Lamar Consolidated: Experience is key to wins

Even though the bar was already pretty high, it may be raised a little bit more for the Lamar Consolidated football team. Coming off a Class 4A state title, the Mustangs have identified their strengths so that they can attempt to bring home some more hardware. TexasPrepInsider had the chance to talk with coach Lydell Wilson at a recent 7-on-7 tournament to get his take on how spring training went.

After bringing home the state's top honors in Texas Division I Class 4A football, the Lamar Consolidated football team looks to build on past successes and press forward for that ultimate goal once again, a state championship.

And there is one thing for sure that is in the Mustangs' favor.

"Just the experience level that the kids have achieved. You know in the past two years we have played close to 30 or so games so that really helps out," Lamar Consolidated coach Lydell Wilson said. "Even more so, when you have a quarterback who has played that much it makes it easier because the experience he has is great."

The quarterback whom Wilson is referring to is DJ Smallwood. The soon-to-be senior has quite the resume according to Wilson. But Wilson is looking for Smallwood to take his game play to the next.

Apparently, this is his time to shine.

"DJ brings experience and leadership. For the past two years he has played 29 games," Wilson said. "He is 26-3 as a starter and 8-1 in the playoffs so the experience of winning is there and it time for him to step up and be the best player on the field. For the last couple of years he hasn't had to be because of ‘Quiz (Jacquizz Rodgers) and James (Rodgers). I think that he is ready to be that way."

During the interview at the B.F. Terry 7-on-7 competition, Wilson would periodically look over at his signal caller and make positive remarks about his talents and abilities.

"You can look at him and tell the level of confidence that he has," Wilson said. "The game has slowed down for him so much. He looks like a man amongst boys right now which is good for us."

Not only are things intact at the quarterback position, there are a few others spots that seem to be in good shape for the fall as well.

"We are very big and experienced up front and we will be better at that position than last year," Wilson said. "That is kind of scary considering how many yards we rushed for. The (O-Line) guys we have are pretty good at what they do. At the running back position, we have three or four guys who will run the ball for us next year. Nobody has really stepped up to take the full load, but we three or four who will do some pretty big things for us."

It seems as though big things come up a lot when referring to the Mustangs. So, what's next?

"After you win it, you have to expect to win it again," Wilson said. "So you have to go out every game and play to your best and hope you are playing in Week 16 for the championship. If our young kids keep playing and develop I think we have a chance to make the playoffs and do pretty good. There are, without a doubt, people who want to beat us because of what we have done the past two to three years.

"We beat some people pretty good and everybody remembers the losses so we're ready."

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