Fort Bend Elkins Recruits Analysis

One thing we love at TexasPrepInsider is recruiting and along with that we love to break down recruits and see who is who and what makes someone special. Each week TPI will break down the players that Alan Zepeda goes to see and give our scouting reports on each.


Thursday night was week zero for the city and one of the first day's first games was Elkins vs Alvin. Elkins has several division one athletes including Blake Slaughter who just committed to Kansas State the previous night. Here are my thoughts on each player.

1.  MLB Blake Slaughter, senior- Not very big but he is around 5'11 and weighs in around 220. He has excellent speed and can anticipate where the ball is going. As the play gets going he is almost always heading in the right direction. Though he is not big he does a great job fighting through a block to get into a play. He had over double digits in tackles on the day but he missed badly on two plays. On his two misses he put his head down too soon and tried to set up a big hit but he missed timed it and looked bad on the play. 

STRENGTHS: Anticipation, fighting through blocks, speed

WEAKNESS: Lack of ideal size, overly enthusiastic in attacking the ball carrier.

OVERALL: He is a top 100 player in the state despite his lack of size, he makes plays and is always, I mean ALWAYS, around the ball. Three stars.

2.  QB Broderick Thomas, Junior- Thomas is not a true quarterback he is more of an athlete playing quarterback. As a high school quarterback he is very solid, he posses a threat running the ball, had over 100 yards rushing. He has straight forward speed and is not a wiggle left and right type of runner. As such his future is probably at receiver, though safety could be a spot if he can tackle. His speed is okay but not great so he would be a possesion type receiver which his height would be a nice advantage.

STRENGTHS: Good size, good job of picking up yards downfield, leadership skills

WEAKNESS: Does not have top line speed, lacks bulk to go with his height

OVERALL: I see Thomas as a Top 100 player in the state, he should be a good D1 wide receiver prospect though on the bottom end of the T100. Three Star

3.  WR Jordan Jolly, Sophomore- He is the break out story of the game. As a sophomore you don't expect this type of performance. He had four catches, two went for touchdowns, while he dropped one pass. He is deadly after the catch and has great side to side moves and shiftiness. Already he is showing signs of oustanding running skills with the ball. Several times he cut back on a play and gained extra yards. On one touchdown catch he got the ball in the middle, accelerated and split the defenders. His running skills with the ball are very advanced.

STRENGTHS: Good size, great moves, fantastic after the catch

WEAKNESS: concentration, needs to fill out some more

OVERALL: Slaughter and Thomas are clearly the two stars of the team but Jolly is the most electric and fun player to watch on the team. He is someone who people will come out to see if he continues to improve. He has to get bigger for the college game and he needs to watch the ball in all the way but his upside is tremendous. Statewide Top 20 player potential in his senior year. Possible four star.

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