Keating's dream could become reality

Woodlands College Park DB Travis Keating has been focused on where he will be next fall, and has been working diligently to make sure he ends up at the university that best suits him. The interesting fact is the college he was pursing, as a student, is the college that wants him to also play football. TPI talked with Keating about the good news he received today.

After two solid seasons on the gridiron, the Woodlands (Texas) College Park free safety Travis Keating has built up quite a resume. Though he has not had a large number of college recruiters knocking his door down, the one he is most focused on is the one giving him the opportunity he has been waiting on.

"Today I got a call from Navy and they are coming by my school tomorrow," Keating said Monday night. "They said they are coming to see me to talk about my future. I am not sure what that means, but it sounds like good news."

The 6-1, 190-pound Keating did not elaborate on too many other schools, but did say he was getting mail from Kansas and NC State. But because the Naval Academy is what he has set his sights on, he is more than attentive to see what they are offering.

"They have been the only school that has been calling me all season," Keating said. "This is actually what I have been wanting. With or without football, I want to go there."

Keating said his love for this university goes way back. His father was formerly part of the Blue Angels so the roots for this program run deep. This weekend, he is set to meet with US Representative Kevin Brady for his congressional nomination.

The College Park team went 9-2 and Keating recorded 55 tackles and 2 interceptions. After putting up these numbers in his final year, Keating said the chance to go to Navy is a big thing for him.

"Navy is a perfect fit for me," Keating said. "If they offer me, I'll commit on the spot."

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