2008 Team Insider: Wolfe City Wolves

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Wolfe City, after a couple of solid years, had a bit of a down year this year but they expect to be right back into the fold this season returning 16 starters. They run the spread and a base 4-4 defense.

Freshman Caleb Fuller ran the team last year and as a sophomore he should have more experience. James King is the best player on the team and likely could play Saturday football. Alex Johnson is the best receiver on the team. Defensively - most players are going both ways at the 1A level - but Ryan Carrigan is a sophomore defensive only player. He may see time at fullback. Darrius Brown also joins the team. Kody Woodruff and Kory Wilkinson provide great size on the offensive and defensive side of the line and they would start for most 5A teams.

Overall, I look for Wolfe City to get second in district 14-1A. I don't think they are up to the caliber of Quinlan Boles - but the Quinlan Boles vs. Wolfe City game for the district championship will be a fun one to watch and definitely one to keep an eye on - as both teams have offensive heavy stars.

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