2008 Team Insider: Kemp Yellow Jackets

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The Kemp Yellowjackets have been an afterthought the last few years. Even in pretty bad districts, Kemp has yet to parlay that to success. They lose the other bad teams in the 175 corridor and gain some of East Texas's best teams in the new realignment. Kemp was 1-9 last season but does return 15 starters. They hope to turn some of their luck around as they brought freshmen up to the varsity level and most contributed last season.

The running game for Kemp has been pretty solid. Josh Carr was first district last season. He is a good player. Kori Henderson is a good complement to Carr. James Trim is a top notch wide receiver - but one of the questions will be - who will throw him the ball? The offensive line is average for 3A - led by Terrence Sistrunk and Coby Dunagan. The line is young and lacks depth - which is a recurring problem for Kemp.

The defense returns lots of very young players. 3 freshmen were playing last year - which generally does not bode well for chances. The three defensive lineman last year were 2 freshmen and a sophomore. This year, they should have a little more experience. Zack Allison is a pretty good linebacker and he joins sophomore JOhn Kilgore. The defensive secondary will have the experience for the team. Joseph Weeks is the lone returning senior.

Kemp will not be a bad team - but they probably won't have the type of schedule that will show that. Parish Episocpal and Palmer are potential wins for Kemp. Emory Rains could be a toss-up, but in district, other than Eustace, they probably won't have much of a fighting chance - especially if injuries or grades take their toll. I look for slight improvement. Kemp has the foundation to be pretty good next year if they can stay healthy. I look for a 3-7 type of season.

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