2008 Team Insider: Royse City Bulldogs

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Coach Rodney Webb left Royse City for Mesquite Horn - it is a great opportunity for him to prove himself at the 5A level. Greg Strahm has been part of the community and the coaching staff for awhile - so his transition should not disrupt the flow too much. 14 starters return from an 11-1 team, but what was notable about that 11-1 team is how easily Royse City was dominated by Dallas Roosevelt and how they barely got by Frisco Wakeland. Even with the returning talent - that is a sign they will struggle in the new classification.

Richard Morrison is the quarterback of the team. he has put up big numbers the last two years and he will likely put up big numbers again this year - the offense should score on just about anyone. Frank Dave looks to be the incumbant running back. The team will have good receivers with Jacque Thompson and Kevin Williams - and a couple up and comers may contribute in Ryon Phillips and Jonathan Burns. The offensive line will be above average. Brock Wempa is a beast and a three year starter. Cruz Carr and Jason Burns join him on the line.

The defense will be a huge question mark. They return a lot - but what they return wasn't great at the 3A level. Lee Humphries will start on the defensive line with Ernesto Vargas. Kolin Padon, Scotty Arterberry and young Ryon Phillips comprise the linebacking corps. The secondary will be fast but will they be able to match up with depth of teams twice their size? Michael McCoy, Luke Beck and Cameron Nichols are part of the secondary. BJ Farrar (Safety) and TJ Hardy (Linebacker) provide depth to a pretty deep defense.

Royse City will be good but not great in 4A. In other districts, they'd probably threaten for the playoffs - but in this district - they aren't in the same league as the top three - and beating Pearce and Newman Smith - two schools twice their size would be a feat. I could see them knocking off one but not both. Turner is about the only gimme they have in district - as Greenville will be locked for load against them. It seems as if they are almost scared to play top 4A talent looking at their non-district schedule against last year's 3A Wakeland and this year's 3A Atlanta and Mt. Pleasant. Royse City may be bringing in a state of the art stadium, but unfortunately, their fans will be seeing some losses in the beautiful stadium this year. I look for a 3-7 type of season out of Royse.

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