Thomas weighing options, has two favorites

Aldine Nimitz ATH Michael Thomas holds more than 20 offers and is one of Texas' top athletes. Now that his senior season has come to an end, Thomas plans to do a few more visits before making a decision. But some interesting turn of events occurred and now Thomas has a couple favorites. TPI brings you the latest on Thomas' recruiting options.

After a loss to Aldine in Week 10, Aldine Nimitz athlete Michael Thomas' senior season abruptly came to an end. Now the 5-10, 182-pound Thomas is focusing solely on recruiting. With a total of 22 offers in hand, Thomas is looking to make a decision soon.

"Of all of my offers, I still have my Top 7: Stanford, Northwestern, Iowa State, Nebraska, Boise State, Missouri, and Arizona State," Thomas said. 

To date, Thomas has already visited Northwestern, California, Baylor, Stanford, Iowa State, and Rice whether it was official or unofficial. From the schools listed, Stanford seemed to be the school that was pursuing Thomas the most. 

Nearly everything with the Cardinals checked out, he just had one last thing to check off the list.

"My new test scores just came in today," Thomas said. "I faxed them over to them today and they took them over to the admissions office and I will find out either tonight or tomorrow if the scores are okay. I think I did pretty good."

Though Stanford may have been the slight front runner, here recently a couple of other programs have emerged and caught Thomas' attention.

"Northwestern came in real big and my parents liked the program a lot when we went to visit," Thomas said. "They have a real good relationship with coach (Jerry) Brown. Right now, I have to say Northwestern and Stanford are neck and neck. I also plan to give Vanderbilt a look. They have come on real strong here towards the end."

This past season, Thomas generated over 900 yards of total offense and four touchdowns. His next visit is set for December 1 when Stanford plays California.

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