New Bronco talks about his commit

Timing is everything in recruiting, being at the right place to find the right prospect is a tough task. However sometimes hard work pays off and a team finds a player that others have missed and when they do it is pure gold for that team. Boise State landed one such commit when Fort Bend Kempner's George Iloka committed to them.

Recruiting is not always about being the biggest name, or having an "in" to a player. In many instances a certain game can change the way a recruit views a team or the way the coach's talk to a player. For Boise State, the Broncos went a long way to get themselves a talented Texas recruit and it was a combination of factors that helped them land the talented Texan.

George Iloka, a free safety from Fort Bend Kempner High School, played wide receiver as a junior, but a coaching change allowed him to move positions and go from another name on the watch list to a someone who is on the recruiting map. When Mike Ferrell left to go coach in El Paso, James Brown landed the coaching job to take over the Cougars team. The change of offense from a passing offense to a run based offense caused some position changes, one of them was for Iloka. When asked to change from offense to defense, he agreed.

"It did not really bother me because our defensive coach has been getting me to play safety for a while. Our new head coach came here and runs the wish bone, they don't throw out of that, they said I would be more help full to the team on defense. They told me to work on my footwork as a safety."

Coach Brown described Iloka's position change as a natural change for him, one in which Iloka took to immediately and he began to excel at the spot immediately. So much so that he decided he liked playing defense.

Yes, I like to hit people, as a receiver you get hit and you can't do anything. I had two receiver coaches, the first one emphasized crack blocking and blocking, he taught me how to be aggressive. The footwork from receiver to defensive back made it all work. Our db coach told me how to put it all together and it was a natural fit for me."

With the position switch came several new opportunities for Iloka to play on the college level, when he finally made his decision he was drawing heavy interest from TCU, Rice, UTEP and Sam Houston state along with Boise State. 

Several factors contributed to his commitment to the Broncos.

"When I was looking for a college I looked at how they are in football. You saw how good they did in the Fiesta Bowl, they are the best athletic team. Plus they have a great academic program, they are a small town and it's all about Boise State."

Recruiting Iloka for the Broncos is Jeff Choate, who the Kempner standout took a liking to.

"He did a good job, he is a guy I could talk to about anything. I talked to my position coach also, Coach Yates, any of them (the coaches) seemed like they could be your friend. Boise State told me they were interested in me and acted like they were interested in me, the head coach came down and visited me so he showed me how interested they were in me."

Though he has never been to Boise State he plans on taking an official visit there in October. Currently he is hoping to major in Civil Engineering but he is still thinking about his choices. His team has two more weeks of off-season football then they have two weeks off before they start getting ready for the regular season.

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