2008 Team Insider: Anna Coyotes

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If you want a formula for disaster, take a bad 2A team and move them up to 3A. Things don't get much better when that happens. Anna hasn't had a great football player since the outstanding Alex Butts set all types of records on the offensive line. This season will be a better team, but a better bad 2A team in 3A does not equate to much success. 14 starters return from last season's 2-8 squad. Anna goes with 3 2A schools and 2 small 3A schools in non-district - so they might actually have a better record than last year.

Ian Reutelhuber will be the quarterback this season. He had a good year last season putting up big numbers at times. EJ Dixon will be the running back with Emilio Diaz and Zach Sensat touching the ball occasionally. The offensive line will be on the small side and lack a lot of depth. Where Paris North Lamar succeeds, Anna falls short. Nick Cain will be the leader of the offensive line. Jonathan Davis will be a go to receiver and be likely to play both ways.

Defensively, Anna just does not have the size to compete. Chris Cunningham and Darian Gipson-Jackson patrol the defensive line. Rodie Alexander, Adam Moreno and JC Rios are part of the linebacking crew. The secondary will be small and undersized and have a lot of two way players including Jonathan Davis and Zach Sensat. Anna's defense will be good against average teams, but when they play the top tier 3A teams in the district, it might be a mismatch that they will not be able to overcome.

Overall, Anna should have a better record and a better team, but I'm not sure that will translate to more victories. I look for a 3-7 or 4-6 type of season out of Anna this year on the high side - and on the average side this is a 2-8 team.

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