4A/5A State Tournament: QB Review

The three day tournament was filled with plenty of highs and lows. Some of the best moments were turned in by quarterbacks at this talent filled tournament. Texasprepinsider.com recaps the top quarterbacks who were there and our thoughts on each.



Seth Doege, Frenship- he is our first senior I will talk about and he will make the Scout.com All Tournament recruit team. Frenship was in a brutal pool and they did not have a good tournament. Doege had a good tournament and showed that he could make short passes, long passes and those in between. He showed he is a division one quarterback and one of the best quarterbacks in the tournament.

Andrew Luck, Stratford- As good as he looked last year he looked even better this year. His passes were the best ones out there and he could throw them on a frozen rope. His deep passes in the tournament, including one in the championship game were incredible. Luck was the best player in the tournament last year and it is hard to think of another player in this tournament who has further upside. Everything about him says future NFL player, the attitude, the demeanor, passing skills, great grades, and whatever other criteria you want to use.

Shane Ros, Cinco Ranch- I did not get a chance to watch him much but he put some serious zip on the ball while I was watching. He is undersized as a quarterback, 5'10 185, but he has some serious speed on the ball and was making some nice plays. If he was 6'3 he would be high on the recruiting lists.

Nick Florence, South Garland- I did not get a chance to see him but the other writers on our staff were raving about him. He has such a great cast of receivers that South Garland will be dangerous on offense this season.

Riley Dodge, Southlake Carroll- he is just a passing machine, he makes good reads, makes good passes and can look at several receivers. Only real knock you can make on him is that he is not very big, only 6'0 175, but he is the consumate quarterback. North Texas has a great one on their hands and he is an immediate impact type of player. 

Max Jenkins, Langham Creek- another solid quarterback in the tournament. He has college size and makes good passes, also he has leadership skills you like in your quarterback. Jenkins is a veteran of the 7 on 7's so he knows what to do in these games and you can tell. He has his first offer under his belt and he will get more before it is all over.<p>


Christian Matthews, Arlington Bowie- nice looking quarterback, he has the height colleges want but he has some filling out to do. His passes at times were nothing special then he would put some zip on the pass and get a "wow" out of me and others. Considering he is just going to be a junior he has a lot of time to get that consistency down. He had an excellent tournament and helped his team get deep into the second day. Though he had a good tournament he barely missed our all-tournament team. Put him on your "must watch list" among the junior quarterbacks he is a very solid top 10 quarterback in the state next year.

Casey Paschall, Brownwood- He is just a junior and you can tell he will fill out more, he has the height, 6'4 listed, that college coaches like. Similar to Matthews in that he had some wow passes mixed in with ordinary passes. His footwork was not proper technique which tends to happen to quarterbacks in 7 on 7's, he kept passing off his back foot. That is not a big deal in 7 on 7 where you can get away with that so most quarterbacks rarely practice that part of the game in 7 on 7's. The Longhorns like him and the feeling seems to be mutual, he will get plenty of attention from all the big schools in state.

Garrett Gilbert, Lake Travis- Ice Man. Coach Dicus pointed out how Gilbert's demeanor never changes, he does not rattle, he does not get overly excited, he just executes play after play. I was watching him wondering if his pulse rose a bit when he threw a pass, he is just calm and cool 24/7. Like the other junior quarterbacks he is going to fill out some more, and he is 6'4, so he has great size. There is plenty to like about him, he has a strong arm, uses good mechanics and showed that he could hit a variety of receivers. The Horns are the early favorite with him and count on him being a top 10 quarterback in the state.

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