Houston Westside Spring Recruiting Report

Things seem to be on the up and up as spring football came to a close this past week at Houston Westside. As with every team, senior leadership and solid college prospects will be key in ensuring success for the 2008 season. TexasPrepInsider talked with coach Mark Byrd about a few of his potential college-bound athletes.

Now that spring football has come to a close at Houston (TX) Westside High School, coach Mark Byrd and his staff look to reload for the upcoming 2008 season. And though graduation is always a factor for teams across the city, Byrd has quite a few guys who will step up in key positions.

For starters on the defense, Scout.com Texas Top 100 defender Eric Dago is probably the most sought-after athlete in the Wolves' program. After a season where he recorded 54 tackles and five sacks, the 6-foot-3, 195-pound Dago has seen major movement in his recruitment.

"With defensive end Eric Dago, McNeese State is real high on him and offered him a full ride. North Texas is also in the fold as well," Byrd said. "Both schools are highly recruiting him. Arizona State and Iowa State have also been coming on him hard."

Staying on defense, cornerback Keith Davis is another who is being recruited. Davis averaged 5 tackles a game had an interception. He has not pulled in the first offer, but slightly favors Fresno State over Rice

"Davis and Eric Redmon (DB) are both getting looked at very hard," Byrd said. "And today the Citadel came through looking at James Annassi (DB)."

Offensively, Westside has always managed to keep quite a few solid receivers and this is where Kevin Brooks comes in. Brooks finished the season with over 50 catches and more than 600 yards of offense. 

Byrd expects him to have a breakout year. 

"Kevin Brooks is on the hook with UNLV. He does not have an offer, but they recruiting him and is definitely on their radar along with Alabama," Byrd said. "I think everybody wants to see what he is going to do this year."

Brooks started as a sophomore and has two back-to-back solid seasons as a secondary receiver. The two others who proceeded before him have both gone on to play college football.

"He has been solid as a secondary receiver compared to our primary guys," Byrd said. "Those guys (likely speaking of Alonzo Adams, 2007 and Mike Smith, 2008) have been 1,300 yard receivers during their senior seasons. He had 600 yards with 52 catches so I figure he'll be the next 1,000 yard receiver."

Wide receiver Maurico Vasquez is also getting some looks from the Citadel. 

In closing, Byrd talk about one common denominator that coaches are looking for when they come by his office. And it is the one thing that cannot be taught at any level of competition. 

"Most coaches coming down here are looking for speed and we have four speed position players," Byrd said. "But more than anything they are looking for the right fit. So far, we have put one kid in Texas and the other nine out-of-state so we have a lot to offer. We make the grade and we have the skilled kids. We can provide athletes that coaches can come and get."

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