G-P's Thomas seeing stock soar

Coaches that have faced off against Gregory-Portland know how talented LaChristian Thomas is, and know the recruiting world is following suit. Thomas has offers from some big time schools and seeing his stock continue to clib to impressive heights.

Offensive coordinators that have had to draw up a game plan against Gregory-Portland's defense over the past two seasons definatley know about LaChristian Thomas.

Know it seems as though the college football world is following suit.

Thomas, a standout linebacker and defensive end for the Wildcats since his sophomore season and helped G-P get to the Class 4A, Division I state quarterfinals last season, has quietly been collecting an impressive list of offers. The 6-foot-4, 225 pound ballhawk who sports an impressive 4.6 40-yard dash time has already picked up offers from Colorado State, Cal, Houston, SMU, UTEP, Ole Miss, and Montana State.

Having also received interest from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Illinois, and Kansas, all the attention has caught Thomas a little off guard. "I was surprised at first when everything started coming in," said Thomas. "I was talking to my dad and he was telling me to look at my size."

It is not however just size that has drawn schools to Thomas, it is his ability. Thomas has been making big plays ever since he was a sophomore for the Wildcats as he returned two interceptions and two fumble recoveries for touchdowns from his outside linebacker spot. He was having another fine season as a junior when the G-P coaching staff decided to move Thomas to defensive end top better use his speed off of the edge as a pass rusher. The result was Thomas averaging one sack per game over the final four games of the season.

"I started at linebacker and then they moved me to defensive end, I guess to use my quickness," said Thomas. "I like it down there. I feel like I can be like Jevon Kearse and come off the line quick and get to the quarterback which I like." As to which position he would prefer to play in college, Thomas just wants a chance to be in the thick of things. "As a likebacker I like that I can see all of the field and I can drop into coverage and things like that. It doesn't matter where I play as long as I can get a chance to get to the ball"

When asked which schools are really sticking out in the recruiting process right now, Thomas noted one school from the Bg 12 that really has his attention.

"I really like Kansas," said Thomas, who said that he has been in contact with the Kansas coaching staff. "I really like their coaching staff and what they have to offer. They wanted me to come up there for a visit but I couldn't make it. KU has a strong program and it's a good school."

Thomas said his top five would definatley have Kansas at the top, followed by SMU, UTEP, Ole Miss, and Colorado.

This summer Thomas is playing 7 on 7, participating in a summer workout program at G-P, and hitting the local gym when he has time. As far as camps, he will be hitting the road for a UTEP camp on Friday.

This fall Thomas will further get to show off his athletiscm when he makes a move to the offensive side of the ball as the G-P coaches are letting Thomas try his hand at being a tight end. Even though the Widlcats are a predominantley running team, Thomas is still determined to make an impact offensively. "I don't have a problem blocking all the time but I'd like to get the ball thrown to me every now and then," Thomas said. " I know my chances are going to be limited so when I do get the ball I'm not going down without a fight.

"It's going to be really hard to tackle me."

Now it seems as though the coaches on the other side of the ball will see Thomas in their nightmares as they get ready to face the Wildcats this fall.

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