2008 Team Insider: Frisco Wakeland Wolverines

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Frisco Wakeland made a huge buzz last year, making the playoffs with a 9-1 record before meeting up with Royse City in a highly anticipated battle. Wakeland was up most of the game - showing it could compete against one of the state's best in 3A - but a 4th quarter rally led Royse City to victory. The confidence of a second year playoff run with the experience of a senior QB commit to Arkansas (and a coaches son) gives Wakeland plenty of optimism heading into the 2009 season. 13 starters return from last year's team - but this time - the competition will be 4A competition.

In a bit of an unfair twist, Wakeland did have a huge enrollment advantage over all of its players - but Will Secord really developed as a player last season. The quarterback threw for over 2000 yards and 24 TDs. He did not get much action in 7 on 7 as baseball extended into the 7 on 7 season. On the offensive line, Michael Wolverton is a 6'1, 275 pound beast. In a bit of a weakness, the skill players are do not have the size that some of the other bigger schools will have. The all-district running back Phillip Floyd is only 5'4 but had nearly 1000 yards and 17 touchdowns last season.

The defense will be where the true test for the Wakeland Wolverines will be. On the defensive line, junior Carter Ferguson starred as a sophomore last season and could disrupt quarterback flows in the pass happy 9-4A. A good linebacker corps exists led by bluechipper Ryan Collins. Kellen Wright does not have college size, but he has great high school football quickness. The secondary has some size for Wakeland led by 6'3 Trent Smiley. He looked good at 7 on 7 and really played the ball well. The Wolverines have a decent kicking game led by Brennon Satre who converted over 90% of his extra points last season.

Overall, I do think Wakeland has the talent to compete for a playoff spot - but I do think they will take step back. I will be surprised if they beat anyone in district other than Legacy or Centennial. McKinney North is about the best bet for a win in the district outside the district. A lot of good rivalry games will take place with all four Frisco schools in the same district with two of the McKinney schools. I think that this will be a fun local district to watch - especially with the Thursday and Friday games we will see. If Wakeland overachieves, they get 5th, but I feel 7th is more of a legitimate feasible option for the Wolverines in their first year in 4A.

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