2008 Team Insider: Bryan Adams Cougars

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Bryan Adams returns 12 starters from a team that went 1-9. The drop to 4A will help them - especially considering the district they are in. Losing Spruce to the DISD administration will open up an extra playoff spot that Bryan Adams will have just as good a chance of locking up as any of them. The administration does not support the team as evidenced by what happened last season; however, hopefully new coach Derick Roberson will have better support as the kids were young last year and have a chance this year to be competitive.

Offensively, Pierre Shires shined at quarterback and he will be back again this season. Kenneth Deckard and Louis Wright are expected to step in at running back which could be the weakest position on the team. The offensive line will be undersized but experienced led by Jordan Claiborne and Artie Moreno. Greg Smith will step into the starting line-up this season as well. The lack of size on the offensive line against the top tier teams will be quite disconcerting.

The defensive side of the ball has some stars - especially on the defensive line. Tajh Fite and Chris Mayfield compose a very salty defensive line that would probably start for a lot of teams in the area. The linebacker corps is a bit small with Eric Bell and Kamron Johnson - but it will have some speed. Rodrickus White and Marquise Williams will likely get into the rotation. The secondary will be young with Louis Wright, Jaren Petit and Leshundrick Morrison. It is very likely three sophomores will be starting for Bryan Adams.

If Bryan Adams can beat Thomas Jefferson and Conrad, which I think they will be able to do - they only have to win one more game to make the playoffs against Woodrow Wilson or Hillcrest, and both teams are down as well. I'd say you could throw those three teams in a bucket and pick any two of them. My best guess is that injuries and lack of support (whereas the other two teams have pretty solid community support) will be the intangible that keeps Bryan Adams out of the playoffs, but they will certainly be competitive this season. Look for a 5th place finish - just outside of the postseason for BA.

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