2008 Team Insider: Sachse Mustangs

It is the 2008 season - and we have gotten started with our premium insiders. Don't want to wait until the magazine comes out to start looking at the strengths of the team? Want the INSIDE information? You can only find it here at TexasPrepInsider.com. Can Sachse overcome its winless district season and capitalize on its 56% chance to make the playoffs in the Garland ISD District?

Sachse High School finished in last place yet again last season - and they have yet to really get out of that last place funk throughout the history of their school. The odds are better this season as the district seems to be very bunched in the middle this season. 11 starters and fill-ins from a 6-4 varsity squad should help complement the varsity returning starters - especially on the defense. Most of their skill players are returning, so Sachse will have a great chance to fight for a playoff spot. Only 3 teams in the district will not make the playoffs.

Henry Hunter was the sophomore starter last season. He did not have great numbers, but he did gain valuable experience. He has the size and speed to be a quarterback, but this season, he can develop the consistency to be a quarterback in a district like the Garland ISD brings. Christian Shepherd and Brandon Lowery are a little undersized but can be utilized as kick returners and can catch the ball well out of the backfield. The strength for Sachse this season will come from the size of their offensive line. Kason Hostrup would be able to start for most metroplex teams. Austin Hayes has good size and technique and made all district last season.

The defense will be a weakness for Sachse this season - in general, they are a bit undersized and do not have the speed to compete with the athletes from the other Garland schools. Derek Douglas is the leader of the defense. He has great size and speed up front and can wreck offensive lines. The leader of the secondary is Chevy Bennett. He had 5 interceptions last season and has significant varsity experience. The rest of the defensive line is undersized for GISD standards, and the linebackers do not have the explosiveness and experience - they are primarily junior varsity call-ups. The 4-2-5 system works well to compensate for the lack of size in the linebacking corps - as they have good athletes in the secondary.

Looking at the district as a whole, it's hard to consider Sachse a front-runner. They did not win a district game last year and they do not have a winning mentality yet. They do have an excellent coaching staff who works endlessly with them - and that could be an intangible. With the traditional powerhouses down, I see a lot of parity in the 3rd to 6th spot - but I can't see Sachse higher than 6th - depending on how North Garland, South Garland and Garland High rebound from disappointing seasons. One thing that Sachse does have is the consistency of Coach Behrens - he has been their only coach - and that could work as a big intangible by the time that district play starts this season.

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