2008 Team Insider: Plano West Wolves

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Plano West is expected to have one of its better teams since the first time it made the playoffs. That year, it lost in the second round to a very good Denton Ryan squad. It would have been fun to see how far Plano West could have gone that year. This year could be similar for the Wolves. Despite only returning 7 starters, they have probably the nation's best junior player and a cast of characters that give the team pretty good depth - and the quality of team doesn't drop off from the first running back to the third, or the first receiver to the fourth. All players on this team are pretty effective.

Offensively, Travis Wilson, Michael Pruneau and John Peloza will be battling for the quarterback position. Travis Wilson should get the early nod - but fans should hope for a lack of rotating quarterbacks as that rarely ever works out. Senior DJ Cohen is a good running back but not as good as they have had in the past. The offensive line might be the strength of the team. The line averages 6'4, 250 across the board and sophomore Travis Cross could end up being a national recruit at offensive lineman. He is being given the nod to start as only a sophomore. The receivers are pretty good led by Steven Anderson and Chase Hover.

Defensively, Jackson Jeffcoat is the first player one has to mention. This will be his third year starting and he has been a manmonster. Defensive end mate Michael Rodriquez has gotten better along side Jeffcoat and could star in his own right. Several young linebackers could make a name for themselves this year. Cole Swearingen will be brought up to play varsity as a sophomore and Nathan Broussard will likely start at linebacker as a sophomore. One knock against Travis Wilson at quarterback is his use at free safety. He may have better team value there especially if another QB can step up. JT Thomas is another suitable senior strong safety. The defense is the strongest part of the team.

I currently have Plano West pegged third in the district, but I think they could move up to second - they have always had Allen's number and they seem to match-up very well scheme wise. Coach Hughes seems to get his team up against Allen moreso than the other Plano coaches. I don't see a district championship for Plano, but I do see a solid 7-3 type of season. An early game against Marcus which is pound and ground attack could be the defining moment - as West matches up well against those types of teams due to the strength of the front seven. I think a 7-3 or 8-2 season is not too unforseeable. West will have to avoid letting East knock them off and winning the games it is supposed to win. If it does that - it could have a couple week run into the playoffs again.

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