2008 Team Insider: Commerce Tigers

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Commerce has dropped off from a perennial 3A powerhouse to a team that barely scrapes by each season. The three teams (Varsity, JV, Freshman) had a combined record of 4-25-2 last season. That doesn't give too much hope for a breakthrough season this year - but they do have a considerably easier district if they can get past a couple of the bottom tier teams - despite a losing record - it was a losing record against some pretty good teams.

The best athlete at quarterback theory applies to Terrance Walker. The 6'1, 175 pound junior played defensive end, running back and wide receiver last year. The team also gets back Derek Johnson at running back who was injured. An 8th grader impressed enough to be moved up to varsity as a freshman in Jurase Brown. The other wide receivers are just not very big or fast. The offensive line will actually be above average with four underclassmen starting led by Jeff Rich and Arin Henley.

The defense will be undersized and small relative to most good 3A teams. Arin Henley will play both ways and losing Terrance Walker to the offense will hurt. Andrew Nelson is the strongest player on the team. Two sophomores are expected to help on the defense. Dominic Mandujano played 4 games as a freshman and cornerback Tequaylon Brown will be asked to contro the secondary. Barry Askew could be a sleeper player - with good size and great speed, he could surprise some people this season.

Shockingly, I look for Commerce despite only 4 wins in their program last season to make the playoffs. They couldn't have handpicked a better realignment with Anna, Bonham and Van Alstyne in the mix. I think the game against Van Alstyne will be the game for the right to make the playoffs - and depending on some intangibles on when that game is, I like them as a slight favorite despite Van Alstyne having a little more recent success lately. Look for a bad non-district record but enough wins in district to make an impact.

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