2008 Team Insider: Lewisville Fightin Farmers

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Lewisville's district road got appreciably tougher adding in Southlake to the district while removing the Carrollton teams. Every game will be a battle for Lewisville now - but Coach Gaddis is certainly up for the task. The team returns 6 offensive starters from a pretty salty offense last season. The JV and youth pictures look pretty good so Lewisville should have a pretty decent season - but Coppell and Flower Mound will certainly be in the hunt for the final playoff spot. Also - the ability of the defense to step up and jell will be important in determining the success of the Farmers as well.

Jordon Dotson returns at quarterback. Although he is not big - he runs the offense well and is a threat to run anytime he rolls out - which keeps a linebacker having to spy on him and opens up many things for Lewisville. The offensive line has always been a staple at Lewisville and this will be no different with Travis Sears and Luke Farbiak. The development of a running game will be crucial to Lewisville this season. Jamiric Howard and Cotton Crowder should provide good possession receivers for Lewisville.

The defense has a lot of upside but has to replace a lot of talent. Joseph Cook will lead the defensive line. The linebacking crew is probably the strength of the defense. Prince Ekpe, David Curley and DeAndre Thompson create a formidable middle of the field. The secondary is the question mark, but good up and coming players like Tony Vasquez should at least be respectable. In the spread happy 6-5A, this could be an issue exploited quite a bit to the detriment of Lewisville. Lewisville may have to rely on outscoring teams.

Every game will be a battle, and I think it ultimately is going to come down to tiebreakers to determine who will make the playoffs - or at least which of the bottom three teams can pull an upset over a top three team and get out of a tie-breaker scenario. I do think Lewisville has a team that can make the playoffs - and if they get to the playoffs - they have a good chance at getting to the second round (unless they draw Trinity!) - so seeding will be very important in the Battle of the Axe, because the loser of that game will likely have to play Trinity in the first round. I think Lewisville sneaks into the playoffs with 3 district losses - and they will be a very deserving 4th place team that can make some noise.

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