Cy Falls football: Same goals in five years

Success at Cy Falls is not something that is hoped for, but expected. And year in and year out, that state of mind continues to be passed down from class to class. So, 2008 is no exception. TexasPrepInsider talked with coach David Raffield to find out what the community can expect from the Golden Eagles team this upcoming season.

It is a different year with new faces, but the same goals remain. That is what the plan is at Cy Falls High School and coach David Raffield has seen a few things this off season that will likely play a huge role in next season's success as the Golden Eagles return for their 2008 campaign.

"We have a bunch of speed and we are actually faster than we were last year overall as a team," Raffield said. "We worked hard in the off season to become a little but quicker and faster on the football field and we are excited about that."

Of course those are things that can be measured by testing. But there are other things that, in the end, could prove to be a difference maker next fall. And this intangible trait is how games are won or lost.

But apparently, this trait is more like a yearly trend at Cy Falls.

"You know our seniors are stepping up just like they have for the past two years here at Cy Falls," Raffield said. "They are accepting leadership and taking over where the last group left off. I'm really proud of their work ethic."

The Golden Eagles graduated plenty of athletes, and like usual, have to rebuild. This too is nothing new to Raffield and his coaching staff. 

Whether you call it rebuilding or reloading, either way there are going to be a lot of new faces in green uniforms in 2008.

"Every year it's a total different team and we do have some kids coming back (about four guys on both sides of the ball)," Raffield said. "Really, each team is unique in high school especially if you are playing seniors year in and year out like we are. When they leave, then another team comes along. And we are excited to build on it. 

"We are a little more athletic in a few spots, a little bigger in a few spots and people will notice that."

As it looks right now, the Golden Eagles have about eight returning starters. One of which who has already become sort of a household name is Texas Top 100 quarterback Kolby Gray. During his junior season Gray threw for over 3,000 yards and tossed more than 30 touchdowns.

Raffield mentioned quite a few other solid returners as well.

"We're excited to have him (Gray) back along with a couple of linemen, Matt Eureste and Michael Mathis, who both had great springs and are back here to protect Kolby and keep him going," Raffield said. "Defensively, we have our returning leading tackler in linebacker Derron Clebourn. We have Joe Roberson on the defensive line and Anthony Brown in the secondary as well."

Now that spring practice has come to a close, the Golden Eagles are staying busy with 7-on-7 and the summer lifting program. Cy Falls has already qualified for the Texas state 7-on-7 and will start the summer program in about a week.

All this preparation is leads up to one goal for next season.

"There's no doubt about it, we want to be playing on Thanksgiving Day," Raffield said. "If you are practicing on that day that means you are deep in the playoffs and you have had a successful year and then who knows what happens. That is the same goal we have had for five years here at Cy Falls and that hasn't changed."

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