2008 Team Insider: Irving MacArthur Cardinals

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Irving MacArthur was a pleasant surprise last season - going through a pretty tough district and regular season schedule with only one loss, but as has been the standard for Irving MacArthur, they faced a really good team in the first round and couldn't get past them again. Irving MacArthur has a new bi-district match-up, but none of the teams they would face in the first round would be easy. MacArthur returns 13 starters from last year's team, but replacing some of the essential skill players will be a tough job for Coach Basil.

Michael Brooks saw some time at QB last year but he will have to develop into a dual threat like some of the other great QB's in recent Irving MacArthur history. James Sims was the offensive sophomore of the year and will be returning at running back. He is an explosive player and a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. The offensive line is average and could end up being a weakness for the team. Zach Reeves is pretty solid as is Daniel Vinson - but it drops after that. The receivers have good speed but will have to develop consistency in the program. Ray Mitchell could be the stand out of the bunch.

MacArthur has had a tradition of star linebackers, and the tradition continues this year with Tariq Allen. The UT commit is a stud and can fly to the ball. Jeremy Brown doesn't have the same size that Tariq does, but he will be a three year starter and be a force for MacArthur. The defensive line will be pretty big led by Albert Sparks and Jordan Killings. The secondary could be another weakness for MacArthur - especially against some of the physical receivers Cedar Hill and South Grand Prairie have. Sau Fuahala and Mayowa Oyebadejo are two secondary players to watch out for - this will be Fuahala's third year starting.

MacArthur has a new district but looks at some of the same problems as in the past. I really think they will be down this year considering the district probably got harder. SGP is on the rise, and adding Cedar Hill and Duncanville is a little step up cumulatively from the HEB schools. I look for MacArthur to make the playoffs but to likely get 3rd or 4th - my money is on 4th. They will likely be first round fodder for Plano or Allen and have a hard time competing against either team. The non-district tilt is a little harder, so I look for a 6-5 type of season for the Cardinals. Irving hasn't had a dominant team in several years, and that doesn't look to change this season either.

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