Will Casey slow down to make college visits?

For Crosby's Chance Casey, it would seem that he is very busy this summer. In fact, he travels as much as a world-class athlete. And in some regards he is. Casey is one of the nation's fastest prep stars and travels to many track meets. But, he is also successful on the gridiron and has the offers to prove it. TexasPrepInsider caught Casey at the airport to get this quick recruiting update.

While most football athletes are out at camps across the country, Crosby (TX) running back Chance Casey is steady road tripping for another reason. Or better yet, another sport.

"I just got back from Puerto Rico for a track meet," Casey said from the airport.

Casey, who usually runs with the Track Houston Track Club, ran with NSF while in the United States territory. He actually will head on out to North Carolina this weekend for another meet and will likely run in the 100 meters, 110-hurdles, and the 400-meter hurdles.

As far as football recruiting, the 6-foot, 165-pound Casey has managed to pull in quite a few offers. But he hasn't been able to make many visits because of track meets.

"These past few weeks I haven't been able to do much with recruiting," Casey said. "I have not even talked to many coaches, but I do have a few offers."

And those few include: Iowa State, TCU, Colorado State, Houston, and Baylor are all of the ones that he could remember off the top of his head. After talking with Crosby coach Kevin Flanigan, he also added Utah, Tulane, and SMU.

While Casey opening admits there are no leaders at the time, there are a few trips he plans to make once things settle down in track.

"I'm going to make an unofficial visit to Houston when I get the chance," Casey said. "I might try and get to Nebraska also. They have not offered me, but they are recruiting me hard. I'll probably go by there because I have a track meet there. I also want to get to TCU as well."

It appears that the first trip will be to Houston and Casey said that coach Clarence McKinney is his recruiting coach. He spoke on how he and McKinney interacted the last time they communicated.

"I haven't talked to him lately because I have been so busy with track," Casey said. "But it hasn't been too long and when I spoke with him last I felt like he was a nice guy."

Casey said that there are a few things that he is looking for in a school and explained a few of them.

"I want a quality education and somewhere where I compete at a high level athletically," Casey said. "I want to be somewhere that can make better and where I can help them win championships. Also, location does play some factor as well."

The first trip Casey has planned is to Houston and he hopes to make it there within the month. He finished the year with a little over 1,400 yards rushing and 21 touchdowns. As a receiver, he had 20 catches for 500 yards and four scores.

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