Fort Bend Travis' one goal: Playoffs

As the Fort Bend Travis team gears up for the 2008 season, there will be a little something different going on that they are not particularly used to, Friday Night Lights. And while that may seem like a cliché', the Tiger team looks to go all out in what will prove to be the 2009 seniors one and only chance. TexasPrepInsider talked with coach Randy Cunningham for this report.

After a couple years of the Thursday night football games, the Fort Bend Travis team is ready for the big show. Well, according to Travis coach Randy Cunningham, the Tiger football knows they will have their hands full.

"We still have work to do. We played sub varsity schedules for the last two years," Cunningham said. "We have three months to get ready for September 5 and we try and keep them focused and working hard. We try to get them to understand that Friday night football is completely different than Thursday night. 

"I'll be proud of what shows up on the field next year because they work so hard and they are excited about the opportunity."

With the days of junior varsity (for the 2009 seniors) behind them, the Travis team looks to push forward. Even though the Tigers' Fort Bend adversaries will be tough, Cunningham sees that there will be plenty of reasons why his team will have success in 2008.

And not all of them link directly to football.

"We preach class and character to our kids all of the time about doing right, being respectful, and working hard," Cunningham said. "We stress that so we have a nice solid foundation. Football will take care of itself when you have that type of character. But believe me we know how hard it is to win on Friday night."

But the Tigers have a few key senior players they will to when it comes down to making plays. Without ever seeing the Friday Night Lights, Travis will look for leadership from quarterback Alex Bynum. 

Also on offense, running back Denzel Billy and wide receiver Jake Kacal are poised for big years. On defense, Zane Brown and Spencer Work lead the way. But it will take more than just these guys to reach their ultimate goal.

Cunningham has challenged his team and now they have a ‘whatever it takes attitude when it comes to reaching next year's goals.'

"We've talked about it and stressed this since Day 1, whatever it takes to get to the playoffs," Cunningham said. "Whatever record gets us to the playoffs (whether it is 6-4 or 5-5), that's what we want. Then when we get to the playoffs (if we are lucky enough), we don't want to be satisfied with that because we want to make a run.

"These seniors know that they only have one shot at it and we don't want them to waste any opportunities."

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