Jenkins chooses the Black Knights

With a few schools requesting his services for next fall, Langham Creek QB Max Jenkins ended all of that this past weekend with his first official visit. And when it came down to, he was just "really impressed" with what he experienced. TPI talked with Jenkins about his commitment.

After his official visit to Army this past weekend, Langham Creek quarterback Max Jenkins wasted no time pledging to the Black Knight program. Army was his only offer during his high school career and he decided that this is where he wanted to be.

"I just got back an hour ago and while I was down there I committed," the 6-1, 195-pound Jenkins said. "I was really impressed and decided that is where I want to be."

Jenkins got the chance to hang out with the players and meet with the coaching staff. The visit, the atmosphere, and the overall experience was what he was looking for in a university.

"I was really impressed with the coaches and with the school's educational program," Jenkins said. "We went to Dave and Buster's to eat when I got there and then went to the hotel on the campus. The facilities were amazing. Sunday when we had our talk with coach Stan Brock, I told him I wanted to be a Black Knight."

Quarterback Jenkins finished the season with 2,112 yards and 15 touchdowns passing. On the ground, he rushed for 526 yards and nine touchdowns. In the classroom, he holds a 4.6 GPA

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