St. Thomas Spring Game Report

Spring Games are usually a dicey affair for public schools because of so many other events going on with baseball and other sports going on. For private schools, such as St. Thomas, the fact that their baseball team played for the State Championship the day before the Spring Game added a new dimension to their game on their home field.

Spring game's are special for football fans, it is the last best fix before the summer lets out and it is the halfway point in the agonizing waiting game till the next football season. For St. Thomas High School in Houston, it also marked getting some of their players back from their State Championship baseball team. For those who don't know they beat their arch rivals, St. Pius X, in the Championship game with some 9th inkning heroics. 
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Dylan Stout                          Doug Page                

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      Ross Hill                                     John Maack                  

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     Matt Stuart                            Blake O'Donnell       


       Kurt Page
The setup of the Spring Game was two seperate teams with varsity and JV each having squads. The coaches ran set plays and it was a balance of varsity and JV plays. Highlingting the White team was QB Matt Stuart, CB/TB Blake O'Donnel, Gareth Kolhausen and Nathan Wisnoski. The Red team was highlighted by QB/FS Doug Page , Matt Sherman, John Maack, Stephen Sample and Kirby White. Several players were out with injuries, most of them minor, including Dylan Stout and Ross Hill.

For the white team Blake O'Donnel showed he had a ton of speed and that he will be a factor for the team next year. O'Donnel has been mostly a baseball to this point. Kolhausen and Wisnoski also stood out for the white team along with QB Matt Stuart. For the Red Team, Matt Sherman had an excellent day along with Clayton Arndt, Sample, White and Doug Page looked surprisingly well despite being only a sophomore.

The game was played with vigor with some solid aggressiveness being shown still this was more to learn the spot they are supposed to be at and getting some experience for the new players than a showcase of big plays. 

SCOUTING REPORTS- compared to their fellow private school brethren I have seen, St. Pius and Strake Jesuit, this team is smaller. While SJ and Pius have several guys with high D1 size St. Thomas is overall a smaller team that gets by with execution and minimizing mistakes. They have some good players on the team and some outstanding high school talent, they don't match up well size wise to their main arch-rivals. Of course, that does not scare them one bit, this is a solid team that does not scare easy.

Dylan Stout - sat out the game because of a minor injury, he will play wide receiver or QB next season. He is the top prospect on the team and could wind up at WR or QB in college depending on what school he goes to. His versatility makes him more valuable and I am sure there will be baseball coaches harping the football coaches to make offers, he is a great baseball player. 

Blake O'Donnell - might be a better baseball prospect than football prospect because of size only but he has some great speed and acelleration, expect him to do some heavy damage to the scoreboard this year. Hit .333 with two home runs this season.

Kirby White - made some nice catches in the game and played both ways. Not very big but he has height working for him and if he fills out he will get more interest from colleges. 

Ross Hill - sat out the game with an injury, he is a tight end and defensive end. He has good height and will fill out more, plus with the schools looking at him he has to have great academics. He will be one I will make a point of watching during the football season to see how he is on the field. 

Doug Page - the coach's son and he stood out running the ball from QB spot and as a free safety. He has college size already and showed that he likes to bring it on defense. He is only a sophomore and he was a stand out in my mind during the game. I see most of his playing time this year considering the depth at quarterback St. Thomas has.

OVERVIEW: As previously mentioned they do not have the size of Strake Jesuit or St. Pius, there are no 6'6 260 pound defensive ends who run 4.6 on this team. They have dealt with the size difference before and will do so again, they are not intimidated by the bigger schools and that is good. St. Thomas has a lot of good athletes who play good football and made very few mistakes during the scrimmage, especially compared to some other schools I saw. With players like Stout, Hill, De La Garza and others back during the season the team looks to be set for strong season. The team is very deep at quarterback and it looks to be a strength especially with Stout in the mix. Players at the Spring Game who I think should have big seasons are the speedy O'Donnell, the hard hitting Page, and Gareth Kohausen and Nathan Wisknoski. Of course that was only a view of the team for one day but I plan on catching one to two games this year.

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