Stratford athlete likes the Aggies

Houston Stratford athlete Ben Bredthauer is looking to play for a Division I college. To get that opportunity he is going all out his senior year to make that happen. He has the interest, but he is waiting to seal a deal. TPI caught up with Bredthauer after a big win in Week 0 to talk about where he stands in the recruiting process.

Houston Stratford athlete Ben Bredthauer will do whatever it takes to help his team to victory. Though he known for his skills as a deep snapper, he has taken on a new role for the 2007 season.

"I am playing the ‘H' back position and I love it," Bredthauer said. "It is even better playing this with Andrew (Luck) at quarterback."

This summer Bredthauer started picking up some Division I interest after attending a few football camps. He said he has interest coming from Louisiana Tech, Kansas, and Texas A&M. But of these choices, he has a favorite.

Bredthauer attended the A&M football camp and fell in love with College Station and all it has to offer.

"That is where I want to go," Bredthauer said. "I went down to A&M's camp and it was great. I like the coaches, campus, and the facilities. It is close to home so my family will be able to see me play.

"I felt it was a good fit for me."

According to Bredthauer, the Aggie coaches invited to come back to their deep snapping camp so they can evaluate him again. But as far as his senior season, he will play a big role on offense as an ‘H' back and continue with his special team duties.

But Bredthauer sees his newly acquired position as a plus even if deep snapping is his meal ticket to college.

"I think by me playing this position actually helps me," Bredthauer said. "It will show the coaches see my athleticism and it also helps my team."

In Thursday's game against Cy Fair, Bredthauer was the leading receiver with eight catches for 135 yards in the Spartans' 21-17 victory.

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