Player Journal: Ryan Mossakowski

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Journal Entry dated February 3, 2008

The last couple weeks we have been preparing for the 2008 Baseball season. Our team seems to be coming together pretty good. I have been hitting at Dallas Baseball Academy and up at the school as much as possible. I am ready for the season to begin. We have a scrimmage on February 5, 2008, if it doesn't rain. We are scrimmaging JJ Pearce High School at our home field. Since I did not play basketball this year I have been able to focus on getting ready for the Baseball season and I have got a chance to workout in the weight room almost every morning.

Sometimes it is hard to make time to workout each morning, but I know that it will all payoff in the future, so I will keep doing it. On February 9th I will be taking the ACT and March 1st I will be taking the SAT.

As far as the recruiting stuff. I have contacted and talked with many coaches and am really excited about the opportunities that I may have over the next year. So far the recruiting process has been awesome. I have been able to meet many new coaches, players, and reporters. It has really been fun. I look forward to going and seeing some of the campuses this spring and summer.

The best part is meeting new people and seeing different places. If I could give any advice to players looking to play at the college level, I would say be confident in who you are and don't be afraid to call coaches and talk to them. It is sometime hard to do it, but after each time it gets a little easier.

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