITE  
Player Reagan Carter Bastrop    2nd Team  
Player Cameron King Bastrop    2nd Team  
Player Jonathan Oates Bastrop    2nd Team  
Player Joseph Stasulli Bastrop    2nd Team  
Player Austin Want Bastrop    2nd Team  
Player Jameson Bull Bay City    Honorable Mention 
Player Darryl Florez Bay City    Honorable Mention 
Player Luke MacLennan Bay City    2nd Team 
Player Prinard Payne Bay City    2nd Team 
Player Carlos Zavala Bay City    2nd Team 
Player Robert Baker Beckville    ELITE   
Player Zach Collins Beckville    2nd Team  
Player Donovan Stiner Bellaire    Honorable Mention  
Player Jackson Twyman Bellaire    1st Team  
Player Clint Ables Bellville    2nd Team  
Player Connor McIntyre Bellville    Honorable Mention  
Player Oscar Mendez Bellville    Honorable Mention  
Player Drake Pawlowski Bellville    Honorable Mention  
Player Tristen Williamson Bellville    2nd Team  
Player Joseph Bledsoe Belton    2nd Team  
Player Hunter Garrett Belton    2nd Team  
Player Lane Holmes Belton    2nd Team  
Player Jerrod Jackson Belton    Honorable Mention  
Player Jeremiah Leyba Belton    Honorable Mention  
Player Matthew Mahler Belton    2nd Team  
Player Peyton Mansell Belton    Honorable Mention  
Player John Taggart Belton    2nd Team  
Player Ahmed Alkarboly Berkner    2nd Team  
Player Austin Carbone Berkner    1st Team  
Player Terance Hargest Berkner    2nd Team  
Player Jonavon Ignont Berkner    1st Team  
Player Za'shone Lindley Berkner    Honorable Mention  
Player Jack Rouse Berkner    ELITE   
Player Pierce Eitel Big Sandy    2nd Team 
Player Jacob Shipman Big Sandy    Honorable Mention 
Player Brantz Burchett Big Spring    1st Team 
Player Mason Lane Big Spring    Honorable Mention 
Player Daniel Luna Big Spring    1st Team 
Player Gabriel Cruz Bishop    Honorable Mention  
Player Julian Garcia Bishop    Honorable Mention  
Player Gabriel Perez Bishop    Honorable Mention  
Player Ruston Goff Blooming Grove    Honorable Mention 
Player Erwin Luevano Blooming Grove    Honorable Mention 
Player Ethan McCall Blooming Grove    1st Team 
Player Kevin Alfano Boerne    Honorable Mention  
Manager Hannah Benac Boerne    1st Team  
Player Marcus Dormady Boerne    2nd Team  
Trainer Maricela Garcia Boerne    Honorable Mention  
Player Jared Graybill Boerne    2nd Team  
Player Hunter Griffith Boerne    2nd Team  
Manager Kata Haas Boerne    1st Team  
Player Senate Horton Boerne    2nd Team  
Player Luke Kinchen Boerne    Honorable Mention  
Player Hayden Levada Boerne    2nd Team  
Trainer McKenzie Luker Boerne    2nd Team  
Player William McClure Boerne    2nd Team  
Player Dominic Novak Boerne    2nd Team  
Player Carter Snelling Boerne    1st Team  
Player Angel Velez Boerne    Honorable Mention  
Player Jack Welch Boerne    1st Team  
Player Grant Farley Boles    1st Team  
Player Kade Bickham Boling    Honorable Mention  
Player Elijah Gooden Boling    Honorable Mention  
Player Francisco Olvera Boling    Honorable Mention  
Player Joshua Easley Bonham    1st Team  
Player Corey Hartwell Bonham    1st Team  
Player Brandon Miller Bonham    2nd Team  
Player Brady Nichols Bonham    2nd Team  
Player Austin Simmerman Bonham    2nd Team  
Player Kade Trompler Bonham    2nd Team  
Player Jonathan Uland Bonham    2nd Team  
Player Evan Wilson Bonham    2nd Team  
Player Jake Allsbrooks Boswell    2nd Team  
Player Justin Bratten Boswell    2nd Team  
Player Isaiah Mayfield Boswell    2nd Team  
Player Jacob Mueller Boswell    1st Team  
Player Adriel Vela Bovina    1st Team  
Player LB Clement Bowie    Honorable Mention  
Player Brandon Hutto Bowie    Honorable Mention  
Player William Hall Brackenridge    1st Team  
Player Johnathon Lucas Brackenridge    2nd Team  
Player John Naranjo Brackenridge    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryan Ozuna Brackenridge    2nd Team  
Player Ian Blake Brandeis    2nd Team  
Player Mason Corbett Brandeis    1st Team  
Player Tyler Faichtinger Brandeis    2nd Team  
Player Nicholas Gracia Brandeis    Honorable Mention  
Player Josh Guerra Brandeis    Honorable Mention  
Player Ian Hartmann Brandeis    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Haynes Brandeis    2nd Team  
Player Chandler Iturriaga Brandeis    Honorable Mention  
Player Kyle Kerr Brandeis    Honorable Mention  
Player Jonathan King Brandeis    Honorable Mention  
Player Yael La Van Brandeis    1st Team  
Player Ryan Lipe Brandeis    2nd Team  
Player Roland Maldonado Brandeis    1st Team  
Player Ryan McGowen Brandeis    Honorable Mention  
Player Sean Mellish Brandeis    2nd Team  
Player Michael Nelson Brandeis    Honorable Mention  
Player Evan Perez Brandeis    Honorable Mention  
Player Parker Pruett Brandeis    2nd Team  
Player Stephen Demny Brazos    2nd Team  
Player Trace Indermuehle Brazos    Honorable Mention  
Manager Isabel Jones Brazos    2nd Team  
Player Jeremy Mendieta Brazos    2nd Team  
Player Eric Aguilar Brazoswood    2nd Team  
Player Trey Burnett Brazoswood    2nd Team  
Player Trevor Charles Brazoswood    Honorable Mention  
Player Cruz Fernandez Brazoswood    2nd Team  
Player Jacob Ford Brazoswood    Honorable Mention  
Player Oliver Garcia Brazoswood    Honorable Mention  
Player Justin Law Brazoswood    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Nimtz Brazoswood    Honorable Mention  
Player Alandrus Peterson Brazoswood    2nd Team  
Player Alfredo Arellano Breckenridge    Honorable Mention  
Player Tandem Ditzel Breckenridge    Honorable Mention  
Player Casey Hubble Breckenridge    Honorable Mention  
Player Jose Aguado Brenham    2nd Team  
Player Jackson Bartay Brenham    1st Team  
Player Jacob Oehrlein Brenham    2nd Team  
Player Tien Pham Brenham    2nd Team  
Player Cade Simmons Brenham    2nd Team  
Player Jarrod Garcia Brennan    2nd Team  
Player Jesus Quiroga Brennan    Honorable Mention  
Player Garret Reger Brennan    1st Team  
Player Jeremiah Salazar Brennan    Honorable Mention  
Player Alex Garrison Bridge City    Honorable Mention 
Player Zach Honeycutt Bridge City    Honorable Mention 
Player Seth Martin Bridge City    Honorable Mention 
Player Byron Trahan Bridge City    Honorable Mention 
Player Tyler Tran Bridge City    Honorable Mention 
Player Tyler Banner Bridgeport    2nd Team  
Player Marcos DeLuna Bridgeport    2nd Team  
Player Regi Lane Bridgeport    ELITE   
Player Bryce Powers Bridgeport    2nd Team  
Player Hayden Sutherland Bridgeport    ELITE   
Player Chase Williams Bridgeport    1st Team  
Player Sage Boleman Brock    2nd Team  
Trainer Ashley Brawner Brock    1st Team  
Player Jayton Hallmark Brock    Honorable Mention  
Player Pike Langford Brock    Honorable Mention  
Player Harrison Loewes Brock    2nd Team  
Trainer Berkley McClure Brock    2nd Team  
Player Parker Murphree Brock    Honorable Mention  
Player Tanner Patino Brock    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Bailey Wagner Brock    2nd Team  
Trainer Whitney Wilson Brock    2nd Team  
Player Dakota Oliver Brownfield    1st Team  
Player Chase Fulks Brownsboro    Honorable Mention  
Player Caleb Magness Brownsboro    2nd Team  
Player Brandon McIe Brownsboro    2nd Team  
Player Joshua Alaniz Brownsville Veterans Memorial    Honorable Mention
Player Nicolas Bodden Brownsville Veterans Memorial    2nd Team
Player Caesar Gutierrez Brownsville Veterans Memorial    2nd Team
Player Francisco Perez Brownsville Veterans Memorial    Honorable Mention
Player Pedro Pinales Brownsville Veterans Memorial    1st Team
Player Damian Tabares Brownsville Veterans Memorial    Honorable Mention
Player Xavier Armenta Brownwood    Honorable Mention  
Player Carson Benedict Brownwood    Honorable Mention  
Player McLane Moore Brownwood    1st Team  
Player Jose Briseno Bruni    2nd Team  
Player Estevan Carreon Bruni    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryan Boyle Bryan    1st Team  
Player Keller Mainard Bryan    Honorable Mention  
Player Lucas Martin Bryan    ELITE   
Player Mason Ray Bryan    2nd Team  
Player Cade Sandel Bryan    1st Team  
Player Myles Sheffield Bryan    2nd Team  
Player Garrison Tullos Bryan    Honorable Mention  
Player Matt Gilliam Buffalo    2nd Team  
Player Shelley Pate Buffalo    Honorable Mention  
Player Alonso Oliveros Bullard    2nd Team  
Player Joey Padrucco Bullard    Honorable Mention  
Player Remington Connell Buna    2nd Team  
Player Reid Hawthorne Buna    Honorable Mention  
Player Cord Tucker Buna    Honorable Mention  
Player Mitchell Jennings Burkburnett    Honorable Mention  
Player Jaren Alvarado Bushland    Honorable Mention  
Player Aaron Ewing Bushland    Honorable Mention  
Player Jake Gibbs Bushland    1st Team  
Trainer Alyssa Jackson Bushland    Honorable Mention  
Player Kyle Rea Bushland    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Thomas Bushland    Honorable Mention  
Player Kort Watson Bushland    2nd Team  
Player Brady Wilhelm Bushland    Honorable Mention  
Player Chance Wood Bushland    1st Team  
Player Zach Zaccardo Bushland    Honorable Mention  
Player Jonathan Acosta Byron Nelson    Honorable Mention 
Player Azim Basil Byron Nelson    1st Team 
Player Zachary Collins Byron Nelson    Honorable Mention 
Player Bryson Davis Byron Nelson    Honorable Mention 
Player Benjamin Fowler Byron Nelson    1st Team 
Player Elliot Franzke Byron Nelson    2nd Team 
Player Noah LaFara Byron Nelson    1st Team 
Player Jalen McCarthy Byron Nelson    1st Team 
Player Kyle Morgan Byron Nelson    1st Team 
Player Bryan Pechal Byron Nelson    2nd Team 
Player Eli Rusche Byron Nelson    Honorable Mention 
Player Trystan McGee Caddo Mills    Honorable Mention 
Player Walker Canales Calhoun    2nd Team  
Player Gage Daniel Calhoun    Honorable Mention  
Player Daniel Leita Calhoun    2nd Team  
Player Cullen Watkins Calhoun    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Copley Canadian    2nd Team  
Player Daniel Alvarez Canutillo    Honorable Mention  
Player Jonathan Hernandez Canutillo    Honorable Mention  
Player Pedro Marquez Canutillo    1st Team  
Player Brandon Minjarez Canutillo    2nd Team  
Player Adam Salgado Canutillo    2nd Team  
Player Brayden Bartlett Canyon    2nd Team  
Player Bucky Jones Canyon    2nd Team  
Player Austin Brennan Canyon Lake    Honorable Mention 
Player Austin Brooks Canyon Lake    2nd Team 
Player Keith Hutson Canyon Lake    Honorable Mention 
Player Kenneth Jowers Canyon Lake    Honorable Mention 
Player Tyler Kidd Canyon Lake    1st Team 
Player Heath McDonough Canyon Lake    Honorable Mention 
Player Deven Lamp Cedar Hill    1st Team 
Player Garret McGuire Cedar Hill    2nd Team 
Player Nicholas Perkins Cedar Hill    2nd Team 
Player David Saunders Cedar Hill    ELITE  
Player Keith Bublitz Cedar Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Hayden Craig Cedar Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Mauricio De La Garza Cedar Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Mitchell DeVolder Cedar Park    2nd Team 
Player Easton Jenkins Cedar Park    1st Team 
Player Storm Jensen Cedar Park    2nd Team 
Player Kristopher Knight Cedar Park    1st Team 
Player Logan Peal Cedar Park    2nd Team 
Player Rodrigo Ruiz Caro Cedar Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Austin Silguero Cedar Park    2nd Team 
Player Sterling Stagner Cedar Park    1st Team 
Player Tyler Thornhill Cedar Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Hunter Valk Cedar Park    1st Team 
Player Shea Baker Cedar Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Amon Barnes Cedar Ridge    1st Team 
Player Shad Khan Cedar Ridge    1st Team 
Player Grant McCartney Cedar Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Evan Mondebello Cedar Ridge    1st Team 
Player Asher Soloman Cedar Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Aaron Taylor Cedar Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Joe Valenzuela Cedar Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Trainer McKenzie Dunning Celina    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Jayden Gentry Celina    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Mikaela Green Celina    Honorable Mention  
Player Knox Hall Celina    ELITE   
Player John Hudson Celina    1st Team  
Player Cameron Lehr Celina    2nd Team  
Player Luke Melton Celina    Honorable Mention  
Player Daniel Pague Celina    2nd Team  
Player Eduardo Paulino Celina    Honorable Mention  
Player Hayden Reed Celina    Honorable Mention  
Player Jared Reeves Celina    1st Team  
Player Paxton Sandidge Celina    2nd Team  
Player Jesse Burns Center    1st Team  
Player Kevin Dones Center    Honorable Mention  
Player Rodrigo Leon Center    2nd Team  
Player Carlos Ruiz Center    2nd Team  
Player Chris Boudreaux Central    Honorable Mention  
Player KeChawn Compton Central    Honorable Mention  
Player Ke'Chawn Compton Central    Honorable Mention  
Player Isaiah Martin Central    2nd Team  
Player Earl Payne Central    Honorable Mention  
Player Vance Vallier Central    Honorable Mention  
Player Jorge Arroyo Champion    Honorable Mention  
Player Kaden Beavers Champion    2nd Team  
Player Chayce Bolli Champion    Honorable Mention  
Player Brendan Brennan Champion    1st Team  
Player Matthew Covert Champion    2nd Team  
Player Ethan Dean Champion    1st Team  
Player Zach Duncan Champion    Honorable Mention  
Player Corbyn Gilmore Champion    1st Team  
Player Trent Hargroder Champion    Honorable Mention  
Player Austin Hill Champion    Honorable Mention  
Player Bobby Marshall Champion    Honorable Mention  
Player Gunnar McCoy Champion    Honorable Mention  
Player Hayden McMurrey Champion    Honorable Mention  
Player James Miller Champion    Honorable Mention  
Player Isaac Murdock Champion    1st Team  
Player Judd Oefinger Champion    2nd Team  
Player Cole Reneer Champion    1st Team  
Player Brady Vick Champion    Honorable Mention  
Player Thomas Adams Childress    2nd Team  
Player Rhett Buckley Childress    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Cummins Childress    1st Team  
Player Luke Darter Childress    1st Team  
Player Bo Lott Childress    2nd Team  
Player Tyler Mullin Childress    1st Team  
Player Garrett Stephens Childress    2nd Team  
Player Caleb Tucker Childress    1st Team  
Player Arlo Willis Childress    Honorable Mention  
Player Brett Cain China Spring    2nd Team 
Player Cutter Haigood China Spring    Honorable Mention 
Player Ty Harris China Spring    Honorable Mention 
Player Griffin Kenneaster China Spring    Honorable Mention 
Player Chris Oliver China Spring    Honorable Mention 
Player Traveler Surley China Spring    2nd Team 
Player Flavio Castaneda Chisholm Trail    2nd Team 
Player Chandler Powell Chisholm Trail    Honorable Mention 
Player Jorge Segovia Chisholm Trail    2nd Team 
Player Cole Carpenter Christoval    1st Team  
Player Kaleb Dickey Christoval    2nd Team  
Player Seth Parker Christoval    1st Team  
Player Kevin Billips Churchill    2nd Team  
Player Rachael Castaneda Churchill    2nd Team  
Player David Edlund Churchill    1st Team  
Player Tyler Ellis Churchill    2nd Team  
Player Jonathan Espinosa Churchill    1st Team  
Player Michael Fawzi Churchill    Honorable Mention  
Player Paul Forks Churchill    2nd Team  
Player Jeffrey Goforth Churchill    2nd Team  
Player Grant Gomez Churchill    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Groff Churchill    Honorable Mention  
Player Elijah Hatfield Churchill    2nd Team  
Player Joseph Isenhart Churchill    2nd Team  
Player Jayson Jaquess Churchill    1st Team  
Player Isabella Lopez Churchill    Honorable Mention  
Player Kyle Madden Churchill    1st Team  
Player Andy Maetzold Churchill    Honorable Mention  
Player Max Miller Churchill    2nd Team  
Player Philip Mitschke Churchill    Honorable Mention  
Player Daxton Priddy Churchill    2nd Team  
Player Alec Riley Churchill    1st Team  
Player Joshua Rodriguez Churchill    Honorable Mention  
Player Nicholas Sandoval Churchill    2nd Team  
Player Gage Schuman Churchill    Honorable Mention  
Player Thomas Sharrick Churchill    2nd Team  
Player Cole Trevor-Wilson Churchill    2nd Team  
Trainer Melina Von Bargan Churchill    2nd Team  
Player Joseph Lara Cigarroa    2nd Team  
Player Robert Lara Cigarroa    Honorable Mention  
Player Carlos Ramirez Cigarroa    Honorable Mention  
Player Juan Soria Cigarroa    2nd Team  
Player Max Villanueva Cigarroa    Honorable Mention  
Player Carlos Zapata Cigarroa    Honorable Mention  
Player Tollie Bordeaux Cinco Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Sebastian Cifuentes Cinco Ranch    2nd Team 
Player James Klingler Cinco Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Buddy Knight Cinco Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Colton Mandel Cinco Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Ben Mathiasmeier Cinco Ranch    1st Team 
Player John McComas Cinco Ranch    ELITE  
Player Chase Mersmann Cinco Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Christopher Pappas Cinco Ranch    1st Team 
Player Vignesh Raman Cinco Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Klay Tolleson Cinco Ranch    2nd Team 
Player John-Eric Arispe Clark    Honorable Mention  
Player Jake Cleveland Clark    Honorable Mention  
Player Alfred Fuentes Clark    2nd Team  
Player Adam Guriwitz Clark    1st Team  
Player Luke McGhee Clark    1st Team  
Player Matthew Ozuna Clark    1st Team  
Player Jacob Stewart Clark    2nd Team  
Player Clint Westmoreland Clark    Honorable Mention  
Player Lenza Clark Clarksville    1st Team  
Player Taylor Vessel Clear Falls    1st Team 
Player Nick Malik Clear Lake    2nd Team 
Player Sean Nimmons Clear Lake    2nd Team 
Player James Bluhm Clear Springs    2nd Team 
Player Travis Buckmaster Clear Springs    2nd Team 
Player Jake Chatman Clear Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Michael Cody Clear Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Logan Kuecker Clear Springs    1st Team 
Player Stephen Reeves Clear Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Gavin Roland Clear Springs    2nd Team 
Player Andrew Tijerina Clear Springs    2nd Team 
Player Tre'Von Bradley Cleburne    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyler Edsel Cleburne    Honorable Mention  
Player Chris Robles Cleburne    Honorable Mention  
Player Braden Walthall Cleburne    2nd Team  
Player Zachary Didomenico Clemens    2nd Team  
Player Travis Fraser Clemens    Honorable Mention  
Player Thomas Heston Clemens    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Virginia Honaker Clemens    Honorable Mention  
Player John Morales Clemens    Honorable Mention  
Player Hunter Neal Clemens    1st Team  
Player Wesley Pack Clemens    1st Team  
Player Justin Rucker Clemens    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Fiona Scoggin Clemens    Honorable Mention  
Player Logan Teske Clemens    Honorable Mention  
Player Clayton Caniford Clifton    2nd Team  
Player Trevor Ernst Clifton    2nd Team  
Player Justin O'Neal Clifton    2nd Team  
Player Luke Baker Clyde    1st Team  
Player Brandon Berry Clyde    Honorable Mention  
Manager Mikaela Cates Clyde    Honorable Mention  
Player Kaden Clark Clyde    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Rachel Dugan Clyde    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Keanna Jenkins Clyde    Honorable Mention  
Player Tanner Riley Clyde    Honorable Mention  
Manager Ashlynn Smart Clyde    1st Team  
Player Ethan Tapia Clyde    Honorable Mention  
Player Caleb Willis Clyde    Honorable Mention  
Player Irie Woods Coldspring-Oakhurst    1st Team  
Player Matthew Herrera Colleyville Heritage    1st Team 
Player Andrew Irion Colleyville Heritage    2nd Team 
Player Emerson Lout Colleyville Heritage    1st Team 
Player Mario Ortiz Colleyville Heritage    Honorable Mention 
Player Cole Tschirhart Colleyville Heritage    Honorable Mention 
Player Rion Maxwell Colorado    2nd Team  
Player Justin Trawick Colorado    Honorable Mention  
Player Chandler Cook Columbia    1st Team  
Player Conner Davis Columbia    Honorable Mention  
Player Austin Griffin Columbia    2nd Team  
Player Samuel Hall Columbia    Honorable Mention  
Player Dylan Harris Columbia    2nd Team  
Player Josh Jimenez Columbia    Honorable Mention  
Player Raymond Kersten Columbia    Honorable Mention  
Player Michael McBroom Columbia    Honorable Mention  
Player James McLaren Columbia    2nd Team  
Player Cy Payne Columbia    Honorable Mention  
Player Kaleb Reynolds Columbia    2nd Team  
Player Ben Stewart Columbia    2nd Team  
Player Casey Beaty Comanche    Honorable Mention  
Player Hunter Ellis Comanche    1st Team  
Player Angel Garza Comanche    2nd Team  
Player Grayland Jackson Comanche    ELITE   
Player Ty McCullogh Comanche    1st Team  
Trainer Bailey Dulas Comfort    1st Team  
Player Gage Finke Comfort    ELITE   
Player Conner Sharp Comfort    1st Team  
Player Aidan Sweeney Comfort    1st Team  
Player Jacob Anderson Community    2nd Team  
Player Walker Armstrong Community    2nd Team  
Player Jimmy Blackburn Community    Honorable Mention  
Player Brandon Cobb Community    2nd Team  
Player Gavyn Crawford Community    2nd Team  
Player Parker Elliott Community    2nd Team  
Player Connor McClendon Community    2nd Team  
Player Brandon Wofford Community    ELITE   
Player Thomas Donaldson Coppell    2nd Team  
Player Matt Dorrity Coppell    2nd Team  
Player Chukwuma Esedebe Coppell    2nd Team  
Player Ryan Finglass Coppell    2nd Team  
Player Roberto Galvan Coppell    Honorable Mention  
Player Trey Goodspeed Coppell    Honorable Mention  
Player Benjamin Goyne Coppell    2nd Team  
Player Grant Howard Coppell    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryan Jones Coppell    Honorable Mention  
Player Joseph Krum Coppell    2nd Team  
Player Eric Loop Coppell    2nd Team  
Player Kevin Madigan Coppell    2nd Team  
Player Connor Salerno Coppell    Honorable Mention  
Player Skyler Seidman Coppell    2nd Team  
Player Travis Thompson Coppell    2nd Team  
Player Austin Weathers Coppell    2nd Team  
Player Eric Cain Copperas Cove    2nd Team 
Player Rylan Hunter Copperas Cove    2nd Team 
Player Grant Churchill Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial    Honorable
Player Justin Mora Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial    Honorable
Player Ernesto (Tres) Garcia Cotulla    Honorable Mention  
Player Michael Dearman Crandall    Honorable Mention  
Player Kole Hartis Crandall    1st Team  
Player Jackson Lawley Crandall    1st Team  
Player Trent Mills Crandall    Honorable Mention  
Player Nikolas Fraid Creekview    2nd Team  
Player Houston Arledge Crockett    1st Team  
Player Anthony Yates Crockett    Honorable Mention  
Player Ethan Coble Cumby    1st Team  
Player RJ Valentine Cumby    Honorable Mention  
Player Kyle Allison Cy-Fair    Honorable Mention  
Player Michael Bradley Cy-Fair    2nd Team  
Player Samuel Cole Cy-Fair    2nd Team  
Player Blake Faecher Cy-Fair    Honorable Mention  
Player Taylor Gray Cy-Fair    1st Team  
Player Zachary Nelson Cy-Fair    2nd Team  
Player Dylan Overby Cy-Fair    1st Team  
Player Brock Wright Cy-Fair    1st Team  
Player Addy Bicakcic Cypress Falls    1st Team 
Player Khuong Cao Cypress Falls    2nd Team 
Player Tommy Dinh Cypress Falls    1st Team 
Player Chay Hok Cypress Falls    2nd Team 
Player Peter Horr Cypress Falls    2nd Team 
Player Galey Kaleb Cypress Falls    2nd Team 
Player John Nguyen Cypress Falls    2nd Team 
Player Zach Nichols Cypress Falls    2nd Team 
Player Anthony Oranday Cypress Falls    Honorable Mention 
Player John Vaughner Cypress Falls    Honorable Mention 
Player D'andre David Cypress Lakes    Honorable Mention 
Player Jonathan Ewulo Cypress Lakes    Honorable Mention 
Player Nathaniel Green Cypress Lakes    Honorable Mention 
Player Emmanuel Iruru Cypress Lakes    1st Team 
Player Allen Moreira Cypress Lakes    2nd Team 
Player Saahil Desai Cypress Ranch    1st Team 
Player Aaron Fugar Cypress Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Mason Garner Cypress Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Grant Gillespie Cypress Ranch    1st Team 
Player Ryan Hanes Cypress Ranch    Honorable Mention 
Player Collin Kaase Cypress Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Nathan Kinninger Cypress Ranch    1st Team 
Player Miguel Kisijara Cypress Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Kobe Lewis Cypress Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Mitch McCain Cypress Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Blake Nevins Cypress Ranch    1st Team 
Player Jack Ray Cypress Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Noah Routh Cypress Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Andre Schillaci Cypress Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Jonathan Ward Cypress Ranch    1st Team 
Player Jacob Carmona Cypress Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Chavous Gwynn Cypress Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Hadi Khan Cypress Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Yusuf Sham Cypress Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Tyrae Thornton Cypress Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player James Wellington Cypress Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Carlos Hernandez Cypress Springs    2nd Team 
Player Jonathan Huynh Cypress Springs    1st Team 
Player Jaelon Minnieweather Cypress Springs    2nd Team 
Player Fabricio Pozas Cypress Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Vince Sarmiento Cypress Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Arshdeep Bala Cypress Woods    Honorable Mention 
Player Trenton Bird Cypress Woods    2nd Team 
Player Niles Brennan Cypress Woods    2nd Team 
Player Blake Brown Cypress Woods    Honorable Mention 
Player Daniel Campos Cypress Woods    Honorable Mention 
Player Hayden Chalmers Cypress Woods    Honorable Mention 
Player Matthew Ficalora Cypress Woods    Honorable Mention 
Player David Heskin Cypress Woods    Honorable Mention 
Player Stephon Jones Cypress Woods    Honorable Mention 
Player Samuel Landingham Cypress Woods    2nd Team 
Player Ellington Shephard Cypress Woods    Honorable Mention 
Player Cory Tomchesson Cypress Woods    Honorable Mention 
Player Dalton Morgan Daingerfield    1st Team  
Player Jesse Lujan Dalhart    Honorable Mention  
Player Hayden Wilkerson Dalhart    Honorable Mention  
Player Justin Gray Dawson    Honorable Mention  
Player Rylan Wade Dawson    1st Team  
Player Cooper Dyson De Leon    Honorable Mention 
Player Aaron Riggs De Leon    1st Team 
Player Brett Bean Decatur    1st Team  
Player Hayden Bennett Decatur    1st Team  
Player Hunter Brandon Decatur    Honorable Mention  
Player Marc Lara Decatur    1st Team  
Player Payton McAlister Decatur    1st Team  
Player Tyler Ticknor Decatur    1st Team  
Player Connor Berry Deer Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Chase Hogan Deer Park    2nd Team 
Player Brody Jenkins Deer Park    1st Team 
Player Chase Keng Deer Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Logan Deer Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Jake Moody Deer Park    2nd Team 
Player Ethan Plunkett Deer Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Ramirez Deer Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Bryce Swaim Deer Park    2nd Team 
Player Micah Thomas Deer Park    Honorable Mention 
Player William Burkhead Denison    1st Team  
Player Tanner Colson Denison    Honorable Mention  
Player Nicholas Hackworth Denison    2nd Team  
Player Tre'lon Lyday Denison    Honorable Mention  
Player Braden Mundkowski Denison    1st Team  
Player Brendon Roberts Denison    Honorable Mention  
Player Antoine Robison Denison    Honorable Mention  
Player Nicholas Sparks Denison    2nd Team  
Player Colt Atkinson Denton    Honorable Mention  
Player Chase Audirsch Denton    ELITE   
Player Eric Borst Denton    Honorable Mention  
Player Kenny Bowen Denton    Honorable Mention  
Player Caleb Word Denton    2nd Team  
Player Jordan Allen DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Cherokee Barnett DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Daymon Brisco DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Ervin Caleb DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Guidry DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Samuel Hunter DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Yow Kemonte DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Jermarius Marshall DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Kadarrion Nixon DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyrese Palmer DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Emmett Perry DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Shawn Robinson DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Joe Ruiz DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Isaiah Stewart DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Xzavier Telsee DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Richie Washington DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Camry Wickware DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Shane Williams DeSoto    Honorable Mention  
Player Garrett Kettler Dickinson    2nd Team  
Player Lathan Simmons Dickinson    2nd Team  
Player Darrell Small Dickinson    Honorable Mention  
Player Darrell Small Jr.  Dickinson    Honorable Mention  
Player Jaylon Williams Dickinson    Honorable Mention  
Player Nathan Callihan Dripping Springs    2nd Team 
Player Robert Calvert Dripping Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Michael Geary Dripping Springs    2nd Team 
Player Carson Ikels Dripping Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Hunter Pata Dripping Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Hunter Tole Dripping Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Aidan Williams Dripping Springs    2nd Team 
Player Cullen Young Dripping Springs    2nd Team 
Player Brayden Burleson Dublin    Honorable Mention  
Player Brady Moore Dublin    2nd Team  
Player Clayton Cooper Dulles    2nd Team  
Player Luke Metzer Dulles    Honorable Mention  
Player Derek Ditto Dumas    1st Team  
Player Devin Rogers Dumas    2nd Team  
Player Kody Stroebel Dumas    Honorable Mention  
Player Issac Aleman Early College    1st Team 
Trainer Cameron Guthman East Bernard    2nd Team 
Player Braden Janecek East Bernard    Honorable Mention 
Player Cody Lehmann East Bernard    Honorable Mention 
Manager Tanner Schmidt East Bernard    1st Team 
Player Robert Benavides East Central    Honorable Mention 
Player Anthony Cantu East Central    Honorable Mention 
Player Xavier Dunn East Central    Honorable Mention 
Player Jauwan Hall East Central    Honorable Mention 
Player Brandon Jennings East Central    1st Team 
Player Jeremiah Lewis East Central    Honorable Mention 
Player Robert Lopez East Central    2nd Team 
Player Marco Monreal East Central    Honorable Mention 
Player Patrick Nicolas East Central    Honorable Mention 
Player Tyler Tarpley East Central    Honorable Mention 
Player Jesse Trevino East Central    2nd Team 
Player Geno Harrington East Chambers    2nd Team 
Player Hunter Loupe East Chambers    2nd Team 
Player Christian Matta East View    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Maegan Milliet East View    Honorable Mention 
Player Austin Naiser East View    1st Team 
Player Austin Zane East View    2nd Team 
Player Matt Fields Edgewood    1st Team  
Player Edgar Arevalo Edinburg    1st Team  
Player Esmerejildo Cano Edinburg    2nd Team  
Player Felipe Elizondo Edinburg    2nd Team  
Player Nathan Marez Edinburg    Honorable Mention  
Player Wyatt Neuman Edna    1st Team  
Player Landon O'Connor Edna    Honorable Mention  
Player Cade Orsak Edna    1st Team  
Player Zane Strickland Edna    1st Team  
Player Brock Brandl El Campo    Honorable Mention 
Player Spencer David El Campo    Honorable Mention 
Player Deaderick Hollaway El Campo    Honorable Mention 
Player Ryon Korenek El Campo    Honorable Mention 
Player Jeffery Annabi El Paso Coronado    2nd Team
Player Casey Courtney El Paso Coronado    2nd Team
Player Connor Jordan El Paso Coronado    1st Team
Player Benjamin Mansfield El Paso Coronado    Honorable Mention
Player Daniel Stephens El Paso Coronado    Honorable Mention
Player Marcus Valverde El Paso Del Valle    Honorable
Player Evan Villalva El Paso Del Valle    2nd
Player Scott Gibbens El Paso Franklin    Honorable Mention
Player Alexander Hernandez El Paso Franklin    2nd Team
Player Calvin Jones El Paso Franklin    2nd Team
Player Cutter Leftwich El Paso Franklin    Honorable Mention
Player Carlo Spalloni El Paso Franklin    Honorable Mention
Player Ryan Wong El Paso Franklin    Honorable Mention
Player Mathias Buitron Eldorado    Honorable Mention  
Player Victor Castro Eldorado    Honorable Mention  
Player Will Mynatt Eldorado    1st Team  
Player Drake Cooper Electra    Honorable Mention  
Player Clayton Holmes Electra    Honorable Mention  
Player Andrew Marsh Electra    Honorable Mention  
Player Chris Sun Electra    2nd Team  
Player Journey Carnahan Elgin    Honorable Mention  
Player Dwayne Holiday Elgin    2nd Team  
Player Jake Smith Elgin    Honorable Mention  
Player Will Dehart Elkhart    Honorable Mention  
Player Alex Thlang Elkhart    2nd Team  
Player David Brennan Elkins    1st Team  
Player Joshua Izi Elkins    Honorable Mention  
Player Braden Shaffer Elysian Fields    1st Team 
Player Evan Mareno Ennis    2nd Team  
Player Taran Sikes Ennis    2nd Team  
Player Corde Burns Euless Trinity    Honorable Mention 
Player Mark Castleberry Euless Trinity    ELITE  
Player Jacob Fitch Euless Trinity    ELITE  
Player Kevin Watts Euless Trinity    2nd Team 
Player Noah Wineteer Euless Trinity    2nd Team 
Player Alexander Wise Euless Trinity    1st Team 
Player Juan Garcia Eustace    Honorable Mention  
Player Daniel Bean Evadale    Honorable Mention  
Player Kolton Mackey Evadale    2nd Team  
Player Kagen Rawls Evadale    Honorable Mention  
Player Collin Dziuk Falls City    2nd Team 
Player Cole Ratliff Falls City    ELITE  
Player Josh Swierc Falls City    2nd Team 
Player Zach Swierc Falls City    2nd Team 
Player Cameron Wilson Falls City    1st Team 
Player Santiago Merino Farmersville    Honorable Mention  
Player William Vallow Farmersville    ELITE   
Player Daniel Alvarez Ferris    Honorable Mention  
Player Kyler Martinez Ferris    Honorable Mention  
Player Parker Robertson Ferris    Honorable Mention  
Player Kyle Etzler Flatonia    2nd Team  
Player Corey Lyons Flatonia    Honorable Mention  
Player Samuel Netro Flatonia    2nd Team  
Player San Juan Ramirez Flatonia    2nd Team  
Player Brandon Bascue Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Player Marques Berry Flower Mound    1st Team 
Player Andrew Bowman Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Player Duke Carrillo Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Dylan Carrillo Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Nicole Cipriano Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Stephen Clark Flower Mound    1st Team 
Player Cole Cowen Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Cade Cumbie Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Eric Curl Flower Mound    1st Team 
Player Sterling Deary Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Andrea Edwards Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Player Davis Frondorf Flower Mound    1st Team 
Player Matthew Gallini Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Josh Grant Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Player Michael Haney Flower Mound    1st Team 
Player Cameron Hart Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Trainer Morgan Hicks Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Will Huber Flower Mound    1st Team 
Player Kenneth Jang Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Trainer Sara Larsen Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Trainer Madison Lasseigne Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Player David Lawrence Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Nick MacCarron Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Mark Mattine Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Trainer Allison McDaniel Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Luke McFarling Flower Mound    1st Team 
Trainer Genevieve Mendoza Flower Mound    1st Team 
Player David Mikhail Flower Mound    ELITE  
Player Jack Miller Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Ryan Narrell Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Trainer Deena Ramos Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Landon Sadler Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Jack Schroer Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Player Billy Seykora Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Player Alex Silva Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Christian Silva Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Joseph Smith Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Player Chase Southerland Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Ifeanyi Uzowihe Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Josh Waters Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Player Zach Welch Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Emma Wiegers Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Cayley Wilson Flower Mound    Honorable Mention 
Player Nielson With Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Trainer Eunice Yeom Flower Mound    2nd Team 
Player Nathan Yu Flower Mound    1st Team 
Player Dalton Carson Forney    2nd Team  
Player Lambert Cody Forney    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyler Copeland Forney    Honorable Mention  
Player Ethan Hanley Forney    1st Team  
Player Spencer Harrison Forney    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Sydne Morgan Forney    2nd Team  
Player Brock Rooney Forney    2nd Team  
Player Blaze Yeater Forsan    2nd Team  
Player Zachary Alvarez Fort Stockton    Honorable Mention 
Player Alonso Corral Fort Stockton    2nd Team 
Player Luis Dominguez Fort Stockton    Honorable Mention 
Player Jaime Espino Fort Stockton    Honorable Mention 
Player Narciso Franco Fort Stockton    Honorable Mention 
Player Ivan Pena Fort Stockton    2nd Team 
Player Brandon Propst Fort Stockton    Honorable Mention 
Player Max Akin Fossil Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Kaden Anderson Fossil Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Ryan Fernandez Fossil Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Eduardo Flores Fossil Ridge    1st Team 
Player Austin Long Fossil Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Darrion Randolph Fossil Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Grant Rawls Fossil Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Muaz Shiekh Fossil Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Junior Adesola Foster    Honorable Mention  
Player Joel Anaghara Foster    2nd Team  
Player Shane Castillo Foster    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Josie Chavez Foster    Honorable Mention  
Player Larenzo Conerly Foster    Honorable Mention  
Player Russien Cossy Foster    Honorable Mention  
Player Khorey Dakers Foster    Honorable Mention  
Player Garrett Grammer Foster    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyler Guebara Foster    2nd Team  
Player Shaun McDowell Foster    2nd Team  
Player Abdullah Mirza Foster    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Lauren Prendergast Foster    2nd Team  
Player Alexander Ramart Foster    2nd Team  
Player Isaiah Richardson Foster    Honorable Mention  
Player Chandler Speights Foster    Honorable Mention  
Player Chase Tamborello Foster    Honorable Mention  
Player Joshua Williams Foster    2nd Team  
Player Amando Guerra Foy H. Moody    1st Team
Player Blane McCullough Franklin    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Medcalf Franklin    Honorable Mention  
Player Lane Morgan Franklin    Honorable Mention  
Player Anthony Stokley Franklin    1st Team  
Player Bryce Bowers Fredericksburg    Honorable Mention  
Player Cleland Jonathan Fredericksburg    Honorable Mention  
Player Hayden Schneider Fredericksburg    Honorable Mention  
Player Lucas Flores Frenship    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Gallardo Frenship    2nd Team  
Player Nicholas Harrison Frenship    2nd Team  
Player Jordan Hernandez Frenship    Honorable Mention  
Player Lance Lee Frenship    2nd Team  
Player Dane Lewis Frenship    Honorable Mention  
Player Hayden McCalib Frenship    Honorable Mention  
Player Bo McCraw Frenship    2nd Team  
Player Frank Richard Frenship    Honorable Mention  
Player Marc Silva Frenship    Honorable Mention  
Player Hunter Stallard Frenship    2nd Team  
Player William Sutton Frenship    Honorable Mention  
Player Devin Williams Frenship    2nd Team  
Player Nathan Wilson Frenship    Honorable Mention  
Player Noah Sims Frisco Centennial    2nd Team 
Player Grant Buss Frisco Liberty    2nd Team 
Player Griffin Collins Frisco Liberty    1st Team 
Player Franklin Harrison Gainesville    Honorable Mention  
Player Ivan Campillo Galena Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Victor Carpio Galena Park    1st Team 
Trainer Rafaela Landaverde Galena Park    2nd Team 
Player Xavier Moncivais Galena Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Edgar Montelongo Galena Park    2nd Team 
Player Angel Ortega Galena Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Ramon Rodriguez Galena Park    1st Team 
Trainer Maribel Rodriguez Galena Park    2nd Team 
Trainer Kiara Sanchez Galena Park    1st Team 
Player Jose Sanchez Galena Park    2nd Team 
Player Cesar Tijerina Galena Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Matt Bridges Ganado    1st Team  
Player Michael Garza Ganado    1st Team  
Player Cameron Lambert Ganado    2nd Team  
Player Michael-Douglas Maresh Ganado    2nd Team  
Player Garrett McCann Ganado    2nd Team  
Player Chris Edwards Garrison    2nd Team  
Player Logan Stoddard Garrison    Honorable Mention  
Player Sam Jackson Gatesville    Honorable Mention  
Player Josh Johnson Gatesville    Honorable Mention  
Player James Ortega Gatesville    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Karisma Amin George Ranch    Honorable Mention 
Player Chima Amushie George Ranch    1st Team 
Player Thomas Cook George Ranch    Honorable Mention 
Player Charles De Vega George Ranch    1st Team 
Player Jackson Figenshaw George Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Evan Foston George Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Jake Gore George Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Zach Hunton George Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Antonio Jackson George Ranch    Honorable Mention 
Player Aaron Mcgee George Ranch    Honorable Mention 
Player Quintin Morris George Ranch    Honorable Mention 
Player Colton Turner George Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Brent Ugochukwu George Ranch    Honorable Mention 
Player Grant Varni George Ranch    2nd Team 
Player Cole Clifton George West    2nd Team 
Player Jake Galloway George West    1st Team 
Player Kyle Gee George West    Honorable Mention 
Player Chris Hardwick George West    Honorable Mention 
Player Beau Mixon George West    1st Team 
Player Ryan Repka George West    1st Team 
Player Carter Snider George West    Honorable Mention 
Player Caden Basey Georgetown    Honorable Mention  
Player William Bryan Georgetown    Honorable Mention  
Player Ethan Campbell Georgetown    Honorable Mention  
Player Chandler Herman Georgetown    2nd Team  
Player Andrew Larsen Georgetown    2nd Team  
Player Anthony Quintana Georgetown    2nd Team  
Player Tony Steinbach Georgetown    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryan Talley Georgetown    2nd Team  
Player Hayes Burney Glen Rose    Honorable Mention 
Player Ethan Hartman Glen Rose    Honorable Mention 
Player Landen Ibarra Glen Rose    Honorable Mention 
Player Seth Love Glen Rose    1st Team 
Player McKully Reynolds Glen Rose    2nd Team 
Player Matthew Willis Glen Rose    ELITE  
Player Kaid Dalton Godley    2nd Team  
Player Dylan Erwin Godley    2nd Team  
Player Blake Malone Godley    2nd Team  
Player Daniel Mapes Godley    2nd Team  
Player Derek Vondrak Godley    Honorable Mention  
Player Joseph Gonzalez Gonzales    Honorable Mention  
Player Hayden Henke Gonzales    1st Team  
Player Micah Medellin Gonzales    1st Team  
Player Wade Miller Gonzales    Honorable Mention  
Player Brendon Johnson Goose Creek Memorial    2nd Team
Player Brian Martinez-Rodriguez Goose Creek Memorial    Honorable Mention
Player Hector Trevino Goose Creek Memorial    Honorable Mention
Player Kade Darrow Graham    1st Team  
Player Alfonso Duran Graham    Honorable Mention  
Player Smith Graham Graham    ELITE   
Player Jack Hays Graham    ELITE   
Player Chance Hornsey Graham    2nd Team  
Player Hudson Peavy Graham    1st Team  
Player Kody Perry Graham    Honorable Mention  
Player Will Walton Graham    1st Team  
Player Rustin Beasley Granbury    1st Team  
Player Caden Davis Granbury    2nd Team  
Player Michael Mulholland Granbury    1st Team  
Player Trent Easley Grand Saline    Honorable Mention 
Player Jake Morrison Grand Saline    Honorable Mention 
Player Cash Nations Grand Saline    Honorable Mention 
Player Wyatt Messex Granger    1st Team  
Player Riley Chipman Grapeland    2nd Team  
Player Keiundris McQuirter Grapeland    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Reiss Grapeland    Honorable Mention  
Player Carter Ball Grapevine    2nd Team  
Player Cale Dow Grapevine    2nd Team  
Player Dylan Gonzales Grapevine    2nd Team  
Player Nicholas Jordan Grapevine    2nd Team  
Player James Margiotta Grapevine    2nd Team  
Player Luke McIntire Grapevine    2nd Team  
Player Simon Rourke Grapevine    2nd Team  
Player Hector Sandavol Grapevine    Honorable Mention  
Player Trey Waters Grapevine    2nd Team  
Player Bradley Williams Grapevine    2nd Team  
Player Kesmond Andrews Greenwood    2nd Team  
Player Ben Brockman Greenwood    1st Team  
Player Tyler Ellison Greenwood    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyler James Greenwood    Honorable Mention  
Player Fabian Madrid Greenwood    Honorable Mention  
Player Kincade Ramsey Greenwood    Honorable Mention  
Player Hunter Wigington Greenwood    Honorable Mention  
Player Chandler Boyd Groesbeck    1st Team  
Player Bradley Wilson Groesbeck    Honorable Mention  
Player Trey Carr Gunter    Honorable Mention  
Player Alex Hales Gunter    ELITE   
Player Carlos Rodriguez Gunter    Honorable Mention  
Manager Aaron Berry Hale Center    1st Team 
Player Eric Gonzales Hale Center    Honorable Mention 
Player Dillon Johnson Hale Center    Honorable Mention 
Player Christian King Hale Center    2nd Team 
Player Zavien Richards Hale Center    Honorable Mention 
Player Gage Tiner Hale Center    Honorable Mention 
Player Hunter Baldridge Hallsville    2nd Team  
Player Schriver Colton Hallsville    2nd Team  
Player Ty Meissner Hallsville    Honorable Mention  
Player James Nelson Hallsville    Honorable Mention  
Player Shelly Stephen Hallsville    1st Team  
Player Kingrey Sullens Hallsville    1st Team  
Player Jonathan Franco Hamlin    Honorable Mention  
Player Nick Hall Hamlin    Honorable Mention  
Player Alex Turner Hamlin    2nd Team  
Player Justin McManus Hanna    1st Team  
Player Austin Gee Hargrave    2nd Team  
Player Austin Greer Hargrave    Honorable Mention  
Player David Holley Hargrave    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Kala Lee Hargrave    Honorable Mention  
Player Mason Murray Hargrave    Honorable Mention  
Player Dylan Walton Hargrave    Honorable Mention  
Player Will Davis Harleton    2nd Team  
Player Ted Fuller Harleton    2nd Team  
Player Hunter Jones Harleton    Honorable Mention  
Player Andrew Ward Harleton    2nd Team  
Player Samuel Duffy Harlingen    1st Team  
Player Logan Garza Harlingen    Honorable Mention  
Player Kenneth Reininger Harlingen    Honorable Mention  
Player Joseph Alonzo Harlingen South    2nd Team 
Player Arturo Del Rio Harlingen South    2nd Team 
Player Andrew Hoelscher Harlingen South    2nd Team 
Player Ben Lashley Harper    2nd Team  
Player Tracy Patterson Harper    1st Team  
Player Josh Sagraves Harper    2nd Team  
Player Lane Burson Haskell    1st Team  
Player Sam Fouts Haskell    2nd Team  
Player Chase Gibson Haskell    1st Team  
Player Hayden Hudson Haskell    2nd Team  
Player Colton Wright Haskell    Honorable Mention  
Player Anthony Ajao Hastings    Honorable Mention  
Player Kevin Tran Hastings    Honorable Mention  
Player Christopher Balderas Hays    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Johnson Hays    2nd Team  
Player Brandon Mendieta Hays    2nd Team  
Player Tanner North Hays    2nd Team  
Player Servando Rodriguez III Hays    Honorable Mention  
Player Peyton Steele Hays    1st Team  
Player Brett Adair Heath    2nd Team  
Player Luke Cannon Heath    Honorable Mention  
Player Mitchell Anderson Hebron    2nd Team  
Player Nikita Belyaev Hebron    1st Team  
Player Richard Benavente Hebron    Honorable Mention  
Player Liam Briscoe Hebron    2nd Team  
Player Kyle Burford Hebron    1st Team  
Player Trevor Deatherage Hebron    ELITE   
Player Ryan Hamilton Hebron    2nd Team  
Player Nick Hill Hebron    2nd Team  
Player Nick Horiates Hebron    2nd Team  
Player Alex Huerta Hebron    Honorable Mention  
Player Cole Jamison Hebron    1st Team  
Player Evan Powell Hebron    Honorable Mention  
Player Seth Shirey Hebron    2nd Team  
Player Justin Herbert Hempstead    2nd Team  
Player Corbin Antu Hendrickson    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Bradberry Hendrickson    2nd Team  
Player Bradley Ehler Hendrickson    2nd Team  
Player Alejandro Garza Hendrickson    Honorable Mention  
Player Shea Gutierrez Hendrickson    Honorable Mention  
Player Walker Nunez Hendrickson    Honorable Mention  
Player Aaron Porter Hendrickson    2nd Team  
Player Dillon Stevens Hendrickson    Honorable Mention  
Player Domenico Valdespino Hendrickson    Honorable Mention  
Player Kandon Bennett Henrietta    1st Team  
Player Corbin Bloodworth Henrietta    Honorable Mention  
Player Conner Chambers Henrietta    2nd Team  
Player Mason Hanson Henrietta    Honorable Mention  
Player Sterling Headrick Henrietta    2nd Team  
Player Ben McCreary Henrietta    Honorable Mention  
Player Carlos Gallegos Hereford    Honorable Mention  
Player Caleb Martinez Hereford    2nd Team  
Player Noah Nikkel Hereford    2nd Team  
Player Luke Blanton Highland Park    2nd Team 
Player Jackson Dugger Highland Park    1st Team 
Player Jack Fain Highland Park    1st Team 
Player Matthew Gahm Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Grey Giddens Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Lowell Giffin Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Alexander Holmes Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Maxwell Holsomback Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player John Hoover Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player John House Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Jackson Hubbard Highland Park    ELITE  
Player Jack Kozmetsky Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Adam Mahmalji Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Cooper Marchetto Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Kyle Massimilian Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Harrison Murski Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Tres Page Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player William Reppeto Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player John Sell Highland Park    2nd Team 
Player George Stewart Highland Park    1st Team 
Player Stanley Walker Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Alexander Walzel Highland Park    1st Team 
Player Ryan Waters Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Jonathan Welfelt Highland Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Jared Easterling Hillsboro    2nd Team  
Player Luke Steele Hillsboro    1st Team  
Player Jared Mancuso Hitchcock    1st Team  
Player Michael Parker Hitchcock    2nd Team  
Player Brent Smith Hitchcock    1st Team  
Player John Dyes Holliday    Honorable Mention  
Player Kevin Gear Hondo    Honorable Mention  
Player Jack Loera Hondo    2nd Team  
Player Landry Ritter Hondo    2nd Team  
Player Raul Sandoval Hondo    Honorable Mention  
Player Garrett Van Damme Hondo    1st Team  
Player Harris Cooley Houston Memorial    2nd Team 
Player William Ellis Houston Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Jack Giammalva Houston Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Joseph Hillin Houston Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Benjamin Hughes Houston Memorial    ELITE  
Player James Key Houston Memorial    Honorable Mention 
Player Anthony McCall Houston Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Mitchell Means Houston Memorial    Honorable Mention 
Player Chrisaain Roa Houston Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Trace Saha Houston Memorial    1st Team 
Player Sam Sicola Houston Memorial    ELITE  
Player Ben Tindall Houston Memorial    2nd Team 
Player John Tucker Houston Memorial    1st Team 
Player Cooper Akins Howe    1st Team  
Player Landry Elvington Howe    ELITE   
Player Matt Griffin Howe    1st Team  
Player Tanner Hartsfield Howe    2nd Team  
Player Brent Masters Howe    1st Team  
Player Jaden Matthews Howe    2nd Team  
Player Allen McAdams Hull Daisetta    2nd Team 
Player Dylan Varnon Hull Daisetta    1st Team 
Player Christian Jones Independence    Honorable Mention  
Player Jon Kirk Independence    Honorable Mention  
Player Jason Moore Independence    2nd Team  
Player Matt Murphy Independence    Honorable Mention  
Manager Samara Sharpe Independence    2nd Team  
Manager Vriana Washington Independence    2nd Team  
Player Ben Adame Ingleside    2nd Team  
Player Marshall Bell Ingleside    Honorable Mention  
Player Adam Herrera Ingleside    Honorable Mention  
Player Andres Lankenau Ingleside    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Nataleigh Norris Ingleside    2nd Team  
Player Ryan Bennett Iola    Honorable Mention  
Player Kurtis Bradicich Iola    1st Team  
Player Coy Creamer Iola    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Darby Iola    1st Team  
Manager Josh Theiss Iola    Honorable Mention  
Player Colton Dickerson Iowa Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Hunter Durham Iowa Park    Honorable Mention 
Player Nathan Eaves Iowa Park    1st Team 
Player Bowie Franks Iowa Park    1st Team 
Player Cody Gray Iowa Park    1st Team 
Player Jay Schweiger Iowa Park    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Mayling Alvarez Irving    1st Team  
Player Alek Caro Irving    2nd Team  
Trainer Nalissa Houth Irving    ELITE   
Trainer Tatiana Rosario Irving    Honorable Mention  
Player Dillon Ross Irving    2nd Team  
Player Jelani Arnold Irving MacArthur    2nd Team 
Player Jalen Dismuke Irving MacArthur    2nd Team 
Player Felix Castillo Irving Nimitz    Honorable Mention 
Player Carlos Franco Irving Nimitz    1st Team 
Player Danny Ledesma J. W. Nixon    Honorable Mention
Player Jacob McCoy J. W. Nixon    2nd Team
Player Christopher Nenque J. W. Nixon    Honorable Mention
Trainer Daniella Ruiz J. W. Nixon    1st Team
Player Josue Tobias J. W. Nixon    Honorable Mention
Player Mike Villarreal J. W. Nixon    Honorable Mention
Player Filepe Esponiza Jacksboro    Honorable Mention  
Player Riley Rollans Jacksboro    Honorable Mention  
Player Bobby Chandler Jersey Village    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Clarkson Jersey Village    Honorable Mention 
Player Tate Janik Jersey Village    Honorable Mention 
Player Greyson Newton Jersey Village    2nd Team 
Player Andrew Rash Jersey Village    2nd Team 
Player Overton Ray Jersey Village    2nd Team 
Player Landon Thomas Jersey Village    1st Team 
Player Alec Wechsler Jersey Village    2nd Team 
Player Ryan Clements Jesuit Preparatory    2nd Team 
Player Billy Daly Jesuit Preparatory    2nd Team 
Player Matt Eubanks Jesuit Preparatory    2nd Team 
Player Vance Holub Jesuit Preparatory    Honorable Mention 
Player Max McLeod Jesuit Preparatory    1st Team 
Player Matt Musso Jesuit Preparatory    2nd Team 
Player Jordan Odulio Jesuit Preparatory    2nd Team 
Player Jacob Palisch Jesuit Preparatory    1st Team 
Player Katrell Blakely John Horn    Honorable Mention 
Player Roland Campos John Horn    Honorable Mention 
Player Cole Ellis John Horn    2nd Team 
Player Chris Hawkins John Horn    Honorable Mention 
Player Junius King John Horn    Honorable Mention 
Player Chika Nwabuko John Horn    Honorable Mention 
Player Chris Robison John Horn    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Tellez John Horn    2nd Team 
Player Dennis Berry John Jay    2nd Team 
Player Mason Escamilla John Jay    2nd Team 
Player Alan Gonzalez John Jay    2nd Team 
Player John Hernandez John Jay    Honorable Mention 
Player Matthew Huhn John Jay    2nd Team 
Player James Montez John Jay    Honorable Mention 
Player Sebastian Salazar John Jay    2nd Team 
Player David Sepulveda John Jay    Honorable Mention 
Player Josh Barnes Jonesboro    Honorable Mention  
Player Blake Riley Jonesboro    Honorable Mention  
Player Robert Robuck Jonesboro    2nd Team  
Manager Pallas Hester Joshua    1st Team  
Player Bradyn Sellers Joshua    Honorable Mention  
Player Matt Elmore Jourdanton    1st Team  
Player Jacob Fanno Jourdanton    Honorable Mention  
Player William Locke Jourdanton    2nd Team  
Player Jared Meyer Jourdanton    1st Team  
Player Tyler Pearson Jourdanton    2nd Team  
Player Zack Vyvlecka Jourdanton    2nd Team  
Player Joel Allen Judson    2nd Team  
Player Paul Hicks Judson    2nd Team  
Player Latrell Williams Judson    Honorable Mention  
Player Kyle Bailey Karnes City    Honorable Mention 
Player Matthew Vajdos Karnes City    2nd Team 
Player Corbyn Wright Karnes City    2nd Team 
Player Felipe Alvear Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryder Anderson Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Keaton Bell Katy    2nd Team  
Player Brian Berkenhoff Katy    2nd Team  
Player Brady Bowling Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player John Cagle Katy    2nd Team  
Player Cooper Calland Katy    2nd Team  
Player Parker Eichenberger Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Rocky Emery Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Carson Fuchs Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Ethan Galer Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Gleason Katy    2nd Team  
Player Michael Gomez Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Dylan Gonzales Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Michael Hardy Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Cole Homan Katy    1st Team  
Player Hayden Howerton Katy    2nd Team  
Player Trevor Loftin Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Brock Lovett Katy    2nd Team  
Player Cameron Miller Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Robert Ortiz Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Keegan Otte Katy    2nd Team  
Player Raymond Randle Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Simmons Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Payton Srack Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Collin Taylor Katy    Honorable Mention  
Player Baylor Wrubel Katy    1st Team  
Player Parker Zimmerman Katy    1st Team  
Player Anthony Berry Kaufman    Honorable Mention  
Player Jordan Fuentes Kaufman    Honorable Mention  
Player Abraham Garcia Kaufman    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryan Gentzel Kaufman    ELITE   
Player Dylan Howell Kaufman    Honorable Mention  
Player Rigoberto Torres Kaufman    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyson Mailloux Kellar Central    Honorable Mention 
Player Ian McIver Kellar Central    2nd Team 
Player Cooper Sanders Kellar Central    2nd Team 
Player Timothy Andre Keller    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Kayli Bryant Keller    1st Team  
Player Luke Castaneda Keller    Honorable Mention  
Player Garrett Ely Keller    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Kara Healey Keller    Honorable Mention  
Player Camden Hoyle Keller    1st Team  
Player Dardan Ismaili Keller    Honorable Mention  
Player Brady Marek Keller    1st Team  
Player Keoni Rios Keller    Honorable Mention  
Player George Romano Keller    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Kailey Rowell Keller    Honorable Mention  
Player Nicholas Roy Keller    2nd Team  
Player Sean Shipley Keller    Honorable Mention  
Player Matthew Stoner Keller    2nd Team  
Player Garrison Thomas Keller    1st Team  
Player Timothy Allison Keller Timber Creek    Honorable Mention
Player Rachel Bridges Keller Timber Creek    2nd Team
Player Joshua Ford Keller Timber Creek    1st Team
Player Eric Mills Keller Timber Creek    1st Team
Player Tanner Oliver Keller Timber Creek    2nd Team
Player Neftali Ortiz Keller Timber Creek    ELITE 
Player Jin Hong Park Keller Timber Creek    1st Team
Player Christopher Lamb Kempner    1st Team  
Player Cody Gillespie Kennedale    2nd Team  
Player Nic Stroud Kennedale    1st Team  
Player Josh Vaughn Kennedale    Honorable Mention  
Player Nicholas Cavazos Kingsville Academy    2nd Team 
Player Severo Garcia Kingsville Academy    2nd Team 
Player Jesse Garcia Kingsville Academy    Honorable Mention 
Player Juan Sanchez Kingsville Academy    2nd Team 
Player Russell Wagner Kingsville Academy    Honorable Mention 
Player Lance Abler Kingwood    2nd Team  
Player Chase Castaneda Kingwood    2nd Team  
Player Evan Loyka Kingwood    1st Team  
Player Justin Mize Kingwood    Honorable Mention  
Player Hunter Poston Kingwood    Honorable Mention  
Player Cole Preston Kingwood    2nd Team  
Player Tommy Shupak Kingwood    2nd Team  
Player Andrew Wambaugh Kingwood    1st Team  
Player Corey Joseph Awe Kingwood Park    2nd Team 
Player David Burchett Kirbyville    Honorable Mention  
Player Joseph Fentress Kirbyville    Honorable Mention  
Player Sean Gates Kirbyville    Honorable Mention  
Player Trey May Kirbyville    2nd Team  
Player Austin Reeves Kirbyville    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Daulong Klein Collins    1st Team 
Player Bryson Powers Klein Collins    1st Team 
Player Joel Roesner Klein Collins    2nd Team 
Player Zach Skrehot Klein Collins    1st Team 
Player Tate Thomlinson Klein Collins    1st Team 
Player Kaleb Wier Klein Collins    2nd Team 
Player Sterling Windsor Klein Collins    1st Team 
Player Colton Oster Krum    2nd Team  
Player Brandon Reeves Krum    Honorable Mention  
Player Gary Robinson Krum    2nd Team  
Player Preston Shifflett Krum    Honorable Mention  
Player Amir Abusaad L. D. Bell    2nd Team
Player Spencer Brown L. D. Bell    Honorable Mention
Player Jorden Craig L. D. Bell    2nd Team
Player Florens May L. D. Bell    Honorable Mention
Player Austin Pence L. D. Bell    Honorable Mention
Player Ward David La Grange    Honorable Mention 
Player Zane Deen La Grange    2nd Team 
Player John Garza La Grange    Honorable Mention 
Player Greg Matocha La Grange    Honorable Mention 
Player Colter Siptak La Grange    1st Team 
Player Austin Haynes La Vernia    Honorable Mention 
Player Carlton Kincaid La Vernia    Honorable Mention 
Player Travis Puhlmann La Vernia    Honorable Mention 
Player John Rutkowski La Vernia    1st Team 
Player Sedrick Utt La Vernia    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Biggerstaff Lake Dallas    Honorable Mention 
Player Justin Cadenhead Lake Dallas    2nd Team 
Player Spencer Frederickson Lake Dallas    Honorable Mention 
Player Olusegun Ijiyera Lake Dallas    Honorable Mention 
Player Zachary Russell Lake Dallas    1st Team 
Player Garren Schantz Lake Dallas    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Schuster Lake Dallas    Honorable Mention 
Player Adam Tipps Lake Dallas    Honorable Mention 
Player Caleb Addison Lake Highlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Nick Bowen Lake Highlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Branson Cook Lake Highlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Faulk Lake Highlands    2nd Team 
Player Davion Nolen Lake Highlands    Honorable Mention 
Player James Patterson Lake Highlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Maldini Sakah Lake Highlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Diego Valdez Lake Highlands    2nd Team 
Player Adam Cabanas Lake Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Matthew Garis Lake Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Jada Grigsby Lake Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Tate Heitmeier Lake Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Darrius Lee Lake Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Jamison Manning Lake Ridge    2nd Team 
Trainer Trinity Sims Lake Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Lauryn Taylor Lake Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Kavbyn Thomkins Lake Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Jessica Uselding Lake Ridge    ELITE  
Player Jason Escobedo Lake Worth    2nd Team 
Player Koltin Brown Lamar Consolidated    2nd Team 
Player Will Brown Lamar Consolidated    Honorable Mention 
Player Javian Evans Lamar Consolidated    Honorable Mention 
Player Will Fisher Lamar Consolidated    2nd Team 
Player Ethan Hartt Lamar Consolidated    2nd Team 
Player Ivan Kuyhendall Lamar Consolidated    Honorable Mention 
Player Edgar Maldonado Lamar Consolidated    Honorable Mention 
Player Carson Powell Lamar Consolidated    Honorable Mention 
Player Dechawat Record Lamar Consolidated    Honorable Mention 
Player Cody Swalla Lamar Consolidated    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Calhoun Langham Creek    Honorable Mention 
Player David Eggleton Langham Creek    1st Team 
Player Robert Hill Langham Creek    2nd Team 
Player Kyle Linhart Langham Creek    1st Team 
Player Carrington Matthews Langham Creek    1st Team 
Player Alex Navarro Langham Creek    2nd Team 
Player Edgar Perez Langham Creek    Honorable Mention 
Player Isaac Salazar Langham Creek    2nd Team 
Player Will Scarbrough Langham Creek    2nd Team 
Player Kenneth Sheldon Langham Creek    2nd Team 
Player Julian Szejer Langham Creek    Honorable Mention 
Player Sebastian Martinez Laredo Martin    2nd Team 
Player Reynaldo Martinez Laredo Martin    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Gray Leakey    2nd Team  
Player Quinten Pigg Leakey    1st Team  
Player Rylan Springer Leakey    2nd Team  
Player Brendon Alba Leander    Honorable Mention  
Player Kyle Irlbeck Leander    Honorable Mention  
Player Seth Venner Leander    2nd Team  
Player Eric Zeno Leander    1st Team  
Player Malik Babaa Legacy    Honorable Mention  
Player Carter Beasley Legacy    1st Team  
Player Brandon Beasley Legacy    1st Team  
Player Brandon Bosecker Legacy    Honorable Mention  
Player Bryan Freeman Legacy    2nd Team  
Player Joey Milburn Legacy    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyler Rawlings Legacy    Honorable Mention  
Player Edward Arana Lehman    2nd Team  
Player Tyler Henderson Lehman    2nd Team  
Player Abel Longoria Lehman    Honorable Mention  
Player Damien Bordeyo Levelland    Honorable Mention  
Player Jeffery Elliott Levelland    2nd Team  
Player Nick Gerber Levelland    2nd Team  
Player Brian Martin Levelland    Honorable Mention  
Player Braden Price Levelland    2nd Team  
Player Alejandro Castellon Lewisville    2nd Team  
Player Leonel Chavez Lewisville    Honorable Mention  
Player Joshua Crosby Lewisville    2nd Team  
Player Sebastian Escalera Lewisville    Honorable Mention  
Player Samuel Escalona Lewisville    Honorable Mention  
Player Aaron Estrada Lewisville    2nd Team  
Player Richard Hudson Lewisville    Honorable Mention  
Manager Tristen Johnson Lewisville    Honorable Mention  
Player Christopher Reed Lewisville    2nd Team  
Player Jonathan Reyes Lewisville    Honorable Mention  
Player Daniel Rosado Lewisville    Honorable Mention  
Player Jesse Russell Lewisville    2nd Team  
Player Lucas Seran Lewisville    2nd Team  
Player Chandler Williams Lewisville    Honorable Mention  
Player Chase Allert Lexington    2nd Team  
Player Nathanael Clifford Lexington    2nd Team  
Player Nic Dillon Lexington    1st Team  
Player Ryan Garrison Lexington    1st Team  
Player Barrett Lerche Lexington    Honorable Mention  
Player Trevor Patschke Lexington    1st Team  
Player Jacob Townsend Lexington    2nd Team  
Player Chris Aljebory Life Oak Cliff    2nd Team
Player Damian English Life Oak Cliff    1st Team
Player Darius Jones Life Oak Cliff    Honorable Mention
Player Jakeem Patrick Life Oak Cliff    2nd Team
Player Matthew Hipshire Life School    ELITE  
Player Blake Linscomb Life School    1st Team 
Player Enrique Palacios Life School    1st Team 
Player Andrew Barr Lindale    2nd Team  
Trainer Autumn Burris Lindale    Honorable Mention  
Player De'Vion Dingle Lindale    2nd Team  
Player Clayton Hawley Lindale    2nd Team  
Player Kylen Kuslak Lindale    1st Team  
Player Ben McFadden Lindale    2nd Team  
Player Montana Meador Lindale    1st Team  
Player Brandon Price Lindale    1st Team  
Player Kale Ridge Lindale    2nd Team  
Player Cameron SirLouis Lindale    Honorable Mention  
Player Phillip Waggoner Lindale    2nd Team  
Player Cory Young Lindale    2nd Team  
Player Beau Bickham Little Cypress-Mauriceville    2nd Team 
Player Ronald Guillory Little Cypress-Mauriceville    2nd Team 
Player Parker Linscomb Little Cypress-Mauriceville    2nd Team 
Player Kayne Williams Little Cypress-Mauriceville    2nd Team 
Player Blake Boughey Little Elm    2nd Team 
Player Jared Miller Little Elm    1st Team 
Player Brady Wade Little Elm    2nd Team 
Player Matthew Camarillo Little River Academy    2nd Team
Player Clay Johnson Little River Academy    1st Team
Player Preston Secrest Little River Academy    2nd Team
Player Ross Blackmon Livingston    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryan Morris Livingston    2nd Team  
Player Aaron Stanley Livingston    ELITE   
Player Blake Dillard Llano    2nd Team  
Player Cameron Hall Llano    2nd Team  
Player Jaden Napolez Llano    Honorable Mention  
Player Cahil Murchison Lockhart    Honorable Mention  
Player Gregory Rivera Lockhart    Honorable Mention  
Player Seattle Jackson Lockney    1st Team  
Trainer Daijia Carr Longview    Honorable Mention  
Player Ben Nguyen Longview    Honorable Mention  
Player Cole Baker Lorena    2nd Team  
Player Bobby Black Lorena    2nd Team  
Player Josh Carson Lorena    2nd Team  
Player Carter Conradt Lorena    Honorable Mention  
Player Knox Hatton Lorena    2nd Team  
Player Kendall Ledger Lorena    1st Team  
Player Zach Pierce Lorena    1st Team  
Player Jayson Swepston Lorena    Honorable Mention  
Player Dalton Woolf Lorena    2nd Team  
Player Adriel alberto Castillo Los Fresnos    2nd Team 
Player Adriel Castillo Los Fresnos    Honorable Mention 
Player Javier Espinoza Los Fresnos    1st Team 
Player Tristan Joseph Garcia Los Fresnos    2nd Team 
Player Nicholas Ryan Rodriguez Los Fresnos    2nd Team 
Player Peyton Thomas Football Los Fresnos    1st Team
Player Peyton Ruiz Los Fresnos    2nd Team 
Player Mark Edward Zamorano Los Fresnos    Honorable Mention 
Player Carlos Garcia Louise    2nd Team  
Player Jason Bensmiller Lovejoy    1st Team  
Player Marcus Mao Lovejoy    1st Team  
Player Mason Massey Lovejoy    2nd Team  
Player Blake Pfaff Lovejoy    2nd Team  
Player Steven Prudhomme Lovejoy    2nd Team  
Player Anthony Vogel Lovejoy    2nd Team  
Manager Raana Darty Lubbock    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyree Johnson Lubbock    2nd Team  
Player Donovan Ramirez Lubbock    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryan Ramos Lubbock    Honorable Mention  
Player Christian Romo Lubbock    Honorable Mention  
Player Andrew Vergote Lubbock    1st Team  
Player Carter Barnhill Lubbock Cooper    2nd Team 
Player Brayden Black Lubbock Cooper    Honorable Mention 
Player Alec Conkin Lubbock Cooper    Honorable Mention 
Player Jarret Doege Lubbock Cooper    2nd Team 
Player Caleb Hurst Lubbock Cooper    2nd Team 
Player Nick Jiou Lubbock Cooper    Honorable Mention 
Player Will Moran Lubbock Cooper    Honorable Mention 
Player Nolan Ragan Lubbock Cooper    2nd Team 
Player Reagan Schulte Lubbock Cooper    2nd Team 
Player Jeremy Schwertner Lubbock Cooper    Honorable Mention 
Player Ty Thomas Lubbock Cooper    1st Team 
Player Dylan Wagner Lubbock Cooper    Honorable Mention 
Player Chance Fair Lubbock Coronado    Honorable Mention 
Player Ziad Qubti Lubbock Coronado    2nd Team 
Player Jonathan Rojas Lubbock Roosevelt    Honorable Mention 
Player Caleb Scott Lubbock Roosevelt    Honorable Mention 
Player Samuel Rocha Lyford    1st Team  
Player Charles Corley Madisonville    2nd Team  
Player Jacob Frazier Magnolia    2nd Team  
Player Andrew Hale Magnolia    2nd Team  
Player Drew Hantla Magnolia    2nd Team  
Player Dalton Krusleski Magnolia    2nd Team  
Player Isaiah Reitzel Magnolia    Honorable Mention  
Player Austin Sherman Magnolia    Honorable Mention  
Player Robbie Smothers Magnolia    2nd Team  
Player Logan Whitney Magnolia    1st Team  
Player Tyler Burford Magnolia West    1st Team 
Player Jerry Mcgrew Magnolia West    2nd Team 
Player Cole Moffitt Magnolia West    Honorable Mention 
Player Quarterrio Barker Malakoff    Honorable Mention  
Player Jack Patton Malakoff    1st Team  
Player Trevor Carlton Mansfield    1st Team  
Player Josh Whitlock Mansfield    2nd Team  
Player Weston Schultz Marble Falls    1st Team 
Player Cooper Anderson Marcus    2nd Team  
Player Duncan Berger Marcus    2nd Team  
Player Brett Brown Marcus    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryan Carlson Marcus    2nd Team  
Player BJ Copeland Marcus    Honorable Mention  
Player Connor Greenlaw Marcus    Honorable Mention  
Player Sam Lancaster Marcus    Honorable Mention  
Player Colton Lopez Marcus    Honorable Mention  
Player Jeff Ring Marcus    Honorable Mention  
Player Ridge Rogers Marcus    2nd Team  
Player Will Walker Marcus    Honorable Mention  
Player AJ Wozniak Marcus    Honorable Mention  
Player Tristan Young Marcus    Honorable Mention  
Player Matthew Dutton Marion    2nd Team  
Player Edher Nava Marion    Honorable Mention  
Player JD Raggio Marion    1st Team  
Player Sergio Alcorta Mary Carroll    2nd Team 
Player Corey Shuttlesworth Mary Carroll    1st Team 
Player Carlos Vasquez Mary Carroll    2nd Team 
Player Evan Dayton Mason    Honorable Mention  
Player Haddon Hudson Mason    Honorable Mention  
Player Grant Stockbridge Mason    Honorable Mention  
Player Brandon Allison Maud    2nd Team  
Player Abraham Bosquez Mayde Creek    1st Team 
Player Qousain Khatri Mayde Creek    2nd Team 
Player Brett Russell Mayde Creek    2nd Team 
Player Miguel Silva Mayde Creek    2nd Team 
Player Zach Hettler McAllen    1st Team  
Player Andrew Tipton McAllen    Honorable Mention  
Player Gabriel Benavides McAllen Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Victor Castillo McAllen Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Julian De los Reyes McAllen Memorial    1st Team 
Player Joey Delgado McAllen Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Tres Domian McAllen Memorial    1st Team 
Player Trey Earhart McAllen Memorial    Honorable Mention 
Player Darren Earhart McAllen Memorial    Honorable Mention 
Player Will Garcia McAllen Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Armando Garcia McAllen Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Noah Godinez McAllen Memorial    Honorable Mention 
Player Marco Gutierrez McAllen Memorial    Honorable Mention 
Player Chase Kinney McAllen Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Jaryd Lara McAllen Memorial    Honorable Mention 
Player Adan Salinas McAllen Memorial    2nd Team 
Player Alejandro Vail McAllen Memorial    Honorable Mention 
Player Jackson Haynes McCallum    2nd Team  
Player Carter Tims McCallum    Honorable Mention  
Player Lucas Whitefield McCallum    1st Team  
Player Jordan Ortega McCollum    1st Team  
Player Coby Bess McGregor    1st Team  
Player James Lane McGregor    2nd Team  
Player Andrew Taylor McGregor    1st Team  
Player Alec Berger McKinney    2nd Team  
Player Zach Cottam McKinney    2nd Team  
Player Jonathan Hobart McKinney    1st Team  
Player John Marrs McKinney    2nd Team  
Player Tom McGowan McKinney    1st Team  
Player Jaren Moore McKinney    Honorable Mention  
Player Emmanuel Moreno McKinney    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Barenberg McKinney Boyd    2nd Team 
Player Charles Luke Batson McKinney Boyd    2nd Team 
Player Austin Buley McKinney Boyd    1st Team 
Player Bryson Dowdell McKinney Boyd    2nd Team 
Player William Ellenburg McKinney Boyd    1st Team 
Player Justin Fowler McKinney Boyd    1st Team 
Player Jacob Gerard McKinney Boyd    1st Team 
Player Davis Harrison McKinney Boyd    Honorable Mention 
Player Kaeden Markham McKinney Boyd    Honorable Mention 
Player Nicolas Martillotti McKinney Boyd    1st Team 
Player Carson Mayfield McKinney Boyd    2nd Team 
Player Collin McCoy McKinney Boyd    Honorable Mention 
Player Hayden Michael McKinney Boyd    Honorable Mention 
Player Julian Muscat McKinney Boyd    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Reber McKinney Boyd    2nd Team 
Player Chase Carraher McKinney North    2nd Team 
Player Tippit Dylan McKinney North    1st Team 
Player Matthew Hinkle McKinney North    2nd Team 
Player Khalil Lewis McKinney North    1st Team 
Player Connor Manning McKinney North    Honorable Mention 
Player William Newsom McKinney North    ELITE  
Player Austin Redwine McKinney North    ELITE  
Player Anthony Rulli McKinney North    1st Team 
Player Dustin Schroeder McKinney North    2nd Team 
Player Justan Griggs Medina Valley    2nd Team 
Player Zach Griggs Medina Valley    Honorable Mention 
Player Nick Haan Medina Valley    2nd Team 
Player Andrew Hitzfelder Medina Valley    2nd Team 
Player Garrison Kindred Medina Valley    2nd Team 
Player Tristan Stivors Medina Valley    Honorable Mention 
Player Zach Whitley Medina Valley    2nd Team 
Player Nick Adame Memphis    Honorable Mention  
Player Kix Ferrel Memphis    Honorable Mention  
Player William Hoisington Merkel    Honorable Mention  
Player Ramon Santiago Merkel    Honorable Mention  
Player Azeez Akande Mesquite    1st Team  
Player Chris Crosby Mesquite    Honorable Mention  
Player Ja'Wan Edosomwan Mesquite    Honorable Mention  
Player Chase Elberson Mesquite    Honorable Mention  
Player Hernesto Mendoza Mesquite    Honorable Mention  
Player Eddie Sanchez Mesquite    1st Team  
Player Anthony Tennison Mesquite    Honorable Mention  
Player Kaleb Fletcher Mesquite Poteet    Honorable Mention 
Player Kaleeb Garner Mesquite Poteet    Honorable Mention 
Player Noah Ingram Mesquite Poteet    Honorable Mention 
Player Anton Jackson Mesquite Poteet    Honorable Mention 
Player Trevor Keils Mesquite Poteet    Honorable Mention 
Player Avery Lewis Mesquite Poteet    Honorable Mention 
Player Andrew Pierce Mesquite Poteet    Honorable Mention 
Player Josh Skinner Mesquite Poteet    Honorable Mention 
Player Brenton Walker Mesquite Poteet    2nd Team 
Player Jackson Anuszkiewicz Midland    2nd Team  
Player Josh Cauble Midland    Honorable Mention  
Player Paxton Heiting Midland    2nd Team  
Player Turner Phillips Midland    2nd Team  
Player Holt Wood Midland    1st Team  
Player Nathan Bowden Midland Lee    2nd Team 
Player Britton Corbett Midland Lee    Honorable Mention 
Player Sema'J Davis Midland Lee    Honorable Mention 
Player Israel Delgado Midland Lee    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Greer Midland Lee    2nd Team 
Player Joshua Harrington Midland Lee    2nd Team 
Player Dustin Hunt Midland Lee    Honorable Mention 
Player James Patton Midland Lee    2nd Team 
Player Jordan Rodriguez Midland Lee    2nd Team 
Player Rodrigo Rodriguez Midland Lee    Honorable Mention 
Player Niccolo Sorianello Midland Lee    2nd Team 
Player Payton Tranum Midland Lee    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Vargas Midland Lee    2nd Team 
Player Jake Brown Midlothian    2nd Team  
Player Drake Wayland Midlothian    2nd Team  
Player Christian Anglemyer Midlothian Heritage    2nd Team 
Player Joshua Aston Midlothian Heritage    ELITE  
Player Jack Ellis Midlothian Heritage    Honorable Mention 
Player Hogan Keasler Midlothian Heritage    2nd Team 
Player Payton Parker Midlothian Heritage    Honorable Mention 
Player Preston Smith Midlothian Heritage    Honorable Mention 
Player Seth Terrell Midlothian Heritage    Honorable Mention 
Player Edwin Jefferson Midway    Honorable Mention  
Manager Hunter Raines Midway    2nd Team  
Player Will Routh Midway    2nd Team  
Player Jacob Spradlin Midway    Honorable Mention  
Player Michael Sulak Midway    2nd Team  
Player Wes Tandy Midway    Honorable Mention  
Player William Eschberger IV Miles    Honorable Mention  
Player Cody Rathmell Miles    Honorable Mention  
Player Seth Hudgins Mineola    1st Team  
Player Noah Sneed Mineola    2nd Team  
Player Trent Guinn Mineral Wells    Honorable Mention 
Player Eric Juarez Mineral Wells    Honorable Mention 
Player AJ Lentz Mineral Wells    Honorable Mention 
Player Trenton Thibault Mineral Wells    2nd Team 
Player Jacob Walsh Mineral Wells    2nd Team 
Player Diego Hernandez Mission Veterans Memorial    Honorable Mention
Player Neeko Arredondo Monahans    Honorable Mention  
Player Jaime Moreno Monahans    2nd Team  
Player Cevastian Adame Monterey    Honorable Mention  
Player Holder Biemeret Monterey    Honorable Mention  
Player Cutter Blosser Monterey    1st Team  
Player Thomas Calvillo Monterey    2nd Team  
Player Kimveng Chhoun Monterey    Honorable Mention  
Player Nathanael Gregory Monterey    2nd Team  
Player Albert Maden Monterey    Honorable Mention  
Manager Jake Miller Monterey    Honorable Mention  
Player Kailan Noseff-Waits Monterey    Honorable Mention  
Player Nicholaas Sowell Monterey    2nd Team  
Player Quincy Walker Monterey    Honorable Mention  
Player Taylor Williamson Monterey    2nd Team  
Player Quentin Edmiston Montgomery    2nd Team  
Player Kyle Herridge Montgomery    2nd Team  
Player Hunter Logeman Montgomery    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron McLeod Montgomery    Honorable Mention  
Player Aidan Morgensteren Montgomery    1st Team  
Player Will Reynolds Montgomery    2nd Team  
Trainer Marisa Alexander Mount Vernon    1st Team 
Player Bailey Floyd Mount Vernon    Honorable Mention 
Player Jake Graf Mount Vernon    Honorable Mention 
Player Cameron Greenburg Mount Vernon    1st Team 
Manager Micah Hollingsworth Mount Vernon    2nd Team 
Player Barnabas Hughes Mount Vernon    Honorable Mention 
Player Clay Huizinga Mount Vernon    2nd Team 
Player Tanner Patterson Mount Vernon    2nd Team 
Player Hylke Talsma Mount Vernon    1st Team 
Player Brady Watson Mount Vernon    Honorable Mention 
Player Brennan Binder Muenster    Honorable Mention  
Player Bryce Herr Muenster    Honorable Mention  
Player Holt Bivens Munday    1st Team  
Player Heath Bivens Munday    2nd Team  
Player Aiden Hunter Munday    1st Team  
Player Duncan Farrish Nacogdoches    Honorable Mention  
Manager William Giddens Nacogdoches    2nd Team  
Player Vincent Guarnere Nacogdoches    1st Team  
Player Haydyn Hendricks Nacogdoches    ELITE   
Player Brad Phillips Nacogdoches    2nd Team  
Player Kobe Poole Nacogdoches    2nd Team  
Trainer Madeline Dupre Navarro    Honorable Mention  
Player Fily Esquivel Navarro    Honorable Mention  
Player Matthew Gomez Navarro    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyler Howard Navarro    Honorable Mention  
Player Ross Jaroszewski Navarro    Honorable Mention  
Player Tanner Law Navarro    2nd Team  
Player Jared Leal Navarro    Honorable Mention  
Player Dean Wallace Navarro    Honorable Mention  
Player Tanner Whitson Navarro    2nd Team  
Player Tyler Lang Navasota    Honorable Mention  
Player Reid Garrett Nederland    Honorable Mention  
Player Kory Guidry Nederland    Honorable Mention  
Player Dane Jones Nederland    1st Team  
Player Ty Sheppard Nederland    2nd Team  
Player Corbin Smith Nederland    1st Team  
Player Travis Wiedenfeld Nederland    2nd Team  
Player Myles Hackstedt Needville    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Claire Kendziora Needville    Honorable Mention  
Player Joshua Mata Needville    Honorable Mention  
Player Dane McElrath Needville    Honorable Mention  
Player Mitchell McIntosh Needville    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Josie Murphy Needville    Honorable Mention  
Player Gabriel Salazar Needville    Honorable Mention  
Player Sean Smith Needville    2nd Team  
Trainer Alexis Stavinoha Needville    2nd Team  
Player Joshua Kelcey New Braunfels    2nd Team 
Player Joshua Norton New Braunfels    2nd Team 
Player Anthony Parra New Braunfels    2nd Team 
Player Zachary Rickerson New Braunfels    2nd Team 
Player Jacob Wetz New Braunfels    Honorable Mention 
Player Avery Womble New Braunfels    2nd Team 
Player Christian Armendariz New Braunfels Canyon    Honorable Mention
Player Estabon Garza New Braunfels Canyon    Honorable Mention
Player Reeves Mundschau New Braunfels Canyon    2nd Team
Player Collin Nerby New Braunfels Canyon    2nd Team
Player Austin Sweazy New Braunfels Canyon    2nd Team
Player Test Test New Braunfels Canyon    2nd Team
Player Hunter Worland New Braunfels Canyon    Honorable Mention
Player Matt Bridges New Caney    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Carroll New Caney    2nd Team 
Player Dylan Poindexter New Caney    Honorable Mention 
Player Taylor Goodwin Newman Smith    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Nordin Newman Smith    Honorable Mention 
Player Brock Barbay Newton    1st Team  
Player Luis Cruz Newton    Honorable Mention  
Player Kirkland Foster Newton    1st Team  
Player Antwaine Hunter Newton    Honorable Mention  
Player Caleb Sumrall Newton    2nd Team  
Player Alfredo Ayala Nikki Rowe    1st Team 
Player Jose Barrera Nikki Rowe    Honorable Mention 
Player Vincent Huynh Nikki Rowe    1st Team 
Player Louis Huynh Nikki Rowe    1st Team 
Player Martin Munoz Nikki Rowe    2nd Team 
Player David Reyes Nikki Rowe    2nd Team 
Player Carlos Salazar Nikki Rowe    1st Team 
Player Michael Vega Nikki Rowe    Honorable Mention 
Player Tristan Cable Nocona    Honorable Mention  
Player Marcus Carter Nocona    2nd Team  
Player Luis Rico Nocona    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryan Meriwether North Crowley    2nd Team 
Trainer Chandler Rogers North Crowley    2nd Team 
Player Micheal Ussin North Crowley    Honorable Mention 
Player Cailon Washington North Crowley    2nd Team 
Player Adin Morris North Dallas    Honorable Mention 
Player DeNarion Thomas North Forest    2nd Team 
Player Joshua Hewitt North Mesquite    Honorable Mention 
Player Donte Howell North Mesquite    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Diana Arias Northbrook    2nd Team  
Player Irvi Arteaga Northbrook    Honorable Mention  
Player Carlos Hernandez Northbrook    Honorable Mention  
Manager Graciela Sanchez Northbrook    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Avelino Northwest    Honorable Mention  
Player Zack Bates Northwest    1st Team  
Player Nicholas Ignacio Northwest    1st Team  
Player Jacob James Northwest    1st Team  
Player Tyler King Northwest    2nd Team  
Player Carson Lane Northwest    2nd Team  
Player Peter Lester Northwest    2nd Team  
Player Caden McDonald Northwest    Honorable Mention  
Player Andrew Amaro Odem    2nd Team  
Player Estevan Esqueda Odem    1st Team  
Player Michael Everett Odem    2nd Team  
Player Tristan Frerich Odem    2nd Team  
Player Jose Solis Orange Grove    Honorable Mention 
Player Jackson Stallone Orange Grove    ELITE  
Player O.J. Torres Orange Grove    2nd Team 
Player Heston Vollmering Orange Grove    2nd Team 
Player Will Wright Orange Grove    2nd Team 
Player Andrew Hoyland Orangefield    Honorable Mention  
Player Jake Neal Palestine    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Wheat Palestine    Honorable Mention  
Player Gunnar Barnes Palmer    Honorable Mention  
Player James Hernandez Palmer    Honorable Mention  
Player Dunyea Hollings Palo Duro    Honorable Mention 
Player Tiger Laddavong Palo Duro    Honorable Mention 
Player Aye Aye Maung Palo Duro    2nd Team 
Player Nathan Ngo Palo Duro    Honorable Mention 
Manager Jordan Langehennig Panhandle    Honorable Mention  
Player Colby Neeley Panhandle    Honorable Mention  
Player Ethan Neil Panhandle    2nd Team  
Player Cobi Pace Panhandle    2nd Team  
Player Ty Valentine Paradise    Honorable Mention  
Player Matthew Whalen Paradise    Honorable Mention  
Player Bradley Young Paradise    Honorable Mention  
Player Mitchell Cole Paris    2nd Team  
Player Zachery Lamb Paris    2nd Team  
Player Jaylen Smith Paris    2nd Team  
Player Tadarrius Williams Paris    Honorable Mention  
Player Jesus Martinez Pasadena    Honorable Mention  
Player Luis Deleon Pasadena Memorial    Honorable Mention 
Player Parker Dubose Paschal    Honorable Mention  
Player Reilly Fox Paschal    2nd Team  
Player Samuel Schaefer Paschal    1st Team  
Player Campbell Schaefer Paschal    2nd Team  
Player William Cruz Shope Paschal    2nd Team  
Player Jordan Allen-Coles Pearce    2nd Team  
Trainer Ashyln Barnes Pearce    Honorable Mention  
Player Benjamin Bratcher Pearce    ELITE   
Player Mitch Campbell Pearce    2nd Team  
Player Jay Mendenhall Pearce    ELITE   
Player Grant Oliphint Pearce    2nd Team  
Player Cooper Uloth Pearce    ELITE   
Player Jack Watson Pearce    Honorable Mention  
Player Jackson Wills Pearce    2nd Team  
Player Timothy Hankins Pearland    2nd Team  
Player Jacob Whitehead Pearland    2nd Team  
Player Daniel Hernandez Pecos    2nd Team  
Player Charles Hollon Pecos    2nd Team  
Player Hunter Francis Perrin-Whitt    1st Team  
Player Aidan Sims Perrin-Whitt    2nd Team  
Trainer Zachary Tucker Perrin-Whitt    1st Team  
Player Hadley Allred Perryton    Honorable Mention  
Player Jesus Cervantes Perryton    Honorable Mention  
Player Gustavo Enriquez Perryton    2nd Team  
Player Logan LaMunyon Perryton    Honorable Mention  
Player Trent Townsend Perryton    2nd Team  
Player Dane Williams Petrolia    Honorable Mention  
Player Nathaniel Barrett Pflugerville    Honorable Mention  
Player Denver Coddington Pflugerville    Honorable Mention  
Player Daveon Douglas Pflugerville    2nd Team  
Player Malik Jones Pflugerville    Honorable Mention  
Player Mitchell McDonald Pflugerville    2nd Team  
Player Christopher Warren Pflugerville    1st Team  
Player Manuel Alcala Plainview    2nd Team  
Player Edgar Baeza Plainview    2nd Team  
Player Beaux Bennett Plainview    2nd Team  
Player Victor Cardiel Plainview    2nd Team  
Player Esteban Fierro Plainview    Honorable Mention  
Player Wrangler Haresnape Plainview    Honorable Mention  
Player Caleb Hernandez Plainview    Honorable Mention  
Player Austin Powell Plainview    2nd Team  
Player Caleb Sigala Plainview    2nd Team  
Player Trevor Townsend Plainview    Honorable Mention  
Player Kristian Cannon Plano    Honorable Mention  
Player Maxwell Carlile Plano    2nd Team  
Player Max Carlile Plano    2nd Team  
Trainer India Ferguson Plano    Honorable Mention  
Player Ross Lohrisch Plano    2nd Team  
Player Aaron Ragas Plano    2nd Team  
Player Jace Carter Plano West    Honorable Mention 
Player James Fitzgibbons Plano West    Honorable Mention 
Player William Hodges Plano West    1st Team 
Player Kevin Hoodwin Plano West    2nd Team 
Player Oscar Ibanez Plano West    2nd Team 
Player Kelvin Jue Plano West    ELITE  
Player Anthony Kantzabedian Plano West    1st Team 
Player Turner Mant Plano West    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Palmer Plano West    2nd Team 
Player Matthew Picco Plano West    Honorable Mention 
Player Eric Schein Plano West    1st Team 
Player Brandon Stanton Plano West    2nd Team 
Player Cameron Strauss Plano West    1st Team 
Player J.C. Evans Pleasanton    Honorable Mention  
Player John Lopez Pleasanton    Honorable Mention  
Player Jerrell Mitchell Pleasanton    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Nayely Chavez-Monsivais Polytechnic    Honorable Mention  
Player Marcos Fuentes Polytechnic    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Viridiana Gonzalez Polytechnic    2nd Team  
Trainer Jennifer Lira Polytechnic    2nd Team  
Trainer Selina Valadez Polytechnic    2nd Team  
Player Chase Harris Ponder    Honorable Mention  
Player Ethan Hill Ponder    Honorable Mention  
Player Shane Scott Ponder    2nd Team  
Player Deven Davila Port Isabel    2nd Team 
Player Aaron Hernandez Port Isabel    2nd Team 
Player Bryan Lopez Port Isabel    Honorable Mention 
Player John Ray Martinez Port Isabel    2nd Team 
Player Joseph Ian Torres Port Isabel    2nd Team 
Player Riley Andrews Port Neches-Groves    ELITE  
Player Anthony Garcia Port Neches-Groves    Honorable Mention 
Player Chase Gordon Port Neches-Groves    2nd Team 
Player Noah Graham Port Neches-Groves    Honorable Mention 
Player Daniel Munoz Port Neches-Groves    Honorable Mention 
Player Zachary Murdock Port Neches-Groves    2nd Team 
Player Luis Sassine-Torres Port Neches-Groves    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Vaughan Port Neches-Groves    2nd Team 
Player Nicholas Werner Port Neches-Groves    Honorable Mention 
Player Shane Carney Porter    2nd Team  
Player Grant Conners Porter    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Hall Porter    2nd Team  
Player Jason Moreno Porter    Honorable Mention  
Player Jose Palma Porter    2nd Team  
Player Nathan Ralph Porter    1st Team  
Player Tyler Crisp Poteet    2nd Team  
Player Donovan Garcia Poteet    Honorable Mention  
Player Caleb Albert Poth    2nd Team  
Player Slater Curl Poth    Honorable Mention  
Player Hayden Dallmeyer Poth    2nd Team  
Player Preslee Moy Poth    1st Team  
Player Jack Arnold Pottsboro    2nd Team  
Player Ty Bates Pottsboro    2nd Team  
Player Myles Mitchusson Pottsboro    Honorable Mention  
Player Matthew Poe Pottsboro    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Cameron Prieto Pottsboro    Honorable Mention  
Player Carson Rein Pottsboro    1st Team  
Player Jake Weddle Prairiland    Honorable Mention  
Player Regan Wilkins Princeton    ELITE   
Player Quinton Benedict Prosper    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachery Hormann Prosper    Honorable Mention  
Player Maurice Landers Prosper    2nd Team  
Player Garrett McWilliams Prosper    Honorable Mention  
Player Andrew Moore Prosper    2nd Team  
Player Blake Parrish Prosper    Honorable Mention  
Player Cade Prendergast Prosper    2nd Team  
Player Zane Oseletto Quanah    2nd Team  
Player Rylan Reese Quanah    2nd Team  
Player Nicholas Poppenhusen Quitman    Honorable Mention  
Player Isaac Sims Quitman    Honorable Mention  
Player Collin Eenigenburg Rains    1st Team  
Player David Gus Gowin Rains    1st Team  
Player Mason Krantz Rains    2nd Team  
Player John Owen Rains    2nd Team  
Player Weston Potts Rains    1st Team  
Player Drew Sharp Rains    2nd Team  
Player Kash Sisk Rains    2nd Team  
Player Bradlley Scott Randall    ELITE   
Player Garrison Prewozniak Rankin    1st Team  
Player Jacob Sanchez Rankin    1st Team  
Player Zach Adams Reagan County    Honorable Mention 
Player Eddie Cemental Reagan County    Honorable Mention 
Player Turner Stark Reagan County    2nd Team 
Player Robert Gonzalez Richard M. King    2nd Team
Player Robert Leal Richard M. King    Honorable Mention
Player Preston Abadie Richardson    1st Team  
Player Case Bayless (Ritter) Richardson    1st Team  
Player Jacob Hanberry Richardson    Honorable Mention  
Player Emmanuel Knansah Richardson    Honorable Mention  
Player Jalan Veasley Richardson    2nd Team  
Player Jack Benson Richland    2nd Team  
Player Nathan Holland Richland    2nd Team  
Player Landon Le Richland    ELITE   
Player Camden Lyons Richland    2nd Team  
Player Will Quenichet Richland    Honorable Mention  
Player Caleb Wells Richland    2nd Team  
Player Nathan Davis Richmond Travis    1st Team 
Player Hayden Posey Richmond Travis    2nd Team 
Player Jacob Prep Richmond Travis    Honorable Mention 
Player Anthony Aranda Rider    Honorable Mention  
Player Ross Chapman Rider    Honorable Mention  
Player Will Harrison Rider    2nd Team  
Player Matt DeLeon Ridge Point    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Medina Ridge Point    1st Team 
Player Brandon Volk Ridge Point    2nd Team 
Player Enrique Chavero Rio Grande City    2nd Team
Player Joseph Ellert Rio Grande City    1st Team
Player Macario Garcia Rio Grande City    Honorable Mention
Player Dillon McGuffin Rio Grande City    1st Team
Player Jacob Moreno Rio Grande City    2nd Team
Player Daniel Perez Rio Grande City    2nd Team
Player Jordan Martinez Riverside    1st Team  
Player Rick Soto Riverside    ELITE   
Player Chase Allison Robinson    2nd Team  
Player Connor Barnett Robinson    Honorable Mention  
Player Zach Gaylor Robinson    Honorable Mention  
Player Trey Loper Robinson    Honorable Mention  
Player Jared Willis Robinson    Honorable Mention  
Player Taylor Smith Roby    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Kinley Mueller Rockdale    2nd Team  
Trainer Kathrine Mullins Rockdale    1st Team  
Player Sam Crawford Rockwall    Honorable Mention  
Player Christopher Dulac Rockwall    ELITE   
Player Hunter Jistel Rockwall    Honorable Mention  
Player Reid Rakow Rockwall    1st Team  
Player Tyler Saathoff Rockwall    1st Team  
Player Donik Smajli Rockwall    1st Team  
Player James Flores Rogers    2nd Team  
Player Jonah Jones Rogers    Honorable Mention  
Player Nico Keaton Rogers    2nd Team  
Player Garrett Kennedy Rogers    1st Team  
Player Ethan Pierce Rogers    2nd Team  
Player Gerardo Gonzalez Roma    1st Team  
Player Dawson Hering Rosebud-Lott    2nd Team  
Player Marshall Kahlig Rosebud-Lott    Honorable Mention  
Player Thomas Molina Rosebud-Lott    Honorable Mention  
Player Parker McNeil Round Rock McNeil    Honorable Mention
Player Nathan Nguyen Round Rock McNeil    ELITE 
Player Samuel Bachmayer Rouse    1st Team  
Player Ryan Black Rouse    Honorable Mention  
Player Sean Brady Rouse    Honorable Mention  
Player Hayden Bruce Rouse    2nd Team  
Player Michael Forster Rouse    2nd Team  
Player Chris Hynum Rouse    2nd Team  
Manager Aden Kosacz Rouse    Honorable Mention  
Player Cooper Ligon Rouse    2nd Team  
Manager Cody McCrary Rouse    2nd Team  
Player Colton Mitchell Rouse    1st Team  
Player Josh Parsons Rouse    Honorable Mention  
Player Brandon Planchard Rouse    2nd Team  
Player Brandon Motes Rowlett    ELITE   
Player Alex Rodriguez Rowlett    1st Team  
Player Dean Sturt Rowlett    2nd Team  
Player Bailey Wilhite Rowlett    2nd Team  
Player Tony Morales Royse City    Honorable Mention 
Player Juan Cancino Rudder    Honorable Mention  
Player Miles Carter Rudder    Honorable Mention  
Player Jared Housley Rudder    Honorable Mention  
Player Hayden Muth Rudder    2nd Team  
Player Braedon Smith Rudder    Honorable Mention  
Player Earnest Brown Ryan    Honorable Mention  
Player Creed Gentry Ryan    2nd Team  
Player Dawson Lahart Ryan    2nd Team  
Player Barry Lau Ryan    1st Team  
Player Thomas WIlson Ryan    2nd Team  
Player Trevor Bennett S & S Consolidated    1st
Player Trevor Campbell S & S Consolidated    Honorable
Player Colby Howard S & S Consolidated    Honorable
Player Benjamin Wilson S & S Consolidated    2nd
Player Wendland Dodson Sabinal    2nd Team  
Player Shane Medina Sabinal    Honorable Mention  
Player Preston Nevarez Sabinal    Honorable Mention  
Player Joe Ruben Rodriguez Sabinal    Honorable Mention  
Player River Bennett Sabine    Honorable Mention  
Player Collin Keifer Sabine    2nd Team  
Player Giovanni Carreon Saginaw    Honorable Mention  
Player Gilbert Cortinas Saginaw    2nd Team  
Player David Hernandez Saginaw    2nd Team  
Player Cameron Manalo Saginaw    2nd Team  
Player Ceasar Martinez Saginaw    2nd Team  
Player Jacob Wagenknecht Saginaw    2nd Team  
Player Jackson Arredondo Salado    2nd Team  
Player Wrenn Bagley Salado    2nd Team  
Player Noah Barker Salado    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Garmong Salado    Honorable Mention  
Player Gabe Haire Salado    2nd Team  
Player Chase Kunz Salado    2nd Team  
Player Nolan Maldonado Salado    2nd Team  
Player Ben Pryor Salado    2nd Team  
Player Phil Ruiz Salado    1st Team  
Player Parker Seaton Salado    1st Team  
Player Sam Shearer Salado    2nd Team  
Player Trevor Stump Salado    Honorable Mention  
Player Nathaniel Sunshine Salado    1st Team  
Player Ryan Tepera Salado    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Cross San Angelo Central    Honorable Mention
Player Blake Furman San Angelo Central    Honorable Mention
Player Greg Garrett San Angelo Central    2nd Team
Player Joseph Hernandez San Angelo Central    Honorable Mention
Player Joshua Macias San Angelo Central    Honorable Mention
Player Brock Martin San Angelo Central    2nd Team
Player Chatta Russell San Angelo Central    1st Team
Player Gehrig Scott San Angelo Central    2nd Team
Player Walter Thomas San Angelo Central    2nd Team
Player Cal Vincent San Angelo Central    1st Team
Player Adam West San Angelo Central    2nd Team
Player Chance Allen San Antonio Johnson    Honorable Mention
Player Alex Apple San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Keanu Carreon San Antonio Johnson    Honorable Mention
Player Jorge Collazo San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Nicholas Cryer San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Adam De Sequera San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Alec Esqueda San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Michael Goff San Antonio Johnson    Honorable Mention
Player Will Hall San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Zach Hayden San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Matt Kirkland San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Seth Petrosky San Antonio Johnson    1st Team
Player Dylan Pouncy San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Ben Sevening San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Matt Theissen San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Blake Trinidad San Antonio Johnson    Honorable Mention
Player Hunter Wall San Antonio Johnson    2nd Team
Player Talen Farrens San Antonio MacArthur    1st Team
Player Johnathan Gessner San Antonio MacArthur    ELITE 
Player Coulton Hamby San Antonio MacArthur    1st Team
Player Coleman Highsmith San Antonio MacArthur    Honorable Mention
Player Nathan Howell San Antonio MacArthur    2nd Team
Player Ethan Littlejohn San Antonio MacArthur    2nd Team
Player Connor Nowacek San Antonio MacArthur    1st Team
Player Zach Perez San Antonio MacArthur    2nd Team
Player Payton Slansky San Antonio MacArthur    Honorable Mention
Player Jack Bellinger San Antonio Madison    ELITE 
Player Robert Downing San Antonio Madison    2nd Team
Player Zach Grobe San Antonio Madison    2nd Team
Player Hudson Harrell San Antonio Madison    Honorable Mention
Player Keaton Hawks San Antonio Madison    1st Team
Player Gamaliel Serrano San Antonio Madison    Honorable Mention
Player Carlos Coppins San Antonio Marshall    2nd Team
Player Daniel Garza San Antonio Marshall    Honorable Mention
Player Tyson Keese San Antonio Marshall    2nd Team
Player Angel Santos San Antonio Marshall    Honorable Mention
Player Bradley Ahrens San Antonio Reagan    2nd Team
Player Kyle Andersen San Antonio Reagan    Honorable Mention
Player Turner Davidson San Antonio Reagan    2nd Team
Player Michael Duhaime San Antonio Reagan    1st Team
Player Kody Fox San Antonio Reagan    2nd Team
Player Jake Hoggatt San Antonio Reagan    Honorable Mention
Player Derek Kerstetter San Antonio Reagan    2nd Team
Player Dylan Mzyk San Antonio Reagan    2nd Team
Player Jared Sthele San Antonio Reagan    1st Team
Player Calvin TRUE San Antonio Reagan    1st Team
Player Anthony White San Antonio Taft    Honorable Mention
Player Javon Wright San Antonio Taft    Honorable Mention
Player Cody Lansford San Antonio Warren    1st Team
Player Tizoc Marquez San Antonio Warren    Honorable Mention
Player Antonio Reyes San Antonio Warren    Honorable Mention
Player Caleb Salas San Antonio Warren    Honorable Mention
Player John Sartin San Antonio Warren    2nd Team
Player Ricardo Garcia San Diego    2nd Team 
Player Matthew Perez San Diego    Honorable Mention 
Player J.R. Rodriguez San Diego    2nd Team 
Player Brendan Uribe San Diego    Honorable Mention 
Player Adrian Vera San Diego    1st Team 
Player Brack Bonner San Marcos    Honorable Mention 
Player Tony Castillo San Marcos    2nd Team 
Player NIck Cruz San Marcos    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Robyn Montoya San Marcos    Honorable Mention 
Player Zachary Perez San Marcos    Honorable Mention 
Player Cade Stanley San Marcos    Honorable Mention 
Trainer Morgan Velasquez San Marcos    2nd Team 
Player Davin Holjes Sanford-Fritch    2nd Team  
Player Ty Honeycutt Sanford-Fritch    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Jewett Sanford-Fritch    Honorable Mention  
Player Beau Robbins Sanford-Fritch    Honorable Mention  
Player Nikolas Westbrook Sanford-Fritch    2nd Team  
Player Kase Lackey Santa Fe    Honorable Mention 
Player Michael Blane Marcantel Santa Fe    Honorable Mention 
Player Tucker Mica Santa Fe    Honorable Mention 
Player Brayden Hamilton Santo    2nd Team  
Player Anderson-Cole McKennon Santo    1st Team  
Player Christian Schkade Santo    Honorable Mention  
Player Abriel Garcia Schulenburg    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Salem Schulenburg    2nd Team  
Player Caleb Valchar Schulenburg    2nd Team  
Player Camron Guttierez Seguin    Honorable Mention  
Player Christian Hampton Seguin    2nd Team  
Player Lucas Haskins Seguin    1st Team  
Player Robert McCall Seguin    Honorable Mention  
Player Hunter York Seguin    1st Team  
Player Isaiah Marquez Seminole    1st Team  
Player Soloman Maxie Seminole    2nd Team  
Player Zachary Baker Seven Lakes    Honorable Mention 
Player Dylan Leong Seven Lakes    Honorable Mention 
Player Davis Mason Shallowater    2nd Team  
Player Jacob Phillips Shallowater    1st Team  
Player Jackson Tuls Shallowater    Honorable Mention  
Player Abraham Cruz Sharyland    2nd Team  
Player Eden Ibarra Sharyland    Honorable Mention  
Player Miguel Pena Sharyland    Honorable Mention  
Player Andres Tamez Sharyland    2nd Team  
Player Adolfo Trevino Sharyland    2nd Team  
Player Joshua Cronin Shepherd    1st Team  
Player David Bedgood Sherman    ELITE   
Player Mason Faulkner Sherman    2nd Team  
Player Anthony Horn Sherman    Honorable Mention  
Player McLaughlin Klint Sherman    Honorable Mention  
Player Justin Nichols Sherman    2nd Team  
Player Joshua Schnitker Sherman    Honorable Mention  
Player Brandon Cerny Shiner    1st Team  
Player Gus Egan Shiner    1st Team  
Player Jordan Malinovsky Shiner    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Kiersten Bluntzer Sinton    1st Team  
Player Isaac Cordova Sinton    1st Team  
Trainer Sierra Eden Sinton    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Starr Hernandez Sinton    2nd Team  
Player Nicholas Hinojosa Sinton    Honorable Mention  
Player Dylan Sharp Sinton    Honorable Mention  
Player Jayden Villa Sinton    2nd Team  
Player John Paul Villareal Sinton    Honorable Mention  
Player Xavier Briseno Slaton    2nd Team  
Player Grant Kitten Slaton    2nd Team  
Player Conner Watts Slaton    Honorable Mention  
Player Josh Adkins Smithson Valley    1st Team 
Player Andrew Antoniolli Smithson Valley    Honorable Mention 
Player Chandler Beam Smithson Valley    1st Team 
Player Dillon Brooks Smithson Valley    2nd Team 
Player Wesley Cornelius Smithson Valley    2nd Team 
Player Josh Dillon Smithson Valley    1st Team 
Player Gavin Eilers Smithson Valley    2nd Team 
Player Jack Gibbens Smithson Valley    ELITE  
Player Nick Hamrick Smithson Valley    2nd Team 
Player Josh Hanson Smithson Valley    2nd Team 
Player C.J. Medlin Smithson Valley    2nd Team 
Player Taylor Nix Smithson Valley    Honorable Mention 
Player Jon Perales Smithson Valley    Honorable Mention 
Player Brandon Ramos Smithson Valley    2nd Team 
Player Kaleb Rood Smithson Valley    2nd Team 
Player Scott Welch Smithson Valley    1st Team 
Manager Emma Beaver Snyder    Honorable Mention  
Manager Madalynn Harris Snyder    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Lainey Kiker Snyder    2nd Team  
Player Luke Krueger Snyder    Honorable Mention  
Player Ben McQuirk Snyder    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Brandon Muncy Snyder    Honorable Mention  
Player Elise Torres Snyder    Honorable Mention  
Player Zane Vandygriff Snyder    2nd Team  
Player Anthony Estrada Somerset    Honorable Mention  
Player Anthony Everts Somerset    Honorable Mention  
Player Benjamin Ledesma Somerset    2nd Team  
Player Michael Maldonado Somerset    2nd Team  
Player Ruben Padilla Somerset    ELITE   
Player Robert Stevens Somerset    2nd Team  
Player Josh Galindo Sonora    Honorable Mention  
Player Rafael Mendoza Sonora    Honorable Mention  
Player Elijah Palm South Grand Prairie    Honorable Mention
Player Johnny Garcia South Hills    Honorable Mention 
Player Miguel Ponce South Hills    Honorable Mention 
Player Tylan Wallace South Hills    Honorable Mention 
Player Tracin Wallace South Hills    Honorable Mention 
Player Leopoldo Zubia South Hills    Honorable Mention 
Player Ryan Esparza South San Antonio    Honorable Mention
Player Joseph Williamson South San Antonio    1st Team
Player Gavin Arison Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player Barrett Buck Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player Jackson Canter Southlake Carroll    2nd Team 
Player Jackson Davis Southlake Carroll    2nd Team 
Player Taylor DeVage Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player Carson Green Southlake Carroll    2nd Team 
Player Mason Holmes Southlake Carroll    2nd Team 
Player Luke Jeter Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player Jack Johansson Southlake Carroll    2nd Team 
Player Clayton Keyes Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player Patrick LaBarge Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player Michael Larkin Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player Cade Long Southlake Carroll    ELITE  
Player Christopher Marr Southlake Carroll    2nd Team 
Player Tyler Marsh Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Murphy Southlake Carroll    2nd Team 
Player Kole Ramage Southlake Carroll    2nd Team 
Player Ryne Ryskoski Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player Zion Sales Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player David Spitler Southlake Carroll    1st Team 
Player Eric Spitler Southlake Carroll    2nd Team 
Player David Turlip Southlake Carroll    1st Team 
Player Mason Vlaanderen Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player Joshua Winn Southlake Carroll    Honorable Mention 
Player Christopher Garcia Southside    1st Team  
Player Trenton Baird Spearman    1st Team  
Player Lane Farrar Spearman    1st Team  
Player Cobee Harrison Spearman    2nd Team  
Trainer Haley Hunter Spearman    2nd Team  
Player Edward McIntyre Spearman    1st Team  
Player Payton Smith Spearman    Honorable Mention  
Player Reid Swan Spearman    2nd Team  
Player Caleb Ray Spring Woods    1st Team 
Player Kameron Hill Stafford    2nd Team  
Player Colby Gordon Stanton    1st Team  
Manager Matthew Padilla Stanton    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Jada Brown Steele    2nd Team  
Player William Collins Steele    2nd Team  
Player Joshua Croslen Steele    Honorable Mention  
Player Juan Cruz Steele    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Hannah Hagen Steele    2nd Team  
Trainer Macy Kute Steele    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Landsteiner Steele    Honorable Mention  
Player Caleb Marr Steele    1st Team  
Player Cody Massey Steele    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Malori Miller Steele    Honorable Mention  
Player Ian Montalvo Steele    Honorable Mention  
Player Daniel Nagy Steele    Honorable Mention  
Player David Neitch Steele    Honorable Mention  
Player Hunter Owens Steele    2nd Team  
Trainer Elexis Soske Steele    Honorable Mention  
Player Gianmarco Velez Steele    Honorable Mention  
Player Clynton Williams Steele    2nd Team  
Player Roy Dittfurth III Stephenville    2nd Team  
Player Rieken Douglas Stephenville    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Frazier Stephenville    Honorable Mention  
Player Seth Heupel Stephenville    1st Team  
Trainer Morgan Kinsey Stephenville    2nd Team  
Player Jacob Lopez Stephenville    2nd Team  
Player Landon Northcutt Stephenville    2nd Team  
Player Landon A Nortchutt Stephenville    ELITE   
Player Keith Ray Stephenville    Honorable Mention  
Player Steven Anguiano Stevens    2nd Team  
Player Tristan Castaneda Stevens    1st Team  
Player Christian Hernandez Stevens    Honorable Mention  
Player Nathon Montes Stevens    2nd Team  
Player Santiago Chavez Strake Jesuit    1st Team 
Player Daniel Cho Strake Jesuit    1st Team 
Player Alex Mascorro Strake Jesuit    1st Team 
Player Michael Purvey Strake Jesuit    2nd Team 
Player Matt Rea Strake Jesuit    2nd Team 
Player Felix Read Strake Jesuit    1st Team 
Player John Rush Strake Jesuit    1st Team 
Player Tommy Upton Strake Jesuit    2nd Team 
Player Bret Barnard Stratford    1st Team  
Player Gage Brooks Stratford    Honorable Mention  
Player Parker Hanna Stratford    2nd Team  
Player Fernando Jacquez Stratford    1st Team  
Player Russell Spurlock Stratford    2nd Team  
Player Lane Logan Sudan    Honorable Mention  
Manager Daniela Tinajero Sudan    Honorable Mention  
Player Marcus Garcia Sugar Land Austin    Honorable Mention
Player Connor Hillegeist Sugar Land Austin    1st Team
Player Brett Morvant Sugar Land Austin    1st Team
Player Jessy Darrow Sulphur Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Richard Green Sulphur Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Gideon Gregory Sulphur Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player DJ Hall Sulphur Springs    2nd Team 
Player Logan Pierce Sulphur Springs    Honorable Mention 
Player Easton Silman Sulphur Springs    2nd Team 
Player Colton Bull Smith Sundown    Honorable Mention  
Player Nathan Blackley Sunnyvale    2nd Team  
Player Preston Burke Sunnyvale    Honorable Mention  
Player Kyle Garza Sunnyvale    1st Team  
Player Cash Goodhart Sunnyvale    2nd Team  
Trainer Neethu Issac Sunnyvale    2nd Team  
Player Caleb Mcdill Sunnyvale    Honorable Mention  
Player Ben Settle Sunnyvale    Honorable Mention  
Player Tre Sterling Sunnyvale    Honorable Mention  
Player Luke Van Vessem Sunnyvale    Honorable Mention  
Player Dawson Williams Sunnyvale    Honorable Mention  
Player Everett Alford Sweeny    1st Team  
Player Harrison Hassell Sweeny    Honorable Mention  
Player Ethan Hebert Sweeny    2nd Team  
Player Dylan Pate Sweeny    Honorable Mention  
Player Shane Buckingham Taylor    Honorable Mention  
Player Luz Camarillo Taylor    Honorable Mention  
Player Khaden Harris Taylor    Honorable Mention  
Player Eduardo Morales Taylor    Honorable Mention  
Player Tyler Razo Taylor    Honorable Mention  
Player Edward Sanchez Taylor    2nd Team  
Player Brandon Balderrama Terry    Honorable Mention  
Player Vonte Davis Terry    Honorable Mention  
Player Kevin Deras Terry    2nd Team  
Player Devin Hollis Terry    2nd Team  
Player Jermaine Irvin Terry    2nd Team  
Player Chijoke Iwuagwu Terry    Honorable Mention  
Player Drew Madrigal Terry    2nd Team  
Player Jacob Ramirez Terry    2nd Team  
Player Jose Rivas Terry    2nd Team  
Player Cameron Bennett The Colony    2nd Team 
Player Christian Doak The Colony    2nd Team 
Player Cayden Govinchuck The Colony    2nd Team 
Player Trent Hebert The Colony    Honorable Mention 
Player Dylan Klein The Colony    2nd Team 
Player Greg Larson The Colony    Honorable Mention 
Player Brett Moss The Colony    Honorable Mention 
Player Dylan Murray The Colony    2nd Team 
Player Zachary Uselton The Colony    Honorable Mention 
Player Michael Winn The Colony    Honorable Mention 
Player Knipfel Alex The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Barrett The Woodlands    2nd Team 
Player Eugene Bizer The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Steven Butler The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Joshua Chaney The Woodlands    ELITE  
Player Joshua Costo The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Jonathan Demary The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Austin Finta The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Charles Gingras The Woodlands    2nd Team 
Player Dakota Jones The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Troy Krutchen The Woodlands    2nd Team 
Player Kyle Lowery The Woodlands    2nd Team 
Player Mathew Mills The Woodlands    1st Team 
Player Grant Murphy The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Connor Patrick The Woodlands    1st Team 
Player Mark Podowski The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Michael Purcell The Woodlands    1st Team 
Player Carlos Ramos Hernanez The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Nick Rister The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Brandon Rush The Woodlands    1st Team 
Player Kyle Schmitt The Woodlands    2nd Team 
Player Cole Sichley The Woodlands    2nd Team 
Player Cade Smith The Woodlands    Honorable Mention 
Player Colton Carter Thrall    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Dessiny Turk Thrall    Honorable Mention  
Player Bradon Fitzgerald Tidehaven    2nd Team  
Player Andrew Lucio Tidehaven    1st Team  
Player Rody Barker Tivy    1st Team  
Player Matthew Boyett Tivy    1st Team  
Player Brady Frizzell Tivy    Honorable Mention  
Player Noah Garcia Tivy    Honorable Mention  
Player Cooper McCullough Tivy    2nd Team  
Player Nathan Ramsey Tivy    1st Team  
Player Ryan Robertson Tivy    2nd Team  
Player Hayden Schreckenbach Tivy    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryan Stanton Tivy    ELITE   
Player Will Bonnell Tolar    ELITE   
Player Rorie Brister Tolar    1st Team  
Player Clayton Carr Tolar    2nd Team  
Player Cole Kratochvil Tolar    Honorable Mention  
Player Dustin Lundy Tolar    2nd Team  
Player Colby Trinkle Tolar    2nd Team  
Player Garrett Gomez Tom Bean    1st Team 
Player Carter Khoury Tom Bean    1st Team 
Player Andrew Berg Troy    1st Team  
Player Tanner Hooper Tulia    Honorable Mention  
Player Cole Rinne Tulia    2nd Team  
Player Matthew Gallet Tuloso-Midway    2nd Team  
Player Adrian Pena Tuloso-Midway    2nd Team  
Player Josue Acosta Turner    Honorable Mention  
Player Keon Brown Turner    2nd Team  
Player Justin Eichorn Turner    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Harper Turner    Honorable Mention  
Player Ruben Ramirez Turner    1st Team  
Player Campbell Miller Tyler Lee    2nd Team 
Player Marcus Shirley Tyler Lee    Honorable Mention 
Player Alec Mayhan Union Grove    2nd Team 
Player Austin Owens Union Grove    Honorable Mention 
Player Austin Aleman United    2nd Team  
Player Nicholas Barrios United    Honorable Mention  
Player Dante Briones United    Honorable Mention  
Player Michael Castillo United    Honorable Mention  
Player Michael Castillo II United    Honorable Mention  
Player Dustin Doyal United    Honorable Mention  
Player Eduardo Herrejon United    Honorable Mention  
Player Jordi Lopez United    Honorable Mention  
Player Daniel Ruiz II United    Honorable Mention  
Player Carlos Sepulveda United    Honorable Mention  
Player Timothy Villa United    Honorable Mention  
Player Ramon Villafranca III United    Honorable Mention  
Player Maximiliano Villarreal United    2nd Team  
Player Hector Villarreal III United    Honorable Mention  
Player Andrew Davila United South    Honorable Mention 
Player Hector Ferreyro United South    2nd Team 
Player Erik Huerta United South    2nd Team 
Player Johan Portales United South    1st Team 
Player Jesus Posada United South    2nd Team 
Player George Ayala Uvalde    2nd Team  
Player Christian Chapoy Uvalde    2nd Team  
Player Connor Breckenridge Vandegrift    2nd Team  
Player Samuel Brod Vandegrift    Honorable Mention  
Player William Bruner Vandegrift    Honorable Mention  
Player Marshall Cain Vandegrift    Honorable Mention  
Player Peter Cornell Vandegrift    2nd Team  
Player Asher Crohn Vandegrift    Honorable Mention  
Player Keith Cusson Vandegrift    2nd Team  
Player Alexander Fernandes Vandegrift    1st Team  
Player Karan Gowda Vandegrift    2nd Team  
Player Holton Greenfield Vandegrift    Honorable Mention  
Player Andrew Hassall Vandegrift    2nd Team  
Player Jared Hirschhorn Vandegrift    2nd Team  
Player Dale Kuykendall Vandegrift    Honorable Mention  
Player Luke Litzou Vandegrift    2nd Team  
Player Reid Marburger Vandegrift    1st Team  
Player Jack McGee Vandegrift    1st Team  
Player Matthew O'Brien Vandegrift    Honorable Mention  
Player Mark Samper Vandegrift    2nd Team  
Player Storm Wilson Vandegrift    2nd Team  
Player Brandon Alaniz Vela    Honorable Mention  
Player Jaime Alaniz Vela    Honorable Mention  
Trainer Felicia Celedon Vela    Honorable Mention  
Player Dionicio Garza Vela    2nd Team  
Player James Gonzalez Vela    1st Team  
Player Ryan Rodriguez Vela    1st Team  
Trainer Michaela Salinas Vela    Honorable Mention  
Player Marcos Santos Vela    2nd Team  
Player Jose Alcantar Venus    Honorable Mention  
Player Santos Garcia Venus    Honorable Mention  
Player James Gasero Venus    Honorable Mention  
Player Kalon Heim Venus    2nd Team  
Player Tyler McCarty Venus    1st Team  
Player Francisco Resendiz III Venus    2nd Team  
Player Emanuel Silva Venus    1st Team  
Player Guadalupe Silva Venus    Honorable Mention  
Player Kolton Spray Venus    Honorable Mention  
Player Alexander Williams Venus    2nd Team  
Player Glenn Conover Vernon    2nd Team  
Player Kyle Cooley Victoria West    Honorable Mention 
Player Andrew Hathaway Victoria West    Honorable Mention 
Player Joshua Smith Victoria West    2nd Team 
Player Chase Weaver Victoria West    2nd Team 
Player Clayton Williams Victoria West    Honorable Mention 
Player Sean Freeman Vista Ridge    1st Team 
Player Keenan Gamez Vista Ridge    1st Team 
Player Sean Lawrence Vista Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Grey Lewis Vista Ridge    1st Team 
Player Grafton Maguire Vista Ridge    Honorable Mention 
Player Jacob Mastronardi Vista Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Caleb Welch Vista Ridge    2nd Team 
Player Zach Winward Vista Ridge    1st Team 
Player Alex Aitken W. B. Ray    2nd Team
Player Ryan Alvarez W. B. Ray    2nd Team
Player Joshua Alvarez W. B. Ray    Honorable Mention
Player Jacob Ancira W. B. Ray    1st Team
Player Jesse Clark W. B. Ray    Honorable Mention
Player Jon Olmos W. B. Ray    Honorable Mention
Player Tyrese Beasley Waco    Honorable Mention  
Player Cameron Gutierrez Waco    Honorable Mention  
Player William Richards III Waco    2nd Team  
Player Dejour Silmon Waco    Honorable Mention  
Player Daelon Webb Waco    Honorable Mention  
Player Jerry Guerra Waco Connally    Honorable Mention 
Player Chase Lankford Waco Connally    Honorable Mention 
Player Tameric Minnitt Waco Connally    2nd Team 
Player Nathan Roach Waco Connally    2nd Team 
Player Gabe Sanchez Waco Connally    Honorable Mention 
Player Sean Ahrens Wakeland    Honorable Mention  
Player Beau Blanton Wakeland    2nd Team  
Player Joseph Carlson Wakeland    Honorable Mention  
Player Cooper Chandler Wakeland    Honorable Mention  
Player Nicholas Cryer Wakeland    Honorable Mention  
Player Alex Lazar Wakeland    Honorable Mention  
Player Mason Lee Wakeland    2nd Team  
Manager Kort Alexander Wall    ELITE   
Player Jake Dusek Wall    Honorable Mention  
Player Clayton Gerngross Wall    2nd Team  
Player Thomas Halfmann Wall    Honorable Mention  
Player Kanton Hoelscher Wall    Honorable Mention  
Player Spencer Scott Murphy Wall    Honorable Mention  
Player Garrett Sanford Wall    1st Team  
Player Ryan Walling Wall    Honorable Mention  
Player Jonathan Chapa Waltrip    Honorable Mention  
Player Dennis Gafford Waltrip    Honorable Mention  
Player Sean Goodman Waltrip    1st Team  
Player Johnathan Schnaufer Waltrip    2nd Team  
Player Brantley Williams Waltrip    2nd Team  
Player Jake Beaird Weatherford    2nd Team  
Player Maverick Boyle Weatherford    1st Team  
Player Griffin Bruce Weatherford    Honorable Mention  
Player Austin Bruno Weatherford    2nd Team  
Player Ryan Carper Weatherford    Honorable Mention  
Player Lane Gilley Weatherford    2nd Team  
Player Winston Griffith Weatherford    1st Team  
Player Trey King Weatherford    Honorable Mention  
Player Buddy Martinez Weatherford    Honorable Mention  
Player Andrew McNay Weatherford    1st Team  
Player Braden Robertson Weatherford    2nd Team  
Player Brody Gall Weimar    1st Team  
Player Trevor Holland Weimar    1st Team  
Player Parker Holland Weimar    2nd Team  
Player Andre Taylor Weimar    1st Team  
Player Emilio Alvarado Weslaco    1st Team  
Player Jesus Caballero III Weslaco    1st Team  
Player Javier Contreras Weslaco    2nd Team  
Player Adrian Gonzalez Jr. . Weslaco    Honorable Mention  
Player Mark Lara Weslaco    2nd Team  
Player Bryan Leal Weslaco    Honorable Mention  
Player Jonathan Lopez Weslaco    2nd Team  
Player Michael Ochoa Weslaco    Honorable Mention  
Player Diego Rodriguez Weslaco    2nd Team  
Player Sergio Vasquez Weslaco    2nd Team  
Player Cade Fleaher West    ELITE   
Player James Hollingsworth West    Honorable Mention  
Player Mo Matus West    2nd Team  
Player Dawson Sulak West    Honorable Mention  
Player Kory Webre West    Honorable Mention  
Player Martin Brown West Brook    2nd Team 
Player Brandon Chavis West Brook    Honorable Mention 
Player Mikale Coleman West Brook    Honorable Mention 
Player Juvonta Conston West Brook    Honorable Mention 
Player Taylor Hansen West Brook    2nd Team 
Player Dylan Harrison West Brook    Honorable Mention 
Player Deonte Henson West Brook    2nd Team 
Player Marion Lawrence West Brook    Honorable Mention 
Player Cole Lindoerfer West Brook    2nd Team 
Player Dan Moore West Brook    2nd Team 
Player Jorge Ochoa West Brook    Honorable Mention 
Player Marques Thomas West Brook    Honorable Mention 
Player Jack Dallas West Orange-Stark    1st Team 
Player Keyshawn Holman West Orange-Stark    Honorable Mention 
Player Kentavious J. Miller West Orange-Stark    Honorable Mention 
Player Ryan Ragsdale West Orange-Stark    1st Team 
Player Martin Brown Westbrook    2nd Team  
Player Devonte Parker Westbury    2nd Team  
Player Santos Bazan Western Hills    Honorable Mention 
Player Zackary Smothermon Western Hills    Honorable Mention 
Player Tyler Sutton Western Hills    1st Team 
Player Nick Ammons Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Kade Ball Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Clayton Bartholomew Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player Andrew Boykin Westlake    1st Team  
Player Zach Brantley Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Beau Burbach Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player Matt Burr Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Barrett Chambers Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Jack Clayton Westlake    1st Team  
Trainer Nicole Cravey Westlake    1st Team  
Player Wills Crenshaw Westlake    1st Team  
Player Alex De La Fuente Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Sam Ehlinger Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player Chris Escobar Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player Caleb Feste Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Reeves Gauthreaux Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player Jordan Green Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player Gray Griffin Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player Turner Hamlin Westlake    1st Team  
Player Joe Heironimus Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player John Hendrick Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player Luke Hodes Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player Connor Howard Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player Griffin Jessup Westlake    1st Team  
Player Bobby Magee Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Justin Mellenbruch Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player JT Natenstedt Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Collin Penland Westlake    Honorable Mention  
Player Blake Rozas Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Will Stone Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Patrick Vescovo Westlake    1st Team  
Player Bo Wiltshire Westlake    2nd Team  
Player Lawrence Trey Bergland Wharton    Honorable Mention  
Player Jimmie Trey Woods Wharton    2nd Team  
Player Brandon Cook White Oak    Honorable Mention 
Player Dawson Cunneen White Oak    2nd Team 
Player Caleb Hampton White Oak    Honorable Mention 
Player Connor Hearron White Oak    2nd Team 
Player Justin Pike White Oak    Honorable Mention 
Player Adrian Snyder White Oak    1st Team 
Player Jackson Toliver White Oak    2nd Team 
Player Carter Wheat White Oak    2nd Team 
Player Isaac Little Whitehouse    Honorable Mention  
Player Zach Parker Whitehouse    Honorable Mention  
Player Richard Sherwood Whitehouse    1st Team  
Player Josh Fletcher Whitesboro    1st Team  
Player Preston Johnson Whitesboro    ELITE   
Player Ryan Pollard Whitesboro    Honorable Mention  
Player Clay Almond Whitewright    2nd Team  
Player Devlin Carraway Whitewright    Honorable Mention  
Player Burke Hosier Whitewright    Honorable Mention  
Player Ty Littrell Whitewright    2nd Team  
Player Kendall Shaw Whitewright    Honorable Mention  
Player Jacob Button Whitney    2nd Team  
Player Joe Fallwell Whitney    2nd Team  
Player Martin Ramirez Whitney    Honorable Mention  
Player Sebastian Gusman Wichita Falls    2nd Team 
Player Joshua Matthews Willis    1st Team  
Player Tyriq Burnett Wills Point    Honorable Mention 
Player Brody Bushnell Wills Point    1st Team 
Player Will Green Wills Point    2nd Team 
Player Curtis Bingle Wimberley    2nd Team  
Player Colby Crowder Wimberley    Honorable Mention  
Player Ben Garza Wimberley    Honorable Mention  
Player Davin Masur Wimberley    2nd Team  
Player Kade Morris Wimberley    1st Team  
Player Samuel Valadez Wimberley    1st Team  
Player Dillon Bates Windthorst    2nd Team  
Player Landon Brown Windthorst    Honorable Mention  
Player Jaeggar Collins Winters    Honorable Mention  
Player AJ Smith Winters    2nd Team  
Player Jackson Bell Woodrow Wilson    2nd Team 
Player Jayce Black Wortham    Honorable Mention  
Player Logan Capers Wortham    2nd Team  
Player Willam Crider Wortham    Honorable Mention  
Player Zachary Jones Wortham    Honorable Mention  
Player Ryan Mc Daniel Wortham    1st Team  
Player Emilio Ames Wylie    2nd Team  
Player Austin Breen Wylie    ELITE   
Player Conner Callahan Wylie    Honorable Mention  
Player Shingi Chingaya Wylie    Honorable Mention  
Player Christian Cooper Wylie    2nd Team  
Player Anthony Dayton Wylie    Honorable Mention  
Player Taylor Green Wylie    2nd Team  
Player Easton Jones Wylie    Honorable Mention  
Player Kolten Okerstrom Wylie    2nd Team  
Player Mark Perez Wylie    Honorable Mention  
Player Taylor Perry Wylie    1st Team  
Player Dylan Powell Wylie    Honorable Mention  
Player Steven Sellers Wylie    1st Team  
Player Jadakiss Vasser Wylie    Honorable Mention  
Player Eno Benjamin Wylie East    Honorable Mention 
Player Chris Clore Wylie East    2nd Team 
Player Uriah Coleman Wylie East    Honorable Mention 
Player Tyler Emo Wylie East    2nd Team 
Player Ricardo Garcia Wylie East    Honorable Mention 
Player Bryson Hagan Yoakum    2nd Team  
Player Ehtan Owens Yoakum    2nd Team  
Player Miguel Rivas Yoakum    Honorable Mention  
Player Reagan Billings Yorktown    Honorable Mention  
Player Cy Strieber Yorktown    1st Team  
Player Robert Barrera Zapata    1st Team  
Player Carlos Gutierrez Zapata    Honorable Mention  
Player Kris Hinkel Zapata    2nd Team  
Player Michael Iruegas Zapata    Honorable Mention  
Player Mario Landa Zapata    Honorable Mention  
Player Mateo Mendoza Zapata    1st Team  
Player Connor Moreno Zapata    1st Team  
Player Rene Pichardo Zapata    Honorable Mention  

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