3A-Under State Tournament Pool Picks & More

Now that the pools are released, the predicitions can begin!! Today we start with the Small Schools who will get going Thursday afternoon!! Who does the staff think will advance??

TexasPrepInsider.com will be live at the 7 on 7 State Tournament for all three days at Texas A&M and today we bring you pool predictions and analysis from the 3A-Under Division! Matt Stepp, Matt Diggs and Alan Zepeda's pool picks are shown!




Longview Spring Hill


Look for Giddings, Hitchcock and Spring Hill to fight it out for pool supremacy. Athletically Spring Hill doesn't match up well with Giddings or Hitchcock but they will execute better than both teams. Hitchcock and Giddings will be a fun one to watch. Paradise might be in over their heads in this pool.

Little Matt's Pool Picks: Longview Spring Hill, Giddings, Hitchcock, Paradise

Big Matt's Pool Picks: Longview Spring Hill, Giddings, Hitchcock, Paradise

Alan's Pool Picks: Giddings, Hitchcock, Longview Spring Hill, Paradise




Houston 2nd Baptist


Overall this might be the weakest pool in the field as no team is rated above 20 in the combined TPI Power Ratings. Athletically, Crockett will have the advantage but 2nd Baptist has the best quarterback in the entire field and he could make the difference. Lovejoy is the relative unknown and even if they finish 3rd they could sneak up on people and advance to Friday.

Little Matt's Pool Picks: Crockett, Houston 2nd Baptist, Lovejoy, Gatesville

Big Matt's Pool Picks: Crockett, Lovejoy, Gatesville, Houston 2nd Baptist

Alan's Pool Picks: Houston 2nd Baptist, Crockett, Gatesville, Lovejoy






Diboll and Prosper at first glace could be the dominant teams, but don't count out a very strong Prosper squad as well. Iraan's front line athletes will be able to compete in this pool but their depth could be their undoing, however they might be one of the better fourth place teams and could challenge one of the pool winners in bracket play.

Little Matt's Pool Picks: Diboll, Hardin, Prosper, Iraan

Big Matt's Pool Picks: Prosper, Diboll, Hardin, Iraan

Alan's Pool Picks: Hardin, Diboll, Prosper, Iraan


Glen Rose


Waco Reicher


Navasota has the best athletes possibly in the tournament, but Glen Rose and Waco Reicher both are led by Division 1 caliber quarterbacks. That could make for the possible dreaded tiebreaker. Lucky for these teams finishing in the top two isn't nearly as important as it is in the Division 1 bracket and we could see three teams from this pool playing Friday. Wellington, well they've got a cool nickname but the Skyrockets are in a tough pool.

Little Matt's Pool Picks: Navasota, Waco Reicher, Glen Rose, Wellington

Big Matt's Pool Picks: Navasota, Waco Reicher, Glen Rose, Wellington

Alan's Pool Picks: Navasota, Glen Rose, Waco Reicher, Wellington





Rice Consolidated

Carthage and Rice Consolidated should be a fun game to watch as both teams have speed to burn. Normangee is a 7 on 7 threat, simply because of the Mullinax twins who can make plays all over the field. Melissa is another solid seven on seven bunch that made it to the Round of 16 last year. All four teams in this pool are capable of advancing to play on Friday, although Carthage is the odds on favorite.

Little Matt's Pool Picks: Carthage, Normangee, Melissa, Rice Consolidated

Big Matt's Pool Picks: Carthage, Rice Consolidated, Melissa, Normangee

Alan's Pool Picks: Carthage, Normangee, Rice Consolidated, Melissa




Santa Rosa


Another pool that is surprisingly weak on paper, Childress could emerge as the pool favorite and with some breaks could wind up playing Friday morning. Marion and West will likely fight it out for second place but Santa Rosa is a team from the Valley that should not be taken lightly.

Little Matt's Pool Picks: Childress, Marion, West, Santa Rosa

Big Matt's Pool Picks: West, Childress, Marion, Santa Rosa

Alan's Pool Picks: Marion, West, Childress, Santa Rosa






This is one of the tougher pools in the tournament, with tournament favorite Brownwood headlining things. Both teams from the Golden Triangle have super athletes and can make plays. Bandera is seven on seven savvy and they've been here before, this is another pool where all four teams could make it to Friday.

Little Matt's Pool Picks: Brownwood, Jasper, Bandera, Kirbyville

Big Matt's Pool Picks: West, Childress, Marion, Santa Rosa

Alan's Pool Picks: Marion, West, Childress, Santa Rosa






Wow an odd twist of irony here, as the teams who battled it out for the championship last year face off in pool play as Celina and Crane match up. Throw in Rockdale and you have three teams in the top ten of the TPI Power Ratings in this pool. If there is a pool to watch this will be it.

Little Matt's Pool Picks: Celina, Rockdale, Crane, LaVilla

Big Matt's Pool Picks: Celina, Crane, Rockdale, LaVilla

Alan's Pool Picks: Celina, Crane, Rockdale, LaVilla

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