2008 Team Insider: Whitesboro Bearcats

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Whitesboro was extremely close to snapping their never having made the playoff streak but lost three district games and fell a bit short of that goal. 14 starters return from last season's team. A highly anticipated first game of the season should test where Whitesboro is as they play Pilot Point to start the season. How they fare in that game could set the pace for the rest of the season.

Offensively, Travis Labhart is expected to play at quarterback. Ryne Gillum is the expected running back. The offensive line will be a pretty good size led by David Schares and Hayden Baillio. Nathan Sheperd will also be a solid offensive lineman for the team.

The defense let Whitesboro down a bit and will have to pick up the pace. Junior Roler Hilderbrand will be on the defensive line as will Jamie Wayles and Brady Warren. The linebacker crew will be led by speedy junior Ethan Shadden and Cole Henry. The secondary will have some two way players with QB Travis Labhart and Bryan Stayton. Stayton may play some running back as well.

So will this be the year Whitesboro makes the playoffs for the first time? Unfortunately for the Bearcats, four teams aren't making the playoffs in 3A quite yet and they are in a pretty tough district. Celina and Argyle are expected to be the top two teams in the district. The game against Propser will determine who makes the playoffs - and I would give Prosper a slight edge despite Whitesboro winning that game last year. If they can replicate last year's success, they should be in!

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