Versatile Hightower lineman heading for camps

Colleges are looking for linemen, specifically linemen who can play tackle, linemen who can play guard or linemen who can play center or the variations of each spot. What if you had a recruit who could play all five positions, the word asset would not quite fit for that. In Fort Bend Hightower's James Hamilton the colleges have just one such player.

Fort Bend Hightower utility offensive lineman James Hamilton is well-versed playing all five OL positions. Kid brings versatility, size and intelligence to the line and projects on the next level as an interior lineman (more specifically as a center and/or guard prospect). caught up with the 6-3.5, 275-pound Big Ugly to talk recruiting... Those schools in search of an offensive lineman who can add depth to the interior might want to check out Fort Bend Hightower high school. Projected center/guard prospect James Hamilton plays his ball there. And, the 6-3.5, 275-pounder brings the kind of size, especially at the center position, you're looking for...

Schools showing interest in the Hightower lineman? "Central Florida, Northwestern, Vandy, TCU, Purdue and Colorado."

Hamilton talks a little bit about a couple of his favorites...

Central Florida: "Central Florida was the first to school to start recruiting me," Hamilton told "I've probably spoke to Coach Bill Panagos four to five times. And, I just think Orlando is a great place to go to college and play football at."

Northwestern: "I actually met their head coach. And they offered one of my teammates (Isaiah Sweeny). They'd (Northwestern coaches) would like for me to go to one of their camps this summer. They said if I wound up going to their shool it would be as a center."

Summer Camp Agenda: "Colorado and Northwestern."

Stat Package: "60-70 pancake blocks, 2 sacks allowed, 1 holding penalty (in 2 years), 4 false start penalties."

Weight Room Numbers: "275 Bench, 445 Squat, 250 Power Clean."

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