2008 Team Insider: Lincoln Tigers

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Lincoln made it to the first round last year before being cast aside - but a lot of good players return from that squad - especially defensively. With the implosion of Spruce, Lincoln could be set to have an excellent season. 10 starters return for Coach Jerry Sands. An undefeated freshman team and an 8-2 JV team will fill in some of the gaps this season and set Lincoln up to potentially be district champions.

Mason Hayes was mentioned quite a few times on blogs. Anytime he plays, he is a threat to take it to the house. There will be a quarterback battle as Floyd Gaston is more of a runner and Don Canyon is more of a thrower. Considering Canyon is a junior, I think he'll ultimately take over. The offensive line will be solid led by Le'Keith Woods. The wide receivers for Lincoln are surprisingly small - the average is 5'8.

The defensive side of the ball will have speed, speed and more speed. Tony Battie is one of the top defensive linemen in DISD football. Jeff Ewing is versatile and can play the line or linebacker. The linebacking corps will be solid as junior Lakeem Wilson has looked strong thus far this season. The secondary will be a little undersized and not as fast as previous teams - but still a solid bunch led by Keivon Gamble and Ramaria Thompson.

Lincoln is in the weaker of the two DISD districts and to that end, they are the big winners with Spruce going out of business, so to speak. The game against Samuell will likely be for the district championship, and with the break-up of Spruce helping Madison and Lincoln the most - I give a slight edge to Lincoln when they play Samuell. I don't know if Lincoln will get past the first round against anyone they play - but they will be an exciting team to watch this season.

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