D2 or JUCO for the Katy LB?

Though many athletes are committed and waiting to sign their letters to prospective schools, there are still plenty of athletes on the road trying to find the right fit. And one of those athletes is Katy OLB Brad Graham. With about five offers in hand, Graham must decide where his services are best suited. TexasPrepInsider caught up with Graham to see where he is in the recruiting process.

After leading the state championship team and its defense to a perfect 16-0 season, Katy outside linebacker Brad Graham is weighing on all of his options available. With offers at just about every level of football, the 6-1, 195-pound Graham is laying everything out on the table.

"I have offers from Texas Southern, Midwestern State, Navarro JC, Trinity JC," Graham said. "I am really debating about what I want to do at this point."

Though Division I football was one of Graham's dreams prior to his senior season, it looks like that will not be happening due to the sole offer he has on the table.

But he is open to more if it comes his way.

"I'm definitely not going to Texas Southern," Graham said. "I didn't feel the atmosphere there. My head is spinning right now trying to make a decision, I'm open to see if anything comes up."

Either way, Graham has a Plan B. Because of the two junior college offers he has in hand, he may choose to go that route then make his way to another college in a year or two. 

"I'm leaning real heavy towards Navarro (or JUCO program) because I can go there and then go D1," Graham said. "I just got back from Midwestern State and like a lot of things down there."

Right now Graham is at Trinity Valley and is going to Abilene Christian on Saturday. Graham finished his senior year with 120 tackles, nine sacks, and two interceptions (one returned for a touchdown).

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