2008 Team Insider: Greenville Lions

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When Coach Cordell left Gainesville, he knew that Gainesville would have some lean times ahead and decided to step up while the iron was hot. So far at Greenville, the talent hasn't been as talented and Coach Cordell has had little to no success. He went back down to the 3A level and Jim Phillips takes over at Greenville. 15 starters return this season and the question is - can Greenville finally get it turned around?

Jeremy Fowler is the expected quarterback. He has good speed but erratic accuracy. The receivers are deep and Coach Phillips prefers them to be versed at the secondary. Cordney Gray is probably the most talented. Two young running backs will need to step up. Tristian Farley and Dae'shaun Thomas could provide the spark if they develop at the varsity level. The offensive line has some good size. Young Colton Reed could be a D1 prospect. Christian Woodson and Carson Cummings bring good varsity experience to the line.

The defense has been maligned - giving up big numbers to the good teams in district. This year, they will have some good experience coming back. Ty Finney and Chase Gladden look like they will be solid defensive linemen. The linebackers will be good but not great - led by Andy Wood, Jessie Acosta and EJ Parado. The secondary will have a hard time competing and managing some of the spread offenses in the district. Bryan Bellotte, Chris Carter and Athri Cozine lead the secondary - they are good they don't have elite speed.

Greenville will not be the easy game in the district - that honor falls to RL Turner - the other Lions in the district. Greenville will be much more competitive this season. I think their best chance at a second district win will be against Royse City - which could be a good game. I don't think Greenville has much of a chance against the top 5 teams in the district. A tough non-district schedule will be tough to even get a win (Forney, Little Elm, Paris) - so I look for a 2-8 type of season for Greenville this season.

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