2008 Team Insider: Seagoville Dragons

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A lot of returners come back for the "other" Dragons in the metroplex (and not the Chico Dragons!) - the Seagoville Dragons. 8 returners on both sides of the ball return from a pretty young team. It is only Coach Norman Thompson's second year in the system, but Seagoville has found a way to make the playoffs just about every season this decade - one way or another.

Dunston Owens got some good time as a sophomore and as a junior, he looks to improve. For Seagoville, the running game is often the bread and butter, and Ezedrick Evans and Oshe Cofer will share running back duties. Both are fast and durable backs. The team will have a good set of receivers wil Ron Howard and Travis Sowells. The offensive line will not be big but it will be efficient. Cameron Weems will be the senior leader of the offensive line.

The defense will be on the weaker side - the offense has usually run things over the past couple of years. The defensive line will be led by Clayton Parrish and Brian Timmons. The linebacker core is strong with Rico Alexander, Garret Anders and Johnathan Bailey. The secondary will be fast but not big. Tim Fields and Terrance Watson give the defense the senior leadership that will be crucial for Seagoville.

Seagoville wants to make the playoffs. It likely would match-up with Lincoln in the first round if it made the playoffs. Seagoville will have to fight off Pinkston and Adamson for that last playoff spot. They have shown an ability to do that the last couple of years so there is no reason why to believe they won't do it again. Adamson has one of its best athletic classes - but I feel that Seagoville has consistently primed for the challenge. Look for Seagoville to land the last spot.

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