South Texas blast H-Town in Texans SQT

Coverage from the Houston Texans SQT hosted by Baytown Lee.

Edcouch Elsa 56 vs. Weslaco 21
In a South Texas battle, it was the Jackets coming out on top in the Houston Texans 7-on-7 tournament at the Reliant bubble. Edcouch Elsa quarterback Eric Nino made the plays necessary to pull out the win. One of the big stars on the day was Jacket tight end/wide receiver Artie Tanguman.

"This is our first tournament and a good experience to win on the road," Tanguman said. "The trip was long, but we came here to do business and that is all. To win is a good feeling because we were under-ranked and everybody didn't think we could win this. They put us in a tough bracket and we ended up winning the whole thing anyway."

Edcouch Elsa 39 vs. Baytown Lee 26
Weslaco 50 vs. Friendswood 44 (OT)
3rd Place
Baytown Lee 33 vs. Friendswood 20

Pool A – Baytown Lee advanced
Chavez 41vs. Bellaire 12
Baytown Lee 33 vs. Taylor 32 (OT)
Chavez 33 vs. Baytown Lee 19
Taylor 55 vs. Bellaire 36
Taylor 34 vs. Chavez 25
Baytown Lee 40 vs. Bellaire 21

Pool B – Edcouch Elsa advanced 
Cy Creek 26 vs. Channelview 18
Edcouch Elsa 40 vs. Cy Woods 26
Cy Woods 57 vs. Channelview 40
Edcouch Elsa 39 vs. Cy Creek 34
Cy Woods 40 vs. Cy Creek 33
Edcouch Elsa 41 vs. Channelview 25

Pool C – Friendswood advanced
Friendswood 47 vs. Hardin 25
Klein 39 vs. Houston Sterling 25
Friendswood 48 vs. Houston Sterling 0
Klein 26 vs. Hardin 20
Friendswood 33 vs. Klein 26
Hardin 26 vs. Houston Sterling 6

Pool D – Weslaco advanced 
Houston Lamar 18 vs. Second Baptist 12
Weslaco 20 vs. Texas City 14
Houston Lamar 26 vs. Texas City 6
Weslaco 38v s. Second Baptist 32
Second Baptist 33 vs. Texas City 31
Weslaco 33 vs. Houston Lamar 32

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