Player Journal: Ryan Mossakowski first editio brings you inside the huddle and the player interviews you want to see. Starting this year we bring back one of our favorite features, the Player Journal. So far we have Russel Shepard, Kenneth Cluley and now Ryan Mossakowski contributing to this with more soon to join.

Journal Entry – 1/18/2008 Football is a great game that I love to play. The feeling of Friday nights when you run onto the field is something that you cannot imagine, you have to live it. I want to tell you about the US Army All-American Combine that I went to on January 3rd – 5th. After my football season I rested for a couple weeks but knew that I needed to get ready for the combine. So, a couple weeks before I started getting ready. I did not know what to expect when I got to the combine but I know that I wanted to be ready mentally and physically.

It was a great combine that had athletes from all over the country. It was awesome, I met other players from Kansas, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, Oregon, California, and of course Texas. There were around 500 athletes from all over. My dad and I drove down to San Antonio from Frisco. It only took us about 5 hours. Once we got to the hotel I checked into the combine and, man it was so cool, I got a lot of really cool stuff. There were people everywhere in the hotel and everyone was there for the combine.

The combine started on Friday and I was really excited about seeing other athletes perform and to show off my skills. On Friday morning we completed testing for the Vertical, Shuttle and Forty. I had about 20 guys in my group and there were about 12 groups. I was looking around watching others groups when I could and man there were some really fast guys at the combine. It was fun to watch. After lunch we came back to the field and did one-on-ones. Basically, on each end of the field there was one defender, one receiver and one quarterback.

The linemen were also doing one-on-one drills on another part of the field. This was my favorite time because I got to watch some really good athletes and I got to throw to some really good athletes. We did the one-on-one stuff for about two hours. Also, during the one-on-one drills there were reporters walking around interviewing athletes and taking pictures. It was cool.

After the one-on-one drills we got to go to the Army Strong Zone. There were a bunch of soldiers, an Apache helicopter, HumV's, a virtual reality deal, and a bunch of other cool Army stuff. We got to talk to the soldiers and ask them questions about what they did in the Army and stuff like that. It was awesome. On Saturday we got to see this years US Army All-American Bowl. The game was great and the pre-game stuff was really cool. On my way home, Saturday, I felt like I had a good combine and performed pretty well. Again, it was really cool being apart of the whole event. I hope that I get picked next year for the game; I would like to see what it would be like as a player.

So far, my Junior year, I have received a lot of mail from many schools and I am interested in them all. Since the articles in and others it seems like things have picked up even more. I am excited about all of the opportunities. Overall the US Army All-American combine was a great way to start 2008, the experience was awesome!

Ryan Mossakowski

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