2008 Team Insider: Sanger Indians

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I had the chance to watch Sanger last season as they were getting rolled by Carrollton Ranchview, and Sanger was a very young team taking some licks. This season, 11 key starters return to improve on last year's 3-7 record. The team was much better by the end of the season beating Bowie in district despite giving Gainesville its only win of the season. They were also very competitive with Bridgeport before being blown out by Argyle. Sanger will learn from those games losing two two playoff teams by a combined 8 points.

Chase Knight will take over at quarterback. At running back will be BoBob Howard - who is a very speedy and explosive running back. Sam Martin, Mitchel Pyron, Craig Tipton and Michael Everett will all rotate at wide receiver. Nathan Rotter is a young up and coming wide receiver. The offensive line will be a little young with sophomore Mark Roberson but it will be a pretty good 3A offensive line. Cole Carpenter and Alex Morales round out the offensive line notables.

The defense gave up a lot of points last season and will need to improve on that. Jacob Gray, Kyle Carron and Andrew Williford lead the pretty good defensive line. The linebacker position will be a little more shaky. Mitch Williams, James Gideon and Manuel Lemas will be part of the rotation. The leader of the linebacking crew is Matt Paschall. The secondary will be pretty deep as a lot of receivers will rotate into the secondary. Josh Copeland is the main rover in the defensive backfield.

Sanger should be better this year. The defense took some lumps but will improve from them - however, I don't think they will be appreciably better. The team will have winnable non district games but once they get to district, beating Gainesville is about the best chance they have for a win in the second half of the season. Lovejoy, Bonham and Princeton are certainly winnable games. I do think Sanger will notch four wins this season and be improved. As they are a young team, the sophomore nucleus could have them back in the playoff hunt with a favorable realignment in two years.

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